Cool Lil Numbers….Bruce Springsteen/Brilliant Disguise

Power pop classic is what Brilliant Disguise is. Bruce in the 80s was everywhere I mean you would have have had to been living under a rock not to know all the hits that came from Born In The USA! (Downbound Train a non single is a personal fav) but like everything going around on him at the time Bruce ducks out into his home studio cranks out The Tunnel Of Love album with various E Street characters and when the tour was done Bruce pink slipped em all! Brilliant Disguise!

This song when it was released on Oct 3 1987 (5 days before my 20th Birthday) became  a instant fav of mine! It’s Bruce kinda bummed out going on about self doubt I suppose and the whole song verses/chorus etc it’s just plain out classic! Bruce is strumming acoustic and its just simple with drums and keys. That’s it!

Now for me I always regard the sonics of the tune through the grooves of vinyl/cd back than. Tunnel Of Love though I bought on cassette but man when i seen the vid of Bruce chilling in a kitchen strumming his guitar eyeballing the screen as he sings I was hooked! Videos never sold me on buying music as I was a music buying junkie I had the albums before the videos were made (for the most part) but the video made me buy the cassette ??  but man this coulda been Bruce in anyone of our kitchens back than! Imagine that…”hey Bruce whadda want in your coffee?” Me and Tbone have talked about this video how simple yet effective it was as everyone back than was doing million $ videos ! Kudos to Bruce for just stripping it back….

Great song delivered with a Arena Rock Chill Vibe on this Sunday March 1 2015! (Thank You Mr Springsteen!)

Special Thanks to Aaron At  The KMA for sending me all things sonically Bruce!


12 thoughts on “Cool Lil Numbers….Bruce Springsteen/Brilliant Disguise”

  1. Deke! Oh man you’re right this is a fantastic song. This guy has a knack, man, I can’t use the English language properly enough to describe it, but when I hear a song like that I just say “There! See? HE DID IT AGAIN!”

    I’m glad you’re diggging the Bruce, man. There’s enough there to last you quite a while, many many more new posts from the Dekester (which is only one of the best reasons to share)! 🙂

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      1. Oof, soory Deke, full disagreement there – you can’t stop in 1984! There’s a whole other career’s-worth of stuff to be had yet, 1985 and up! Whenever they release THAT boxed set WE will be getting that too! 🙂


  2. Also, r.e. the kitchen, you;re absolutely right. It could be anyone’s kitchen, and it’s so simple. Just sitting there, the camera never moves. And black and white, harkening back to the 50’s, that old feel in the current time. I swear, Bruce is the man. THE MAN!

    Also, I’ll bet he takes his coffee black, and just leave the pot on the table next to the song-writing notebook. It’s gonna be another long night at the kitchen table…


    1. I read a book a few years back called I Want My MTV and they talk about all the payola of videos and the writers of the book interviewed everyone Vj’s,artists managers,producers,contest winners everyone ….they even talk about the making of this video as the director went door to door to a bunch of houses and checked out all there kitchens! If Ya watch the video the shot of the moon thru the window is jsut a stage light they proped outside …hahaha….
      If u come across this book read it..its excellent!


  3. Also a funny thought about the video: I find it disorienting to listen and watch it, in a way. I mean there’s Da Boss at the table with his acoustic guitar, singing, but then I hear all the other instruments from the album track and I wonder ‘where the hell are the rest of the people playing?’ Are they just off-camera? Man that sucks to be them!

    It’s like watching an Elvis movie, basically.

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    1. I just spin on the whole video vibe on the fact that Bruce musta been thinking back than about punting the E Street band..guess he was testing the waters!


  4. Man, I love this period in Bruce’s career. Tunnel of Love is -hands down!- my favourite Bruce song, with this one in a close second. This song and Tunnel’s videos still hold up well today.

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  5. Haven’t listened to this one in such a long time. Thanks for the reminder … quality tune from a time when the Boss seemed relevant.


  6. I have never heard this tune before. My only complaint is having to sit through a 15 second ad for Imagine Dragons.

    The opening drum beat strikes me as the same from Alice in Chains – No Excuses. Methinks Chains copied it or it’s just a general thing.


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