Cool Lil Numbers….Sven Gali/Under The Influence

M.E.A.T Magazine was a print issue that came from Toronto in the late 80s and early 90s plugging of course International Hard Rock Acts but it’s creator Drew Masters would keep us all informed of what kind of bands would be upcoming in our own backyard(Canada) One such band was Sven Gali who put out a solid nut kicker of a debut and its lead off single and video of which was the classic Under The Influence!

Dave Wanless,Dee Cernile(RIP),Andy Frank,Shaun Maher and Gregg Gerson rocked it big time and you know what these dudes kinda reminded me of Slave To The Grind like Skid Row not by the sound (well perhaps) but the look like they just came off the street,plugged in and just basically let it rip!

Under The Influence is a great rock track that you can still dig your heels in and rock out all these years later. Super cool verses real catchy chorus ripping guitar work,love Dee Cerniles solo in this tune,solid bass and drums it’s all here  There’s no cheese hear folks just some real good vocals and musicianship! Love it…..

The video is awesome from some Much Music winter festival and give the singer Dave credit man…..he initiates a snowball fight takes a few thrown snowballs in the kisser(2 minutes 47 mark and at the end of the tune) and does not miss a line…he just shrugs it off,laughs and man that’s what hard rock about! Having fun…..


10 thoughts on “Cool Lil Numbers….Sven Gali/Under The Influence”

  1. Their debut album was a real killer with a huge Skid Row influence. But for their next album they had turned around completely and made a grunge album, didn’t even sound like the same band. They lost all my respect right there and then. I was happy when I heard that their grunge album had bombed. That’s what happens to sell-outs.
    I still love the debut, though.

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    1. Agree with everything you said here Jon. I purposely left the second album out of this review as common courtesy towards the debut! Hahahaha….Mike did his review on In Wire and we all demolished it politely so to speak…..


    1. Awesome Stephen…..that’s why I like this Video from Whistler of them’s just fun hard rock and the singer taking numerous snowballs in the nut sack and not skipping the words! Plus there was a full moon out thtathat night as well..hahaha


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