Cool Lil Numbers….Pearl Jam/The Fixer

One of my good pals from work,Robbo who reads my blog(atta boy) and drops down some comments now and than posted on my R.E.M review how I missed the boat when Pearl Jam showed up to Tbay back in 2005 and to be honest I kick myself! I should have went but shit I dropped the ball and like I have told Robbo I kind of moved on from PJ after Vitalogy,Nuthin personal PJ Peeps of the world but hey it happens ….

What dawned on me when Robbo mentioned the name Pearl Jam was the great track The Fixer was and is! It’s one of my faves …

Let me guzzle back a bottle of Vino out of Vedders Stash and tell Ya about this fantastic track!

So my Pearl Jam collection consists of Ten(da!),Vitalogy and Backspacer(2010)and that was due to the strength of the single The Fixer!

Eddie Vedder/Mike McCready/Stone Gossard and Matt Chamberlain wrote this snappy kicker of a track and after I heard it I preordered Backspacer off of iTunes and man I was hooked!

The Fixer kicks off with guitar/drums off the hop and boom here’s Eddie singing ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah,hey hey,when’s something’s dark,let me shed a little light on it,when something’s cold,let me put a little fire on it..

Actually my favourite line of the song is when Vedders sings “If your looking for something strong ,just add Scotch to it’ hahaha…Eddie doesn’t sing that line in The Fixer I just added that line to see if Tbone was paying attention!


Man these lyrics are Brillant ..effective to the point and friggin catchy! Dig the quick time changes,the kinda solo at the end is Gold ,Love the sound of this record produced  by Brendan OBrien He keeps it  raw,live like,just like the band showed up plugged in and rocked this little bitch of a number in one take!

Kudos to PJ for stepping up and walloping me outside the noggin with a great rock track! Get it if you don’t have it…. and Crank It!


16 thoughts on “Cool Lil Numbers….Pearl Jam/The Fixer”

      1. Hahaha….sorry pal my writing is Slop….people ask me about it I tell EM don’t expect fine tuned literature at Arena Rock! Hahaha….actually my buddy from work Metal Todd told me that my writing is like if we’re sitting on his deck,drinking beer eating wings and shooting bullshit about music…….
        Hahaha….maybe I should,have called this thing Arena Slop!


  1. Ah, Pearl Jam. Thanks for throwing one up for me. This is my all time favourite band, as you know. Backspacer was a great record, one of the better of the later albums, and shares a name with a turtle. Pearl Jam had just come out when I went away to College at the young age of 17! Its one of those bands I have always loved and I’m so grateful that they are still going 24 years later. I can truly say that they are the soundtrack of my life.

    I love this formula. I’m sure there is a name for it but I call it the cause and effect song writing. Pearl jam has a number of great tracks like this one and wishlist (but I think Chris Cornell is the king of this style).

    So Pearl Jam is kind of the Spinal Tap of grunge music. They had an uncharacteristic turnover in this spot. And so Matt Chamberlain played for a brief time in the early days. Backspacer had Soundgarden’s drummer Matt Cameron who joined PJ after his band broke up.

    And finally, for your viewing pleasure here is one from the Tbay show (the kid is Eddies… the singer from the Supersuckers… haha not Vedder):


  2. “I like scotch. Scothcy scothcy scotch!” Haha I’m with T-Bone on that one. Mmmm scotch. I’ll have mine neat, and a double, thanks!

    Oh man Pearl Jam. You’re in my wheelhouse now. I buy new albums on new release day, have done since… vs. I didn’t get Ten straight away, but I made up for lost time right quick. My copy has the three extra tracks, they call it the Euro edition or something.

    Man I’ve got all kindsa cool PJ stuff here, like the complete Dissident 3CD set, the 6CD live at the Gorge, lots of those 2000 official bootlegs… Yup I like me that band!

    And the Fixer? Great tune on an album full of ’em. GIVE ‘ER!

    Nice one, Deke!

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    1. You must think I’m in my cups right now since i can’t seem to f@ckin’ spell ‘scotch.’ But it’s 9:00 am so of course I am not! Just a terrible speller this morning.

      Need. More. Coffee. I know how to make this better! CRANK IT!!


    2. Thanks Aaron….that’s why I posted a disclaimer saying I’m not I wouldnt get hate mail like Ladano does from former memebers of Frehleys Comet! Hahahaha


      1. Haha breakfast of champions… I thought that was hot sexy times, not drinking… I’ve had it wrong all of these years!

        I dunno man, hatemail could be fun. Like Madonna said, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.


  3. Wow J that surprises me…I just like the back to basics approach of the’s just not overproduced….


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