Cool LiL Numbers…Molly Hatchet/Flirtin With Diaster

I would sometimes score a copy of Kerrang(a English import music magazine) occasionally back around say 1983-84 and one issue they had a article on 5 real mean looking dudes from Florida who actually looked like a cross between truck drivers and bikers! These dudes were Molly Hatchet and Geez they also had some crazy ass artwork for there covers and one such cover was Flirtin With Diaster (Molly’s 2nd release) and Wowzers let me tell Ya about the title track of said release!

By the time I heard about Molly Hatchet there star was fading in America but in Europe they were still game but in my highschool at the time some dude who we grew up with who had a older brother had a copy of Flirtin With Diaster on cassette in his Walkman he said check this out!

When I put those fuzzy orange Sony Walkman headphones on and I heard the opening guitars(courtesy of Dave Hlubeck/Steve Holland/Duane Roland)that sound like they were  jacked to 10 thru the Marshall Stacks I was hooked like ..holy hell….this is what they call Southern Rock! I mean these guys are 3 guitars deep just like April Wine but I guess if you mixed April Wine With Kentucky Fried Chicken and dosed that with a 6 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon and thru it a slow cooker over about 6 hrs you would get Molly Hatchet!

So after the jacked 3 guitar duo intro comes Bruce Crump on drums and Banner Thomas on bass and here comes lead vocalist Danny Joe Brown on vocals swinging/drinking and punching everything in site and I love his opening line…..

“I’m travelling down the road and I’m Flirtin With Diaster/I’ve got the pedal to the floor my life is running faster…..

These lyrics are dripping with fast Livin so your always Flirtin With Diaster! This song is a classic to this day and if you don’t believe me just  crank it Peeps……

So Yep. Two vids of the same track one studio (that crazy album cover) and one live vid ….

12 thoughts on “Cool LiL Numbers…Molly Hatchet/Flirtin With Diaster”

  1. This is a band I do not believe I have ever heard? Maybe they had a hit song I’d know? Anyway, I liked it. Not a go-to for me often, but I can dig this on occasion! Good on ya, Deke!


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