Cool Lil Numbers….Oasis/My Big Mouth


You know the Oasis freight train in the mid 90s derailed more than once between brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher,offstage fights,onstage fights! These two guys went bonkers on each other many a time and  was it planned? Was there dislike genuine? Who knows but man it generated press just like in the early 90s for Guns N Roses. Think about it for a sec. There was no internet,no Twitter,no Facecrack. Social media was walking to the store and buying a print copy of Rolling Stone to read about the shenanigans of those wacky Gallaghers and what gets forgotten is that Noel wrote some great tracks. I mean the first three Oasis records(Definitely Maybe/What’s The Story Morning Glory/Be Here Now) some great stuff on those three albums…I know people probably think out of the 3 early albums that Be Here Now is the weakest …not for me Peeps! Love it……

My Big Mouth comes from Oasis third album Be Here Now! To me this track sums up Oasis. Noel Gallagher wrote this track and man it rocks. Love the feedback of the guitars and drums at the beginning of this track it sounds like Noel’s driving the Oasis bus off of a cliff and Liam’s right beside him and there throwing haymakers at each other and Bam they right the bus avoid the cliff straighten out and plow forward…the lyrics are well written and basically I think describes Noel…to me anyways or maybe it’s about the crazy Yahoo brother Liam. Either way they kick ass on this track!

Everybody knows but no one is saying nothing and its a sound so loud that no one can hear. I got something in my shoe it’s keeping me from walking. Down the long and winding  road back home to you.

Around this town you’ve ceased to be that’s what you get with sleeping with the enemy. Where angels fly you won’t play so who’s gonna take the blame for …..

My Big Mouth,My Big Name,who’ll put on my shoes while there walking down the hall of fame

Cool stuff. Super cool verses followed by a real good prechorus and Boom right into the super duper cool chorus! Love the solo Noel pulls off on here! Cool use of percussion as well. The whole band As well Liam/Bonehead/Alan and Paul nail a gem here! Great great stuff…

Bonus points awarded to Liam on how he drawls out the word Assasin on when sings the line..

And as you look into the eyes of a bloody cold Assasin!

5 thoughts on “Cool Lil Numbers….Oasis/My Big Mouth”

  1. I think it’s hilarious in true rock and roll fashion that Noel made Liam sing a song about his big mouth.

    Be Here Now is a very difficult album. This is one of the only straightforward tunes on it, but I don’t think it’s representative of the album. Be Here Now is a bit of a mess but it’s now one of my favourites, after years of effort on my part.

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  2. Do You Know What I Mean…the first single hooked me right from the get go…..I gotta review that track soon…..I know what you mean by Mess Mike…haha….but Oasis makes Mess seem cool(back than anyways)


  3. Cool write up, Deke, but not a big deal for me. I never liked these guys, never cared for their bs shenanigans, and the music never clicked with me. I just don’t understand the fuss. But this is why all of this blogging is awesome, we get to learn and share no matter what!


  4. Nice call on the Liam Drawl – I’ve always been a fan of the way he sings Sun-shee-ine!
    I’m with Mike – it’s a sprawling mess of a record but one I’ve grown to like a fair bit


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