Sonic Waves…Frehleys Comet/Live + 1

Check out the vid above as its a actual commercial plugging this release! Love the fact that you can see about 10 people infront of the stage if Ya watch closely! Hahaha….

1988 February to be exact and Space Ace drops a little mini Ep with his allstar backing band consisting of John Regan(Frampton ) Anton Fig (David Lettermen) and newbie guy Tod Howarth. This is the act that appeared on the debut Frehley Comets album one that had a bunch of hype attached to it as Ace basically disappeared from DEKEs radar for about 6 years until he finally issued the debut Comet album which in all fairness was pretty good except for that goofy track Dolls? So anyways I guess Ace was wanting to keep the momentum going so he issued this little firecracker of a Ep in which it was recorded In Chicago back in September of 1987.

Since Kiss was plugging Crazy Nights and making dumbo rock videos like Reason To Live,Ace decides to show em a little Rocket Ride could go a long way….

RIP IT OUT- yeah man one of my all time fav Ace tunes and Ace has the crowd in his pocket already. Ace sings this like he’s in space and the rest of the fellas lay it down. Fig drives the Frehley bus as he pushes the band and he’s the snappy little drummer boy pounding out fill after fill. Great opener!

BREAKOUT-Eric Carr did the cowrite and man the Comet is trying to break outta jail cuz the food here sucks! Yeah man tonight there’s gonna be a Jailbreak and not the Lizzy kind,but the Frehley Kind involving a Deloreon,prescription drugs,and a high speed cop chase wait a minute that did happen to Ace! Give Ace some street cred man. Ok well this song is topped off with a Fig drum solo and in case anyone’s wondering Ace tells us and the Chicago crowd that Anton’s the best!

SOMETHING MOVED- Newbie guy Tod Howarth does the honours hear and it’s a good track. A lot people criticize Howarth as he was the one to blame for the followup Comet album Second Sighting tanking. Second Sighting tanked quicker than TBone downing 8 beers and hot Mexican food at a old Chi Chi’s(Mexican ) restaurant back in  Winnipeg (early 90s! )Don’t blame Howarth peeps, I’m sure ol Ace had a say as did good ol megaforce records on the direction of  Second Sighting. On second thought maybe Ace didn’t have a say….

ROCKET RIDE- baby wants it fast baby wants a blast she wants a Rocket Ride….cool man Ace serves us a fastball down the middle of the plate and the Comet drives it over the centerfield wall! Ace dips into his Kiss catalogue and man he nails this song well he should it’s his man…..

WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH- the Comet borrows ZZ Tops synthesizer and pop out a studio track. This is the plus 1 of the program. In 1988 this was a song that was pretty good and basically sold the hype to me on the next Frehley purchase (Second Sighting,I was fooled)which may be a 3/4’s Filler story someday. Good song especially as Ace sounds out of it which is when he sounds best!

IN CONCLUSION- considering every Tom,Dick and Harry rock artist were putting out material in 1988 Ace was smart for just releasing a short little 25 minute Ep to hold the fort til the next release later that year. Too bad the Comet crashed and burned shortly after but Ace spaced us out one more time!

10 thoughts on “Sonic Waves…Frehleys Comet/Live + 1”


    As you know I love this EP…especially Words Are Not Enough. I see expected the next album to follow that style, but it did not!

    Second Sighting grew on me…I hope when you review it, you don’t call Jamie Oldaker a twat.


    1. Hahaha…..I remember the Second Sighting album as the songs were ..umm let’s say not my deal! To put it politely ! I found nothing at fault with the musicians though…

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  2. I really appreciate reviews like this. I don’t know much about KISS or the side stuff though I like what I’ve heard as I listen from the periphery, but you guys writing about it makes it possible for me to play tourist as Actual Fans discuss this stuff! Nice one, Deke! YEAH!

    Also, correction: wouldn’t that be Tom, Dick and HAIRY rock artists…? 😉


  3. Another hilarious review Deke. I’ve still never heard Second Sighting… is it really that bad? I find it hard to believe because Jamie Oldaker is a splendid chap and a very talented drummer (I’m told).


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