Cool Lil Numbers….INXS/Heaven Sent

Once again ‘J’ over at Resurrection Songs reviewed the KICK album (1987) by INXS  at his site and I recommend you should if you haven’t check out his site! J reviews something for everyone and just like he did when he reviewed Talk Is Cheap by Keith Richards I had to review the single from it (Take It So Hard). J once again gets  into my Ol noggin and Bam with INXS  it’s one track of there’s that really stands out to me and that  is Heaven Sent!

INXS in Canada in the late 80s into the early 90s was big business. Tons of records sold ,shows sold out and well for me it was like “when’s the new Van Halen album coming out?” Yeah that’s where my head was at but I don’t think INXS was to worried about me jumping aboard there ship I mean I think they were wanting females,sex, drugs and rock n roll aboard there ship not some 80s dude wearing a KROKUS tour shirt crashing there party….so be it!

Heaven Sent (from the album Welcome To Wherever You Are)was released as a single in July 1992 and for all the hype of Grunger Mania floating around from Seattle INXS for some crazy unexplained reason caught my ear with this tune! Yeah man it’s ok to ask! Yes I have Heaven Sent on my iPod!

This song is basically a straight ahead no frills rocker and its got hooks,catchy verse,cool clangy guitar,driving drums and the late Micheal Hutchence delivers a real good vocal along with some real good lyrics!  Good on INXS for just laying back from the bell and whistles of the 80s pop schlock and just deliver a rocker in post Hair Metal society! Kudos to Andrew/Tom and Tim Farris/Kirk Pengilly and the dude with the coolest name,Garry Gary Beers!

Up to that point I had not purchased any INXS and give these Aussie’s credit. They even made a Halen Fan Boy wearing a Iron Maiden  t shirt take notice!

Don’t Burn The Library Til You Have Read The Books!


8 thoughts on “Cool Lil Numbers….INXS/Heaven Sent”

      1. Sorry for the misunderstanding there – could not agree more about the value of libraries, more the variation on the ‘don’t throw out the babies with the bathwater’ idiom


  1. Good choice! I really like this one – another of those ‘greatest hits’.

    Cheers for the mention again, Deke – glad I’m throwing tons of good tunes into your brain!

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  2. Oh man, Deke, INXS. I love the image of you in a Maiden t-shirt listening ti INXS, so great.

    Me, I loved ’em at the time, and I hold great nostalgia for them even now. Kick, X, and WTWYA got a lot of play in my cassette boombox! And Heaven Sent is a great track. Good call!

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