3/4’s Filler….KROKUS/Change Of Address

A little bit of Rock History 101 with yous! Krokus I first heard thru my buddy Muc who had there earlier album Metal Rendezvous with the great track Heatstokes! It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the lead vocals of Marc Storace were very similar to the late great Bon Scott!

So Krokus became the band for me and Muc to fill the void in the early 80s  with a sound very similar to AC/DC and for a while it worked. Below I will talk about a few of there releases in short before I get to the main review and well by the time you get to that part of my babble you will understand why I explained there previous works before Change Of Address!

Krokus/One Vice At A Time- this one came out in 1982 and I purchased it quickly as did Muc and mean how could we not? The sound was raw like ACDC,the songs sounded like ACDC,the song titles could have been ACDC. Tracks like Long Stick Goes Boom,To The Top,I’m On The Run,Playin The Outlaw…plus they did a cover of the Guess Who’s American Woman as well so that won some street cred with us! Krokus for me and Muc were our rock smack for some ACDC style rock when the main dudes(ACDC) were hibernating in between releases!

Krokus/Headhunter- geezus these guys get Tom Allom(Judas Priests producer) and ramble off the Headhunter album in 1983. Sure they sound still ACDC but now they got a little Priest mixed in as well. Songs like the title track Headhunter,Nightwolf and Eat The Rich drive the album along and oh yeah Krokus covers Stayed Awake All Night the BTO Tune and its a good cover.

Krokus/The Blitz- Krokus bids adieu to Real hard rock and shifts it’s gears to a little more Americanized sound on the Blitz! Big time production on The Blitz courtesy of the late Bruce Fairbairn and Bob Rock.This album was pretty good. Krokus tackle a somewhat kinda ballad (Our Love) which is kinda a stinker but there a few good tracks as well here including Midnite Maniac,Boys Nite Out(written by Adams and Vallance) and real cool cover of Sweets Ballroom Blitz recorded live of the floor and man they should a done the whole record like that! Also of note me and Muc caught Krokus opening for Sammy Hagar on the Sam mans VOA tour of 1984. Of importance welcome aboard Tbone as the Blitz is his first Krokus purchase on cassette tape!(umm T’s visit to KrokusVille would be short and sweet!)

So 1986 June of that year to be precise and Krokus drop Change Of Address and by than I don’t even know if Muc is still following them  but me and Tbone are boy did we  ever get fucked over by Krokus! This review of Change Of Address will be short and simple!

This album is bad so bad I don’t even Remember any of the songs! The only one  i do recall is Schools Out by Alice Cooper yeah a cover song! Shit even Quiet Riot who repeatedly released a turd album after a turd album  least had a couple of good tracks(just a couple) that you could at least say..Ummm, not bad! No sign here of anything good! This band officially flatlined Krokus went glam too glam in look and sound and chased the American $$$ and it flopped! So disappointed me and Tbone were with this both of us gave up on them after this slab of whatever you wanna call it so if Krokus came  looking for us we went M.I.A!(missing in action) I’m sure we weren’t the only ones….

Even Krokus knew the ship had sunk! Change Of Address sank quicker than the Titanic and in doing so they put out a 9 song live album with one song from C.O.A (Hot Shot City) in October of 1986! I never bought the live album titled Alive And Screaming but I did hear it as a guy at school had it(on his Walkman..ha I’m old!)and the somics of it (recording) was aweful! I passed(gas) on this and that’s being polite…..

watch the vid ….say no more….



15 thoughts on “3/4’s Filler….KROKUS/Change Of Address”

  1. It’s becoming a thing, but this is another band I have never heard of! Look at those guys, though – the singer way out in front and his dudes pulling some of the best moves you could imagine in the background. I bet he was raging when he watched that back – the band upstaging him like that! Ha!


    1. Hahaha….yeah this band was at one time good and than they pulled this stunt it’s funny when I think of 1986 and some of its releases it had some classic albums (which I will be talking about next week in another Sonic Wave story) and some like Krokus and Y&T who released Down For a The Count which I reviewed here as well that turned out or be garbage…..
      Some may think the 3/4s Filler is a harsh idea but man I spent my cash on these back in the 80s and saving up for these and than being let down ..aargh…I guess I call this Revenge! 30 years later…..

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  2. I remember their cover of School’s Out which I sadly heard BEFORE Alice Cooper’s.

    My highschool buddy Andy used to rave about some of their songs like Long Stick Go Boom. But to this day I do not own a Krokus LP, period. Didn’t know about the producers they used — Allom, Fairbairn etc. Thanks for schooling LeBrain, Mr. Deke!

    You’ve been BRINGIN IT lately!

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    1. Wow about The Schools Out listen…..Krokus did land some heavyweight producers for sure …the last thing I bought of Krokus was a greatest hits comp from 1992 that had no songs from Crap Of Address!
      Thanks,it fun to teach a old Rock Blog Dog like yourself a little Rock 101!
      Tomorrow though back to a band u do know about ……
      Ok I’m headed over to read your Scorps review….

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    1. I used to have this cool thing my folks got me for Christmas 1990…it was a bag, shaped roughly like a small ghetto blaster. In the bag, held in place in specific compartments were two angled speakers, a power source (4 D cells) and a spot for your walkman, as well as the wires to connect it all up. So you could take your walkman with you as a “ghetto blaster” of sorts, or set it up with the speakers on a desktop and plug it into the wall. A very neat setup that I did take to school to use for presentations.

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      1. Oh I bet they would work splendidly.

        Geoff, as I mentioned a few weeks back in a post about old tech > new tech, my friends and I would tear apart and reconnect things together all the time with glee. I had a soldering kit and hot glue, what else do you need?

        I made a solar powered wristwatch. It was useless at night and had to be reset each day, but it was funny. I did it as a joke.

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    2. That’s awesome my dad still has his Walkman! My daughters looked on in horror! Hahaha…told my girls that was the way of the land 80s style!
      Great stories fellas! Cool that it took my blog about Krokus to bring it out of you guys!

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  3. Haha oh man, Deke. Why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel about this one? 🙂

    This sounds like a winner for the Drunk Review sweeps! Hahahaaaa

    Yup, seems like the youtubes has it all…


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