SONIC WAVES…Faster Pussycat/Faster Pussycat

You know that this debut album by these LA sleazeballs came out two weeks before Guns N Roses Appetite For Destruction? (July 7 1987 for Pussycat and the 21st of July for Gunners!)No shit Sherlock! Seriously though it did and of course we all know that Gunners sold millions upon millions of copies of Appetite and Faster Pussycat well they put a pretty decent debut of there own which sold well,went gold so not too shabby!

These guys I know  we’re one of Tbones younger brothers first cassette purchases but I know Darr and Rugg  had it….so yeah let’s 

Look What The Pussycat Dragged In….

DONT CHANGE THAT SONG- Taime Down is the singer and he has a different kind of voice but one that suits this band! Taime sing it pal “Don’t change that song it’s my favooooorite wreckoooord!’ Ha that’s how it has always sounded to me! This song was there debut single and   It was just a simple straight ahead back alley rock. Catchy verse,pre chorus and chorus. Brent Muscat and Eric Steele lay down some simple yet effective Rock guitar the sound is remiscent of Hanoi Rocks not the vocals but the music.

BATHROOM WALL-drums and bass lead off this super charged tilt thru the stalls of the Bathroom Wall! And hear comes sloppy guitar the kind that I have always liked. This song is pretty damn catchy and well they must have honed there craft in the bars cuz this sure sounds like it was one of those 3 am throw downs in the studio!

NO ROOM FOR EMOTION-booze n blues and The Pussycat has no room at there inn for emotion! This is a great tune one of the better on the debut. It has a old school Aerosmith vibe that’s what it sound likes to me anyways! Cool interplay between the guitars. Love the Ol school sleaze sound of yesteryear!

CATHOUSE- bam,here comes some riffing on the six strings and the drums,bass and here’s some rocking piano(remember the piano on the studio version of Christine 16 by Kiss? Speed that piano up to 78 rpms and you got Cathouse!) This is another rocker and its a full tilt no holds barred corker!

BABYLON- holy shit! Pussycat rap rock…this song is another fav as no other rock artists were doing this at the time but these guys did. They should have put this out as a single! Record company dropping the ball! Crank the vid!

SMASH ALLEY- side 2 leads the charge and the chorus rocks and holy crap were bar room brawling with the Pussycat Guys circa 1987. Shit if we’re keeping score me and Tbone were just turning 20 than! This song has nifty guitar solo and it’s a straight ahead dash to the finish line!

SHOOTING YOU DOWN-this tune is alright I find it so so. Not bad,not great just so so! Kinda like the Big Mac of tunes meaning it’s just some slop thrown together. Sometime rock slop can be pulled together and a real cool tune can come about like Aerosmith with My Fist Your Face from there Done With Mirrors album! That is slop thrown to the wall and it sticks and I still love that tune (My Fist Your Face) that is my comparison of cool rock slop Vs close but no cigar rock slop!(Shooting You Down)

CITY HAS NO HEART-ok so the band puts some gas in the tank after almost running out on Shooting You Down and man they rev up on this song! This is a great rock track! It’s all there at Pussyville! Cool guitar, lyrics,chorus it’s all here! Love it!

SHIP ROLLS IN-more Booze n Brawl from the boys this is a ok rocker! Nuthin to write home about.Pussycat are not reinventing the rock wheel here.

BOTTLE IN FRONT OF ME- speaking of Booze well here’s the tune that ends the album and hey fella’s it’s been a slice! The song is a little slower but it still has that OL stingy barroom smoke filled aura goin on.

IN CONCLUSION- Faster Pussycat puts out there debut and I kinda dug it. Even now revisiting it all these years later I still say that the first 5 songs are real good and that side two except for (City Has No Heart) kinda lagged behind but this is still a good debut. Fortunately for me I kinda lost interest when there second album Wake Me When It’s Over failed to really make a Sonic Impact on yours truly. But for little time when everyone was being signed out of LA in the mid to late 80s these guys had a shot…..


8 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES…Faster Pussycat/Faster Pussycat”

  1. Personally, I don’t know much about these guys, so I am grateful for this post. I had a buddy in high school, though, who was all over this stuff. He owned all the tapes by these guys, Poison, Motley, the whole thing. So I would likely have heard this stuff, hanging around his house, but none of it comes immediately to mind. Which is not to say it’s not memorable music, more a comment on my shoddy memory. I’m gonna check out those videos, see if any of it rings a bell.

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    1. Cool Aaron that makes it worthwhile when the vids are posted so people just don’t think I’m talking out of my arse! Well I kinda am but still thanks for reading and thats the main thing…..

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  2. This was my favourite LP for years and years – I wore their T-shirts all through my late teens. I liked wake Me more than you did though.


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