Cool Lil Numbers….Adrian Smith/Reach Out

All the diehard Maiden fans will be ..this is a Maiden tune! Correct you are! Why is not this Cool Lil Number segment titled  Iron Maiden? Umm well let’s give Adrian Smith his due man in Maiden and have a little chat about a real good cool song!

Adrian Smith when he joined Maiden for the Killers(1981)album he put his stamp on playing note for note with Dave Murray and laying claim that they are the best guitar duo going and that continued for years and now with Janick Gers they are three guitars deep but back in 1982 comes Number Of The Beast and heres Adrian doing co writes on such numbers as The Prisoner,Gangland and the epic 22 Acacia Avenue!

Piece Of Mind(1983)Smith delivers more co writes in the form of  Flight Of Icarus,Die With Your Boots On and Sun And Steel.

Powerslave(1984) Adrian yet has more cowrites in Back In The Village and how about one of Maidens signature riffs that would be 2 Minutes To Midnight! Hey if you a Canuklehead like me than you will remember the old Pepsi Power Hour Tv Metal Show on Muchmusic and for a long time it’s the opening riff of 2 Minutes…that would begin the PowerHour! ….

So 1986 and the Maiden boys find guitar synths and Adrian shows up and drops down what I think (along with the opening track Caught Somewhere In Time) are two of the best tracks off of the new studio release (Somewhere In Time)at the time(1986) which are Stranger In A Strange Land and Wasted Years which are for the first time written solely by Mr Smith.

So I guess Maiden like they always do record extra tracks for each release and one of them from the Somewhere In Time sessions is this standout track Reach Out written by Adrian’s pal Dave Colwell. This tune is the deal and I mean Maiden rock it big time and Bruce Dickinson handles the backing vocals while Adrian proves he not only plays a wicked guitar but he can sing almost a top 40ishy Rock style like Bryan Adams.

Reach Out is a great track the guitars even with the Synthy sound and Steve Harris and Nicko McBrian laying down the bass and drums respectively push it into unlike Maiden Territories but no wimping out so it still sounds like Maiden! Give it a listen and you will know what I’m talking about and for all you non Maiden listeners out there(shame on you..hahaha)listen with a open mind!

19 thoughts on “Cool Lil Numbers….Adrian Smith/Reach Out”

  1. I love Bruce’s backing vocals on this.

    Great little post Dekester…ballsy to put it as an Adrian track but for all intents and purposes, it is. To me, it was obvious that Adrian would be the first to leave and he was.

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  2. I always liked this one. Bruce’s backing vocals are great. I agree with Mike, I always thought Ade would jump ship not long after this. But then, when Tattooed Millionaire came out I thought Bruce would be gone soon too (but he took a good while longer).


    1. The reason I didn’t expect Bruce to jump was that he wrote a long piece in (I think RIP) magazine where he said he absolutely COULD DO BOTH…his grandpa taught him how to fight, yes, but also taught him to work hard etc. By this one interview he had me convinced that he was 100% dedicated to both.

      When he left after Fear of the Dark, I was shocked and shattered. Like my world had exploded.

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      1. I never read that interview so couldn’t comment. I’m not sure I’d have believed him anyway! I wasn’t all that shocked when he left Maiden though. I wasn’t even all that bothered, I’d been gradually losing interest at that point.


      2. I was really into Fear of the Dark at the time, because hey, at least Maiden were trying to be Maiden, unlike other bands who were trying ANYTHING. So given the time period, I was all over Fear of the Dark and excited for Maiden to continue with Bruce.


      3. Fear Of The Dark is a sleeper in the Maiden catalogue for sure….good tunes on it considering they were unraveling somewhat at that point but a definite improvement from the previous on….


    2. Great point HMO….I actually believed the Air Raid Siren during his press junket for Tattoo $$$$ and when Gers went from his solo band to Maiden I thought end of story…for a while that was….
      Reach Out is a great track!


  3. There is a song I haven’t heard in a long time. You take us on these great nostalgic trips. I can still remember the days when much music played music. And when we got a vcr in our house it was tasked with taping the Pepsi power hour so we could watch it again and again. I guess Ultramega OK is going back on the shelf. Somewhere in time is on deck.

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    1. Awesome Robbo! Like the Crue review when when said u dug out the 94 record because of my b.s that makes it worthwhile when I can get you guys to,dust off your old discs,vinyl whatever format..awesome…
      Somewhere In Time I gotta spew babble on soon!


  4. Nice one, Deke! Hahaha Canucklehead. You said it!

    I don’t recall this track… need more coffee perhaps… it’s definitely more poppy, but not in a bad way. No one else like ’em in the world, no matter what they do. Thanks for the morning dose of the rock, Deke!

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  5. Adrian Smith was the man. If you look at the Iron Maiden set list doing the rounds these days, the majority of the songs are Adrian Smith co-writes.

    It’s ironic that when he re-joined the band, they got a new musical mojo happening.

    Great post Deke and a good nod to a true unsung guitar hero.



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