SONIC WAVES…..Aerosmith/Rock And A Hard Place

Let’s see 1982 and well me,Tbone,Muc and well that’s about it are the only ones that care about Aerosmith! Steve-o,Joey and Tom have replaced Brad Whitford and Joe Perry with two newbie guitarists in Rick Dufay and Joe Perry kinda lookalike Jimmy Crespo! For a band that is supposedly down for the count!(ha Y&T) The Aero express pulls out all the stops on this gem and hey who cares if back in 1982 that it took $1.5 million dollars to record these 10 tracks! Me and Tbone signed on and next to Live Bootleg and Draw The Line this was the third Aero album I owned and For Tyler Rock In A Hard Place I guess for him is the forgotten ex girlfriend that he doesn’t wanna Remember but for me……a different story……

Considering Aero was cooked by this point (I mean the Stonehengey type cover is kinda fruity to say the least )  this is a absolute scorcher….

Lets pool our cash and bail Steve out of the rock n roll Slammer cuz of….

JAILBAIT- Aero 1982 is off to the races right out of the gate. New guitar boys Rick Dufay and Jimmy Crespo set the grooves on fire here and the regular cast of characters Tyler/Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer set the tone and my young Rock ears can’t believe how quick  Aero is giving er!  The Aero Xpress must have loaded up on speed man as there’s no slowing this Xpress down! A bonafide classic!

LIGHTNING STRIKES- some crazy swirly keyboard sets the song afire and here comes some drums/guitars and Tyler and in that order! “Boys and there dukes are read to rumble!” Sez Steve-o and what a great song and vid and man I love this video as Aero is blasted off the rails and watching this as a 15 yr old! These are rock gods! Sez I. I bow at the trashed out temple of AeroRock!

BITCHES BREW-Strikes ends and the song segues into Tyler sounding a little (ahem)sinister and this is a great song as the chorus kicks into some demented sounding piano driving along the song and so far 3 tracks in and this new version is standing almost toe to toe with the old Aeroversion and that’s impressive! Another fantastic track. Don’t go fooling with the Bitches Brew! I still hear that demented piano sound going thru my head….fuckin love it! Crank the song above !

BOLIVIAN RAGAMUFFIN- Jimmy Crespo rocks out of the gate riffing on his strat and making just making us forget a little about Mr Perry well trying too anyways. His playing on here is awesome and it’s too bad that no one ever talks about Crespos infleuence(musical that is) on this album. He shreds and riffs and keeps Aerosmith true to form here!  Tyler also must be credited with his lyrics very crafty here!

CRY ME RIVER-side 1 ends with Tyler at the piano and overall a very good track! Tyler I guess is tired of the people around him! His ex band mates/his ex wife/ management everyone can go Cry Him A River! I think it’s safe to,say Steve wasn’t tossing any life preservers overboard to save anyone!

PRELUDE TO JOANIE- is Aero bizarre and man it’s a minute and half of zany Tyler speaking almost thru Joes left behind talk box(you heard it at the beginning of Sweet Emotion) as a 15 year this screwed me up but it’s Tyler chirping about what’s to come and that’s…..

JOANIES BUTTERFLY-ah ha this makes sense now! Wowzers Tyler should be teaching sex education ahhh than again maybe not! But this song is driven by Joey Kramers drums and features some real cool acoustic picking until the electric guitars kick in! Love the part of the tune where Steve sings…’Oh ,no,no,no,no,no,no,Took off in flight,No,no,no than came the light ‘ Stevey sounds almost I don’t ever say this but it sounds Jaggerish! Cool though maybe I just hear it, do you?

ROCK IN A HARD PLACE-classic Aero! Big sounding drums as Joey is laying waste to his cymbals and the guitars of Dufay and Crespo are cranked and hey how about Steve and some harmonica and now some Sax! As a hardcore fan this tune is a Aerodelight!

JIG IS UP-this song is also typical Aero a real cool groove and Tyler once again at his lyrical best. The song starts with the guitars and bass in synch and Joey Kramer once again leads the charge and this song is a real good rocker but a rocker in  like i noted earlier in a Aerogroove kinda way!

PUSH COMES TO SHOVE-think the late 1890s and some place in the Midwest named the Crazy Horse Saloon and some dude sitting at a piano and that dude would be Steve Tyler rumbling away on his keys and man this song is soooooo good! This is how I heard the song the first time I heard it and now gulp 33 years later…sheeeeeit I still hear it the same way! Awesome end! So unlike Aero kinda but so cool!

IN CONCLUSION-considering everyone in the world left this band for dead Ummm. Listen folks Jimmy Crespo steps up huge in Perrys place and delivers flashes of brilliance on his guitar. It’s  never too late to discover or rediscover this forgotten gem! Except for me,Tbone and a few others never forgot about this one but Steve/Joey and Tom for some reason never talk about this one…me,I can’t shut up about it!

17 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES…..Aerosmith/Rock And A Hard Place”

  1. I’m with you Deke. This is a great little also-ran. Basically Tyler was doing this one two hands (Perry and Whitford) tied behind his back! But Crespo and Dufay stepped up and did one hell of an attempt…I can do without the Prelude to Joanie that’s for sure. I bet it screwed you up as a 15 year old alright!


      1. Oh yeah it’s tripped out for sure….I used to skip this track and go straight to The actual song part!


  2. I think I’ve heard this only once. Long time ago. Can’t really remember too much about it, so might need to have a wee listen.


  3. Man, 1982, I was 8. Not on my radar. But having (somewhat recently) read Perry’s book, I am tempted to start picking up some of these early Aero albums and seeing what all the fuss was about! You review certainly helps!

    If someone wants to give me $1.5 million dollars, I will learn how to play all the instruments myself and make you ten songs. Anytime. You hear me, record labels? BRING IT!

    Also, Stonheng-y cover… makes me think of Spoinal Tap… aaaaaaand cue Mikey and his encyclopedic knowledge of quotes from the movie in 5…4…3…2…1… 😉


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Regarding Stonehenge, I will say this cover was a bit of an embarrassment. The movie came out at the same time, and there was Aerosmith crashing and burning just like Spinal Tap. I’m sure Tyler wished he could have burned this cover at the time.


      1. You know me buddy, I never do that. Funny thing is I don’t know when I started listening to “albums” instead of just the “good songs”. I think it was Metal Health, that was the first.

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      2. You know Mike that is why I buy full albums on iTunes and not just certain songs (except for one song I may add that will be posted as a Lil Number story at some point) but with Kiss Alive 2,Aerosmith Draw The Line,ACDC Back In Black,Cheap Trick Budokan and Queen The Game being my first music purchases in 1979/1980 those albums all the tunes were good! Man I miss those days!


    2. Tyler said that on Rockline back in 1987 about spending $1.5 Mill…he said he would never ever do that again!
      Having said that this is a great record…..Impressive considering how cooked they were…


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