SONIC WAVES…Trooper/Hot Shots

My bro in law Lenny has requested Hot Shots….

Who in Canada over 35 years young has not heard of Trooper? Exactly we all have! Trooper was everywhere for a while say the late 70s into the  early 80s! I mean they headlined arenas all across Canada and had a good run and like all so many acts in Canada they fizzled out of the arenas but thanks to the term nostalgic Trooper I’m sure is probably out there  plugging away ummmmm Hot Shots!

Hot Shots is a greatest hits set released in 1979 to keep the buzz going created by Troopers Thick As Thieves album from 1978 produced by Randy Bachman! You know the one with Raise A Little Hell! So strike while the iron is hot and boom let’s capitalize with a release which equals $$$$$ It worked!

So I guess the main lineup of Troop changed over the years but the main dudes ….Ra Maguire,Brian Smith,Doni Underhill,Frank Ludwig and Tommy Stewart were the basis of the band that I dug!

Where’s Jerry the Garbage Man?

BOYS IN THE BRIGHT WHITE SPORTSCAR-so it’s 4 chords and we’re off and here comes the boys in Trooper waving they’re arms in the air! And where did they get that car! This is a song we all know thru and thru in Canada along with all other Trooper tracks! Outside of Canada these guys couldn’t get arrested! So all my blog buddies outside of Canada can watch the vids and you get a feel for Trooper! Big chorus with Na na a na na na……The sound is 70s Rock to a T!

BABY WONCHA PLEASE COME HOME-Smith and his guitar start off this track with some good OL Harmonica(Yee Haw!) great verse,pre chorus and man the drums and bass just push the song and you know what? This  is my fav Troop song of all time!

GENERAL HAND GRENADE- goofy good time tune! The music is not goofy but boy the lyrics are big dumbo Canadian Arena Rock but guess what? This song sticks in your fuckin noggin for hours on end! Seriously it does…. Watch the vid and you can thank me later! Hahahaha !

TWO FOR THE SHOW- Big Trooper power ballad(Bic lighter included!) and Trooper tells General Hand Grenade to chill out that they will crank it up (kinda) shortly but the boys slow the brakes down and let’s us take stock that these fugly guys calling themselves Trooper are writing proto type power ballads in the 70s! Say it ain’t so !

SANTA MARIA- so General Hand Grenade boards the Santa Maria ship and sets course into waters unknown! This is a mid tempo kinda rocker! Let’s face it folks, Trooper are not scientists but they could craft a good tune and make it catchy and well this is another one! One that can stick in your noggin for hours on end!

WERE HERE FOR A GOOD TIME- Reggae tinged track especially the drums plow this tune Into good time chill vibe mode! The rhythm is a good time beat! You know “so have a good time the sun will shine every day!” Thats  not my poetic ness folks wish it was but I’m not that clever!

OH PRETTY LADY- Wowzers were headed into total Troop AOR material ville! Trooper wanted the ladies bad can Ya blame em? Na I can’t! Slow the show down….play a song for the ladies and board the bus after! Holy shit did I just rehash that Journey Sap track video out loud (Faithfully) Hahahaha I did! Gosh I’m done!

ROUND ROUND WE GO-mid tempo rocker one that possesses a snappy happy prechorus that in my mind is stronger than the actual chorus! That’s no mean feat! But by golly I heard this tune a million times as this comes from the Thick As Thieves album which I spun oh a few times! This tune was sung by the keys guy Frank Ludwig who sings a good song!

THE MOMENT THAT IT TAKES- more of a power tunish song! Holy Moses,Frank Ludwig takes the lead vocal on this track and it’s another good song and well with these two songs sung by Ludwig he quit Trooper shortly after and where the hell did he go?

RAISE A LITTLE HELL-what can I possibly add to this tune that hasn’t been said! You go to hockey games in Canada its played over the PA system! It’s all over classic rock radio! I sure hope that Ra and Brian got some kind of royalty out of this tune! You know my fav part of the tune is at the end when the music stops after the solo and than the tune cranks up and Smith plays that big ass power chord and chugs the song with the drums to the end of the song! Boom! Done! Goodnight!

IN CONCLUSION- I own 2 Tropper albums(Hot Shots and Thick As Thieves) and for me that’s all I need thank you very much and I’m sure for other music peeps out there you may own more and I salute you! I really do! But man good on Trooper cuz since they could not get arrested outside of Canada inside our own little abode of a country Trooper had a good run! For that I say….


I also must mention that the song 3 Dressed Up As 9 is another of my fav Troop tunes but they never put it on Hot Shots?? Well it’s here for all of you to see Trooper live in 1979! Does it not get any better than this?!


18 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES…Trooper/Hot Shots”

    1. Oh man, these guys are ubiquitous!! Sportscar is probably their best/most listenable. But, “Raise a Little Hell” and “Here for a Good Time” are the two that loop on the radio around here. If you live in Canada and listen to rock radio at all, you know these songs.

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      1. Genuinely, I’ve never even heard their name before today. When are you going to let on that hive been the victim of an elaborate hoax?


    2. Exactly that’s why I thought when my bro in law requested it would be a great one as no one outside of Canada knows these guys! Thanks to me I’ve expanded the Trooper brand name across the pond!

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  1. Oh yeah I should have said they were Current River demos! Hahaha…and taken the credit! Like I said HMO these guys could not get arrested outside of Canada….


      1. HAHAH!

        But you know how you hear songs on the radio and don’t know the words? I’m sitting at my desk singing, “You’re a freak dressed up for the night, you’re only wasting my time…”


  2. I thought they handed these out at birth… I see it all the time at the junk shop, next to the Greatest Hits of April Wine and Burton Cummings.

    Ubiquitous is the name of the game, though, because they really did have a lot of big songs here.

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    1. Well like I said J if your A Canuck you have heard at least Raise A little Hell by Trooper! Outside of Canada nada nothing…if anything this got a great response and a lot of chatter!


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