Cool Lil Numbers…They Call Him Tbone

Hey all my friends! Here’s my best pal Tbone in his own words explaining the story behind the antics at the mic! Check it out and enjoy…..the video is at the end of T’s story! Take it away brother ……

My Friendship with Deke (the Blogmaster) is well documented through out many of the awesome stories and posts here at Arena Rock. I am an avid reader of everything posted on here. Sometimes more in the vein of a voyeur however, as I don’t always post comments. But I always enjoy the read none the less.

So it’s June 11, 2005, the night of my wedding to my beautiful wife Christine. Deke is not only my Best Man, but he also played a significant role in hooking us up. So he is “The Man” on this day.

It’s that time of the evening when the Best Man delivers his speech. Deke, being a classy guy and Good Friend, takes the high road and chooses not to roast me but rather finds clever ways to tells tales from our past with great humour while still allowing me to come across kind of cool at the same time.  Not an easy task, let me tell you.

So just as everyone thinks his speech is done, he utters a very common phrase “In closing…” which usually signals a neat and tidy little ending, maybe an “I love you man” moment. But NO, not Deke. He has suckered us all in. I am literally a “Sucker in a 3-Piece” at this moment. Fore he has saved the best ‘til last and proceeds to play a song which he has written for me.  His accomplices are the other groomsmen (my bros Darr & Rugg and also friend Tom). They pre-recorded the music, and background vocals onto CD, which is played by the DJ. But Deke performs the lead vocals as well as …. (Wait for it)….  Harmonica “Live” at the podium. Completely blew me away. Completely blew all 300+ in attendance away. Coolest ending to a Best Man Speech I have ever witnessed in person. And I’ve been to a lot of weddings.


So let’s see what Deke had Cooking on this “Hot Summer Night” …..


INTRO- Deke calls out to the DJ “Hit it Mark” and from the pre-recorded CD you can hear Rugg play a classic sleazy little blues-rock lick and we are all aboard Deke’s Magic Bus and all too willing to listen as he says” I wanna tell you a story, ‘bout a cool guy I know….”

FIRST/ SECOND VERSES-  Deke sets the stage by telling you how long we’ve known each other and then goes into some High School nostalgia while sandwiching the first of his two Harp solos in the middle, much to the shock and awe of everyone in attendance.

CHORUS-  Deke takes a well-deserved break from the mic, grabs a little sip of (let’s call it “water”) and lets the backing vocals take center stage for a moment. Classic Gang Vocals that would have made even Mutt Lange proud, recorded in my Brother Rugg’s furnace room. The same furnace room that the “Current River” album was recorded in 10 years earlier. If that furnace room could talk….

THIRD VERSE- My athletic abilities are called into question,and rightfully so, as Deke recalls some of my Sports Centre Top Ten Fail moments, followed by another classic Gang Chorus.

FINAL VERSE- Now my (Big Red’s) drinking is called into question…. And again rightfully so. And NO, I will not elaborate. LOL.

OUTRO- The boys knock out one last Chorus before Deke takes his whisky home with one last classic Harp Solo.

CONCLUSION-  AWESOME!!!!    Nuff Said!

Deke, I love you Man!    Never stop Rockin’!



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12 thoughts on “Cool Lil Numbers…They Call Him Tbone”

  1. Hahahaha ..thanks Mikey! I don’t know about Bluesman..maybe Boozeman?! Had no idea Tbone was crafting this vid as it was on Vhs and than boom in my inbox 2 days ago!!
    I love how he breaks down the review it’s awesome….
    Tbones writing is slick and polished kinda like Aerosmiths Permanent Vacation meeting Get A Grip whereas my writing is sloppy off the rails like Aerosmiths Done With Mirrors meeting a crack pipe! Hahahaha….
    Also of note full props to T for name dropping classic rock tracks!
    Gonna have to bug him about a actual Sonic Wave review! Maybe the live Halen?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sarca! When I got married in 1996 Tbone was my best man and he did a killer Lettermen top 10 list for me! He said after though he wish he woulda done a tune! So 9 years later ! Bam I did it and fooled him !!
      Hahahaha …no one saw that coming!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This was a long time coming. Ever since I started reading Deke’s blog I thought he should review his song from my wedding. I mentioned the idea to him some time ago, and he said, “Sounds great, but you gotta do the review.” So after more than 6 months of procrastination, the world finally gets a glimpse of the Mississippi Bluesman trapped inside this unassuming 47 year old Rock Blogmaster. Rock On Deke!

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  3. Thanks Aaron…..I’m just glad the cd didn’t skip or not play cuz I woulda been hung out to dry! I also recall about not wanting to throw up my supper as playing harmonica infront of 300 people as a debut is ..well Ya hope for the best!
    Also of note since I was the opening act that night on a 3 person bill! I blew off the main headliners! Hahahahaha…..(no offence to anyone…that’s just the facts and my raging ego speaking!)….
    Cool that T took the time to throw this together since it was only on VHS…Til the other day!


    1. These are great memories, man. We didn’t do any speeches at our wedding, so it’s fun when people get creative with this stuff and then I get to see the videos! This reminded me, too, of that jam the guys did with the wigs. Was that an anniversary, or a birthday? Anyway, you’re a musical bunch. Good times!


  4. Yeah speeches can be a good thing or a boring as fuck thing or cause a whole,bunch of trouble for the groom if the best mans speech goes off the rails infront of everyone! Hahaha…
    The wigs that Tbone did was with his bro for Tbones wife Chrissies 40th! Bday! I would rather watch a half corked Tbone and his bro Rugg hack out Jovi clasics than actually go watch the real sap (Bon JOVI)and his hired guns play now!


    1. That’s exactly why we didn’t do all the speeches at our wedding. Ours was not very conventional in any way.

      I agree, I wouldn’t go see JBJ either. When we lived in Montreal (1999-2001), I had a co-worker who was beside herself with glee that he was coming to town, spent all day trying to win tickets from the radio station (instead of working haha) and ended up having to buy tix anyway. But even at the time I wasn’t interested at all.


  5. I agree with the JBJ comment…I have no interest in him anymore! I got a New Jersey review in the mix that I have been scribbling on and of course me and T seen the Jersey Tour but seriously the last album I dug was Keep The Faith….These Days …so so …….Bounce 3/4s filler….and than there’s that hunk o junko Hee Haw country record they did….how’s that for my ratings! Hahahaha…..


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