SONIC WAVES….Skid Row/Slave To The Grind

Ya know from Aug 1989 to June 1992 i seen Skid Row 5 times! 4 as a opener and once as a headliner when they actually showed up to Tbay back in June Of 92! (Reviewed here)

Skid Rows debut of course was pretty good with the singles 18 & Life(dug the vid with those two schmucks in it and one of them going to the slammer! Hahahaha..your crime is time!) I  Remember You(meh)and some silly cheese like Big Guns and Rattlesnake Shake and man they got on a huge arena tour in 1989(opening for Bon Jingles Jovi) and of course it took off from there.

June of 1991 and Sebastain Bach,Dave Sabo,Rob Affuso,Rachel Bolan and Scotti Hill release to what I would even call today a classic! Yeah man for sure,why the fuck not? There is no early nineties Cheese Whiz slices on here what it does have is a heavy dark undertone,heavy songs not all fast heavy some heavy riffs,stellar production from Michael Wagner(bass sound on here is awesome) good all around vocals,it’s all here kids….sooooooo….

The Party’s Over So Get The….well you know the drill…

MONKEY BUSINESS-some neat guitar picking by Hill And Sabo start off the album and before you know it ,Baz hollers and drums and bass join and man the sonics are reaaaaal good! The bass here is mixed awesome! It’s evident when you compare track one from Rows debut in 1989 (Big Guns ) and track one  from STTG (Monkey Business) gone is the cheese whiz fruit ball lyrics in its place is a leaner meaner Skid Row and no messing around! The solos and drums are heavy….. Great start…..

SLAVE TO THE GRIND-so we go from heavier to real heavy and man this song cooks! Affuso on his drums double bass this track like a runaway train and man the lyrics are good,the solos are ripping fast and Baz is hammering down some real vocal chops! I still will chirp at work “Won’t be the one left behind”  Hahaha….people at work might  think I’m crazy or they just ignore me..hahaha…it’s all good!

THE THREAT-drums, guitar bass are dumped in the Skid  Row Music Blender and out pops The Threat! This song is great real slick verse,cool chorus and the bass is just jacked on this! I’m really surprised more of these bands back than didn’t try to high jack Bolans bass sound on this record! 24 Friggin  years later and it still sounds good! Well to my blown out deaf left year!(that ones for you Metal Todd!)

QUICKSAND JESUS- cool title and pretty good moody slow kinda heavy groove and this song has the big power chorus but no sirreeee! This ain’t no Poison mush this is Skid Crush(ha) Sabo and Hill are young guns totally fuggin ugly dudes but hey these two cats have the metal chops down and when they have too they can put the breaks on the speed riffing and chill out some huge bombastic rock! Baz nails the vocal and well he does that all over this record! Jesus would be proud!

PYSCHO LOVE- Affuso locks his drums with Bolans bass and boom this song is off the hook crazy good and it goes cuckoo when the two guitars join! The cymbals are smashing loud during the chorus and it’s about the only thing that is louder than Bazs voice(kinda). Also love a bit of feedback towards the end and that makes me believe that the Marshalls are cranked in the studio!

BEGGARS DAY-Ha…sometimes don’t always expect the expected here at Arena Rock! You want to know my deal with Get The Fudge Out!? Naaa not today as its Beggars Day! This tune reminds me of a later day Aerosmith rocker the chorus is pretty damn good I mean they kinda go with the big gang backing vocals but still though a real good track one worth checking out…see vid above!

LIVIN ON A CHAINGANG- Baz and the band smash some heavy action off the hop and boom Baz is hollering and you know what? We are all Livin On The Chain Gang…the lyrics in this say it all I think these lyrics sum up Monday-Friday working…’Busted on a rock pile /Dusted in the heat/Shackled to the system/And draggin my feet….

CREEPSHOW-big drums and big riffs start this groovy like metal shuffle of a tune. Hey the lyrics are kinda Gene Simmons big dumbo arena rockish stylings but you know what? I will cut the Row fellas some slack! The music i dig the lyrics not so much but hey ..I saw your baby at the Creepshow! Ok sometimes goofy funny stuff ends up being funny shit!

IN A DARKENED ROOM-kinda moodish piece of slower paced metal! Skids aren’t Soft Row here Ummm no way quite the contrary amigo! I don’t care who the hell you are you can’t go 120 mph all the time just don’t pull a Journey like power junk ballad on me! Sabo and comp don’t care they just do,what they do!  This tune has a great solo in it!

RIOT ACT- super duper riffing guitar,off the rocker drumming and a singer going bloody mental and this is Skid Row trying to derail the train off the tracks! This song rocks the lyrics are genius! The  guitar metal solo is genius! Baz sings good and doesn’t do any goofy falsetto and kicks it in the ass! Still remember them playing this in Tbay and I betcha they shaved off a full minute off of this track playing it live! Speed man …and not by playing it quick but the stuff that makes you play it quick!

MUDKICKER-ok I will say it this is one of Skid Rows best tunes! An end of album slow Sludgey Sabbathey kind of grind that just fuckin rules! The song starts off slow an heavy and Baz rips down the vocals the bass is friggin cool heavy along with Affusos drums and man oh man a bonafide classic! Holy hell ring the bell just dig this song! Love the lyrics in this tune and man does it not tell the truth about everyday living. Having said all that watch the video and you can sing along at work as the lyrics are posted! Mudkicker ..Kick …Kickin me down …Mudkicker Kick…Kickin me down….tell your boss man or lady DeKEs sent Ya! For a ass Kickin good live version click the link to the Tbay show above for Mudkicker!

WASTED TIME- yeah man the Skids end this heavy record with a heavy umm  ballad kinda thingy! It’s ok man I can handle this as they put it at the end and fair enough. The solos in this song are good this thing rocks in a different kind of way! I mean Poison well they can get lost…..

IN CONCLUSION- Skid Row 1991 in my mind basically took a bands like Poison,Trixter,Bullet Boys and gave them a swift hard kick in the ass into the cheapie bins in my books! It’s amazing that The Skids grew    by leaps and bounds from the debut in just over 2 years! Gone was the sterile production of the debut,gone was Big Guns(sorry Aaron…Ha!) and those tuity metal fruity kinda tunes. In its place was Slave To The Grind with heavy songs,playing,production,artwork everything hell there lyrics are classic I mean how can you not dig the use of the word “SAPSUCKER”in Mudkicker!


12 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES….Skid Row/Slave To The Grind”

  1. This is one of my absolute favourite albums Deke. Best album of the 90s for sure! I’d listen to this constantly and I used to watch the Roadkill VHS all the time as well! What did you think of Subhuman Race?


  2. Subhuman Race is not bad HMO! I’m gonna have to tackle that one some day! Beat Yourself Blind is a awesome track! It was great to revisit this album man it smokes …..


    1. You should tackle that one Deke! Consider that a ‘request of vinyl’! I didn’t bother with it back then, didn’t like the sound of it. But I have heard some songs since and liked them (especially Beat Yourself Blind) so I should get round to it. Mike even sent me all the tracks and I still haven’t given it a whirl!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. YUP! This album rules and Rachel and Snake are idiots for hiring on Tony Harnell. I don’t care about TNT, he’s not the right sound for Skid Row. Can you imagine Tony Harnell singing that he “won’t be the one left behind?” Who cares!

    Subhuman Race is different, but awesome.


  4. I always knew someone who had this tape, but never owned it myself. I bought it because of HMO. And he was right, and so are you – this record kicks some serious ass. Serious. Ass.

    And not to worry Deke, I’ve got more big guns right here… 😉


  5. Great post, Deke – I’ve always discarded Skid Row as one of those ’80s hair metal’ bands (sorry!), but this sounds like a crackin’ album!


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