This is a Vinyl Request from daHeff…he says Kick it out!

It must have been late 1979 early 80 or so and I was ripping through my pal  John Youngs records and he had Kiss,Pink Floyd,Cheap Trick and Wowzers whats this John? Two good looking women hanging out in the forest looking like a couple of rocker Maidens!  WOWZERS man who are these mystery women ?

Up Til that point for me It was rock guys I mean I had no idea until that day that women rocked! Yeah I knew of Donna Summer(Rip) and Olivia Newton John but geesh that was about it!

Smart tactical selling ploy! You put the two good looking girls on the cover(Ann and Nancy Wilson) and you put the 4 long haired rocker guys In the background (Micheal Derosiers,Steve Fossen,Roger Fisher and Howard Leese)

This album is still a classic today and well good call Heff and thanks John Young…..

BARRACUDA- if you have not heard this track ummmm I officially pronounce you sonically  brain dead! I mean this is quite the opening riff and hey not only is Nancy a good looking girl she kicks the guitars ass along with Howie and Rog! Micheals drums sound like Zep to me on this  track big fucking sound and you need it pal cause here comes down sister Ann and she drops the vocals and holy hell I’m floored! This is a rock chic singing hard rock and back in 1980 or so I found love! Hahahaha….what a stormer of a track!

LOVE ALIVE-Ann and Nancy tell everyone to chill out and out comes the acoustic, harps and flute? Ok John Young now what? We go from the riff Rock heavy of one Barracuda into Ummm folk rock? This kinda stuff confused back in time and it didn’t take much but throw down some flute on a 13 year old boy at the time (me!) and I’m confused! Now of course as I’m pushing 50 I get it a little more this is Heart being classic rock but they didn’t know it back than! Speaking of the flute I should have been aware as Kiss themselves would dabble with the flute on The Elder!(1981)

SYLVAN SONG- is a little two minute stop gap featuring mandolins between Love Alive and  the next track which is…

DREAM OF THE ARCHER- holy heck now medival Prog Rock is happening and Frigg John Young your expanding my musical senses here. The Archer is a 5 minute track prodding and plodding throught out the rock forest! Umm  holy shit I’m lost in this track as the sisters and dudes of Heart can play many forms of rock and were only 4 songs in!

KICK IT OUT- Nancy Cranks her Marshall amp along with Roger Fisher and boom here’s the drums and man the hi hat is loosey goosey sounding and this track is one of my faves! What a great chorus and man oh man Ann lays it down vocally and this song is tighter than Nancy’s spandex in the What About Love Video! The song is a ass kicker! Kick It Out! Love the buildup and speed of it……great Ol riff a Rolla! Crank the video posted kids!

LITTLE QUEEN- the title track and check out the vid posted! The song weaves thru all kinds of rock settings! Power chords,chill chords,Ann singing,Nancy laying down the acoustic 6 string! Looking back on this album man it’s crazy how much of music trendsetters Heart were. Take away there mid to late 80s fluff  and really go with this stuff!

TREAT ME WELL-Nancy takes the lead vocal on this track and proves that not is she only a great guitar player but she can sing as well!

SAY HELLO-is another slower mover of a track! Not one of my favs but still Heart had to do what they had to do.

CRY TO ME-is the second side rock slow mover tune. It’s a ballad and well I can handle Heart doing this especially back than (1977) as ballads didn’t become what they became until some of those 80s Hairball Acts would jsut do it for the $$$$$

GO ON AND CRY-end of the album Slow chill heavy kinda rocker! Heart jams it out TIL the end! Name me another Rock album where the last two tunes have the word Cry in them? Go ahead? Is there? Hahahaha heck if I know! This tune builds slow and its amazing to see how much of a influence Zeppelin had on Heart.

IN CONCLUSION-John Young whenever I would check out his records years ago would always have SUMTHIN new stashed in the mix of the usual recording suspects! This time it was Heart and this is a release I appreciate more now than at its time. Side One of Little Queen is a little more rockier whereas side two a little more out there in regards to material(slower paced). For me though at the time it’s like “John!!! Where’s the Rockers?!” Ha! Guess you could say John was more adaptable at changing up the musical horizons for oneself at  a young age  as I was still hanging outside The Ladies Room with Kiss!

16 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES…HEART/Little Queen”

    1. Yeah Heart 80s is a slick polished MTV era band built for it and good on em! I bought into it for the 85 album myself….than Kiss tried to make a Heart album called Crazy Nights and it annoyed me!
      Hahahaha …

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      1. Hey I don’t want any trouble here like you two hombres that got Jamie Oldaker on your cases!
        Hahahaha……man that was good shit!

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  1. Awesome write-up Deke! Yeah this is a great record. I don’t think I have it here at the moment but I know I have had it in the past. Those Wilson sisters can SING! They even made Robert Plant cry!

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      1. Oh it’s impressive. So inpressive I can even forgive the bloody bloat of it all! Haha wow.

        And don’tcha love the track that comes to mind for me in that moment isn’t even one of theirs. Go figure ha! thhhfffbpt!


  2. I do have a few of this band’s albums! This is the only one of their pre-80s ones that I’ve got though. I don’t listen to it much but it’s on the to-do pile! I did like Bad Animals and the S/T though, ballads and all! I’m just a sucker for the 80s. I’ll need to give this one a whirl.

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