Cool Lil Numbers…Faster Pussycat/Your So Vain

So in my book FP put out a pretty good debut and the followup 1989s Wake Me When It’s Over lots of people I guess dug it,me well not so much. Why not? Have no idea why but when FP’s record label Elektra Records was putting out a best of 40 years of music(Rubaiyat it was called)of other artists (wide spectrum of artists were on this comp like Howard Jones,Metallica,Jackson Browne to name a few) on there label doing cover versions of the originals the video(slick vid) they drop from that release was FP’s version of Carly Simon song Your So Vain!

Your So Vain I heard many a time driving on long trips with my parents in the summers throughout the late 70s early 80s and this was I guess you could say typical AM Radio fodder! It was a huge hit by Carly Simon and than boom 1990 and those L.A boozed up sleaze buckets Faster Pussycat drop a deadly version of this tune!

Man it’s real good cover of it ! Taime Downs vocals fit the bill here perfectly! The band is razor tight as well and for me no I never did buy the Rubaiyat collection but it did have other rock artists like Lynch Mob and one of my personal favs Georgia Satallites but out of 40 songs maybe 7  songs out of 40 I wanted so 7/40 what’s the % of that? 17.5!  Shit man looks like my math mark from my first semester going to Lakeview High School back in late 1981. How do I remember that you say well I recall when my dad seen that mark of around 17% I had never seen that vain bulge before on my fathers forehead! To make a long story short I had to pull up the socks as they say!

Hahahaha …but anyways this is a  great tune and I still laugh when I hear ol Taime nail out the line”jump  into your jet and fly to Nova Scoootia”!

Good shit,don’t believe me….crank the video posted!





5 thoughts on “Cool Lil Numbers…Faster Pussycat/Your So Vain”

  1. Off topic — but you’re right, I remember Lynch Mob being on Rubaiyat. I don’t have it either! All I have is some kind of weird remix EP with a Metallica song on it called “2Net”. I wonder if anyone else here has ever heard “2Net” by Metallica!!!

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  2. I haven’t heard that either…..considering I was buying everything back than I’m really surprised I didn’t buy that one Rubaiyat! I mean I bought the Knebworth 1990 concert on double cd for a crazy amount of $$$ basically for the Plant stuff….


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