Other Side Of Midnight…..

Honeymoon Suite/Haywire/July 26 1988/Thunder Bay/Fort William Gardens

Summer of 1988 rolls around and the Suite Express shows up again to play the Gardens and whats evidently clear is the place is almost half empty as when they rolled into town 2 years earlier the Barn was almost sold out say 4000 or so and well now (1988) maybe just over 2000 people and from where i was sitting(straight at the back of the Gardens ) there were patches of people around me and my lady friend.

Like i said last week in the Racing After Midnight album review this album I thought was there best but  for many it slid by kinda bizarro but hey what do I know! Finicky album buyers back in 1988!

So Haywire is plugging there current release Don’t Just Stand There and what’s clear is that they have ditched the baggy pants/bright clothes that they wore 2 years earlier when they played Tbay supporting Kim Mitchell ! Now they were into the street rock look with the leathers and whatnots and a heavier punchier sound live! That night even Haywire impressed me with a little snipet of Aerosmiths Mother Popcorn thrown into one of there tunes! Shit Ya! Good call !

Honeymoon Suite hits the stage with a one two punch of Other Side Of Midnight and Tears On The Page and we’re off an running! Pretty slick  lighting show and Johnnie Dee lead singer played a lot of rythm guitar that night as his leg was in a full sized leg cast! Story went to the effect that he was crossing the road at the airport in LA and boom some car hit him and snap a roo …but hey here he is in Tbay the show must go on and it did! This I thought was a better show than 2 years earlier oh yeah that’s cuz I liked Racing After Midnight that much better than the Big Prize!

Lookin Out For Number 1,Long Way,It’s Over Now and the two opening songs were played off of Racing After Midnight so about half the record was played live! Of course a healthy dose of the debut and Big Prize were represented that night as well. This was another good performance from them so in 3 years,one as a opener and two as headliner Honeymoon Suite was moving on up in the live ranks but Racing After Midnight was the end of I guess there Arena run. There next release Monsters Under The Bed in 1991 was buried by a Seattle musical mudslide that wiped any chance of them sustaining any momentum! Case in point they were in Tbay early in 1992 playing the Inntowner(bar)….


4 thoughts on “Other Side Of Midnight…..”


    I dated the singer’s cousin! Twice! LOL

    Sounds like a good show though, might have even turned me around on Haywire, I hated em in 87 opening for Helix. Dance Desire!


  2. I know the version of Haywire you talking about but it just seemed like overnight they ditched the preppy clothes and went leather and turned up the Marshalls!
    Did not realize that little bit of TMZ info on u dating the singers cousin! DROP THE NEEEEEEDLE!

    Actually in July,Loverboy,Great White,TommyTutone,the hideous Bret Micheals,Romantics,Harlequin,Blue Oyster Cult are playing Tbay over 2 nights…..I gotta hit that thing…….


  3. GREAT write-up Deke! What a cool time to have seen them live. Shame more people didn’t get on the bus and get out there.

    I loved Haywire on cassette as a kid (I still have it, on CS CD and LP!) and there’s still a nostalgia with them now. DROP THE NEEDLE!

    Right on, Deke. This was a cool band live (like I said somewhere else I have my own tale about that, coming to the KMA at some point in the future). And RAM was such a strong record. These guys shoulda been waaaaaay bigger.


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