SONIC WAVES….Neurotic Outsiders/Neurotic Outsiders

Question….??? What do you get when you combine a Pistol/2 Gunners mixed with a guy living in Rio?

The Neurotic Outsiders that’s who and I tell Ya this 12 song  kicking Yer ass Tour De Force is a masterpiece! One album 12 song kicks to the side of the head!

John Taylor(Duran Duran/Steve Jones(Sex Pistols)/ Matt Sorum(Guns N Roses) and Duff Mckagan (Guns N Roses) pack a punch to your mouth with this solid ball of Arena Rock!

Welcome To The Jungle…..

NASTY HO- Sorum slams the snare and Jonesy and company begin the proceedings with a great rock opener and this is what rock n roll is about! Sleaze ball lyrics that make you go mmmmmm Kewl! Jones and the boys rock it from the get go big rock sound is all over rate map here. Jonesy tosses down some real awesome cool rock lines like ‘You are insane,to think i pissed my money down the drain,yeah you think i came,i’m premature ejaculated trained,you don’t mean a thing,if my dick don’t swing,make my ding dong ring!’ Seriously these lyrics don’t get any better than this hahaha…and extra points are awarded to The Outsiders for being guys at the time pushing 40 to howl out lyrics like this! Instant street cred! CRANK THIS VIDEO POSTED NOW before reading any further!

ALWAYS WRONG-John Taylor man lays down some serious rock here. Don’t knock his rock socks for slapping da bass in Duran no peeps the guy has some rock muscle i mean he nailed down some real cool groove slap happy bass on that Powerstation release from 1985. Having said that i gotta review that someday! But Always Wrong swings in a chill vibe and than boom it picks up a gear and than some and builds up and than gets torn down! A real great track! Moody Outsiders this one would fall under!

ANGELINA-Man this should have been a hit! Boom it starts of to the races and its a great well written track and Jonesy and and his aging crackling rock voice take over. He’s not a great singer but man his vocal vibe here carries these tunes and if these guys had a finesse singer all the street rock vibe would be lost! So yeah throw down some real cool catchy hook of riffs with some vocals going OH OH …wickedly good….and well crank the the vid if ya don’t believe me!

GOOD NEWS- Bad News is your dead the Good News is I’m Alive! Ha I think Duff throws down the lead vocal on this track and did I mention he’s the six stringer here on guitar and this song is a straight ahead kinda punky rock track! This could be autobiographal for sure it about smack,crack heroin blow,hookers,seedier side of life Hey with the Outsiders its one blast to the head and one boot up the ass!

BETTER WAY- John Taylor gets some street Cred in my book man! First of all in the 80s he had like a million chicks going after him  and not because of his bass playing in Duran Duran if Ya get my drift! But when he slappa da bass in the Powerstation holy shit I took notice and good for him he told me as young metal head that even though Taylor was from Rio he could play a good fuckin bass! Boom! So here he steps up to the plate with Better Way and this build from the acoustic up into the electric guitars and man Taylor’s got a great voice for this track! It twirls and swirls with epic rock! Big building rock song! Crank the vid posted and man the dude thru down the lyrics as well for you Arena Rock faithfull to sing along!

FEELINGS ARE GOOD- Taylor with another track! This dude has untapped Rock material bubbling under and the radar and the Outsiders bring  it out of him! This song not only rocks straight forward but throws a few little time changes in as well!

REVOLUTION-another straight ahead no bullshit rocker track! This song always makes me wanna break things when I listen to it! The tempo just rocks! Duff lays waste with the vocal and Jonesy plays lead guitar like his life is on the line!

JERK-first of all folks watch the vid! It’s from 1997 and its a hoot! Jonesy and the fellas tell us all that “your a bitch,I’m a jerk!” This is a dudes dude tune! Boot you in the backside Rock song! Love how the middle of the song shifts changes gears and Jonesy and Taylor shoot off lines (not those kinda lines!) verbally at each other! The song is  damn catchy and like Mr Jones sez it all nice and neatly which like i said is available for your viewing!

UNION-Steve Jones tells us all bout his years in the Sex  Pistols! He name drops Rotten and Vicious and I think he throws down some British lingo that baffles me! Ha..I might have to call the HMO BRITISH ROCK HOTLINE! Good song and it’s a little slower pace but man the pace has been blitzing since Nasty HO!

JANIE JONES-clocking in at a minute and a half is this Clash Cover…….

STORY OF MY LIFE-Jonesy pulls off a real slow rocker siree Jonesy knows no ballads but this one has a real cool gutiar riff in the chorus reminds me of Keith And Ronnie from the Stones! Matt Sorum keeps  the song moving and its a great song and you can hear the ache in Jonesy voice as he has lived the hard life! Atta boy!

SIX FEET UNDER-Sorum lays down some thick double bass drums and we’re off and running ! Duff clean and sober lays down the law with this song and what a appropriate send off! Road Racing 120 mph down a one way street! Duff rocks and so does the Outsiders!

IN CONCLUSION-first of all I checked on iTunes and you can buy this for $9.99! Do yourself a favour and take the plunge and I’m not plugging ITunes but the Neurotic Outsiders that’s what I’m endorsing! This came out in the late 90s and still  to this day is a album I still love and play quite frequently! My only gripe is they never did a follow up for this record and that’s a shame! But if you need a fix of of all things and that includes,drugs,sex,rock n roll,ho’s and jerks it’s all hear rolled up tighter than a taco burrito at Taco Bell!

21 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES….Neurotic Outsiders/Neurotic Outsiders”

    1. Yep i Remember as I creeped yours and MIkes site after i wrote mine! I would have linked your Guys articles but how the Frigg do u do that? It only took me 9 months plus the help of my daughter and tour email once she read it to show me how to copy and paste my own b.s as this iPad is sometimes a nuisance like Arena Rocks writer! Ha!


  1. Brilliant stuff, Deke! I love this album and used to listen to it a fair bit. Unfortunately I lost the CD somewhere over the last couple of years. That three track run of Feelings Are Good, Revolution and Jerk is straight-up awesomeness … I need to get this back in my collection.


      1. Hahahaha…..wait Til the of the tune! Your a beep I’m a beep are u ready ready to rock! Hahaha…awesome Ya took the plunge! Enjoy!


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