Cool Lil Numbers…Paul McCartney & Wings/Venus & Mars/RockShow/Jet

So when Beatle Paul announced his first tour in 13 years back in 1989 I was stoked! Macca announces a Toronto Ontario date for Dec 6 of that year and I’m as good as there see review here.

I’m kinda getting ahead here but before i made the trek to T.O I picked up his live album from his Tour of 1976 the double live cd of Wings Over America and to this day I’m still blown away by it!

You want Beatles hits! Check! You want Wings hits! Check! You want just a amazing listen from start to finish! Check! Check! And more Check!

Speaking of the start of Wings Over America is the great opener ….

Venus & Mars/Rock Show/Jet …

Three great tracks all rolled into one McCartney Fatty of  Rock. I just dig how Paul just starts the tune off real chill with a bit of Arena Rock Synth,some guitar and his real super duper cool rock voice! Venus and Mars is welcoming us to the show

Red Lights Green lights Strawberry Wine A good friend of mine follows the stars Venus and Mars are Allright tonight…

Than Boom Paul and his backing band consisting of wifey Linda (RIP),Guitarist Denny Laine,Guitarist Jimmy McCulloch(RIP) and drum dude Joe English slam the tune into overdrive and we’re headed into the actual RockShow!

I have always loved Macca’s bass playing especially on the Wings stuff and RockShow is no difference. Paulie riffs up and down the bass and drives the song along with Joe the Drummer! They propel this song and Jimmy(with some real cool slide guitar) and Denny(double neck geetar)add there little touches of finesse to it! Throw in some Oi’s for good measure! Ummm I call this a bonafide Classic at Arena Rock!

Mac doesn’t ease off the gas and Wings and the backing dudes actually playing brass crank right  into Jet and we blast off and if your a fan of anything Paul Ya know this track! Jet is one of his best and man it’s pretty impressive when this track is in the opening  3 song medley! You know the dudes catalog is deep with tunes!

So sit back,make some popcorn and check out the 9 minute vid on RockShow done old school in the 1976 kinda way!

22 thoughts on “Cool Lil Numbers…Paul McCartney & Wings/Venus & Mars/RockShow/Jet”

  1. Never been a fan of McCartney. Never really knew why, but I just can’t allow myself to like him. Not even the Sound City number he done with Grohl and big Krist changed that. I dunno if I’ll watch 9 minutes, but I tip my hat to your enthusiasm! Keep on rocking sir!


    1. Fair enough J! No worries I don’t expect you to like everything at Arena Rock but you should! Hahahaha …Friday’s post I think you may find interesting! I know Joe will for sure..I think!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice one Deke! But I’m with J.’s comment in its entirety.

    Actually, of all the Beatles, I think I liked Paul the least. And this from a guy who spent a long time (decades, even) not thinking about the Beatles at all. But yeah man, if it gets you in the happy feels, don’t let me drag you down. I say get in there and give ‘er!


    1. Wowzers 2 people in the Meh McCartney Club! Hahahaha…hey I would rather have yous being straight shooters with my blog babble than kissing my Tbay Ass telling me how great how I am! Hahahaha….
      I’m not a huge Beatles guy myself or for that matter McCartney but I do really dig Wings Over America and some patches of his solo albums……

      Still glad though that u and J took the time to check it out ….


      1. Well Deke, I spent years subjected to the Beatles, then when I got my own music and moved out I spent a long time ignoring them completely. I’ve probably ranted about this before… anyway, I don’t hate the guy, I wish him well. And I’m glad you like that record!

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    1. Yeah Geoff his bass playing is totally underrated and thanks for picking up on that! He’s all over the place on his bass on this live album kinda like a stripper on a pole in Owen Sound on a Monday night! Wings/ Beers not included!
      Hahahaha……let’s see what Aaron has to say about this one!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually Geoff that’s a great bass line in Something! Actually also from Abbey Road You Never Give Me Your Money as well for me…..same with anything from the Let It Be album since it was practically recorded live!


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