SONIC WAVES…Cheap Trick / Found All The Parts


We got Cheap Tricked!

Now I’m getting a little ahead here. First of all shall we talk about Found All The Parts first?

Ok,so 1980 rolls around and Cheap Trick releases this 4 song sampler that features on Side 1 Day Tripper and Can’t Hold On both live versions or so they say. What I read years ago was that Cheap Trick just slapped a live audience on there Day Tripper track that’s here? Why?  Who the hell knows where as Can’t Hold On which was actually recorded live and was released on the deluxe reissues of The Budokan album.

Now here’s where it gets real wierd and lets talk about A Conspiracy (Crowes anyone?) Trick Theory!

Side 2 features studio versions of two tracks one from 1976 called Such A Good Girl and another track called Take Me I’m Yours recorded in 1977.


What I did read was that these two studio tracks were recorded along with other unreleased Trick songs(that were shelved)in late 1979 -80 not 1976 -77 as advertised so who knows and why? Did the record company suits decline what was Cheap Trick submitted? Who knows man but that’s Whacked!

A Trick Conspiracy?

FYI Check out the live vid for Day Tripper posted. It features 3 Drummers hahahaha and by this point Tom Petersson on bass had left Trick and had been replaced by Pete Comita who kinda looks like Petersson hahaha…more Trick Conspiracy!


14 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES…Cheap Trick / Found All The Parts”

  1. Man, Cheap Trick is everywhere these days, in these pages, and here at my house… not to give anything away but I might be up to something myself…

    Sorry I can’t help you unravel this mystery. But I enjoyed the Crowes reference! I hope you find a Remedy to this CT query!

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      1. I’m sure you know that Hotel Illness has moved addresses. It’s now located at P.25 London. I’d be wary, though. The rates are exorbitant. It’s a real Downtown Money Waster. So even though you might think of it as a Sometimes Salvation, but it likely isn’t.

        Ah well, I’ll book you for Good Friday, with a wake up call (despite your requests to Don’t Wake Me) so you can hear My Morning Song.

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  2. Curious business going on here. Was there a Columbo episode about this? There should have been. I’m away to Google this …


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