Request Of Vinyl….Iron Maiden/Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son


As Usual Iron Maiden has hands down the coolest swag ever!

Hey Folks….fellow reader Robbo has requested Maiden …..


May 1988 and Maiden release which what I consider their masterpiece and that would Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son! It’s funny how some bands put out product that at that point in time will still have a Impact on you as a listener( HOLY SHIT!! are you kidding me??)27 years later!

Basically after Killers was released in 1981 I became a first day buyer of all Maiden Albums even to this day and I don’t say that about many artists well I guess along with the Iron boys it would be Van Halen,AC/DC,perhaps a few others but that’s about it. So yeah back to spring of 1988 and that year Dave Roth released Skyscraper,AC-DC with Blow Up Your Video,Van Halen with Ou812 and now Maiden!

Backing up a few years earlier into 1986 and Steve,Nicko,Bruce,Adrian and Dave monkeyed around with the use of guitar synth and the result was the great Somewhere In Time album! (The title track Caught Somewhere In Time is one of my fav tunes ever! )

So it came as no great surprise when Maiden dropped Seventh Son that the synths would be prominent well that might be stretching it now  how about enhancing the metallic sound that is Maiden? Yeah that’s it…ha!

7th Son also was the first new release that came out on cd,cassette and vinyl the same day! So Cd it was for me and for my younger bro Todd cassette and for my sister Kristen,well she was musically a lost cause! Ha!

MOONCHILD- ok off the start I have to say this is one of Metals greatest openings ever! Moonchild begins with a little acoustic piece sung by Bruce Dickinison. 7 deadly sins…7 ways to win…. sings the soon to lift off Air Raid Siren and once Bruce is finished here comes the swirl of the metal synths getting lambasted by Adrian and Daves guitars, Steve and Nicko on bass and drums and viola like I said one of the best openings to metal man kind! Bump bump bump bump ( that’s Steve And Nicko locking gears ) and here comes Maiden going 120 mph and Bruce leading the way! Moonchild delivers in many ways! Great song to begin with! Maiden stomp on the synth Davey and Adrian rip the solos apart and Nicko and Steve smash a roo every thing in site! What a opener …….and hey 3 cheers to Bruce when he does that metal screech at the end of Moonchild……! Crank the vid posted!

INFINITE DREAMS- little snappy quiet intro as Dave And Adrian’s guitars are mixed in the back but as the seconds progress and Bruce joins in the sonics are raised and man Bruce he nails down the vocals as usual and uses his register to great use! The prechorus is great it’s the band cranking in unison and boom here comes the Maiden titl a whirl and Bruce nails down another ‘yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah’ like only he can do and The two Amigos on guitars duel the tune and the song ploughs out to the end! I still recall how pumped I was with this tune and Moonchild when I first head them back in May of 1988! Tbone was Rocking to Poisons Your Mama Don’t Dance back than while Deke was cranking 7th Son!

CAN I PLAY WITH MADNESS- we all know this one correct? Bruce and boys lead the charge acapella with the line Can I Play With Madness and crash band wallop here comes the rest of the fella’s leading the charge! This was the first single from 7th Son and what a keeper! Bruce as he always does takes charge in the verses and the boys keep up! I always dug how Maiden used the synth in this album mixed with their guitars! Judas Priest must have been pissed as they tried this on their Turbo album from 1986 and well I’m calling a spade a spade here! Turbo has some good moments and some not so good moments! I’m not saying as I’m gonna review Turbo at some point but back here folks! Love the solo nailed down by Adrian on this track and the chorus is real catchy! Maiden can write singles! There singles just boot you in the ass! Hard! The video I have posted is Maiden from 2012 recorded in Tbone and bros favourite playpen the Bell Centre in Montreal! Watch Bruce at the 2 minute 40 mark! This is what makes him not only a great vocalist/lyricist but the BEST frontman in my book in Rock! Don’t believe me! Shame on Ya!

THE EVIL THAT MAN DO- Maiden synths mashed up with Nick’s drums mashed up with Steve’s bass intro The Evil That Men Do and as Nicko smashes the count in with his hi hat were off. Steve’s galloping bass and the guitars lead the sonics and Bruce takes charge and sings in a lower sinister like tone during the verses and once into the prechorus there’s the Bruce will all know vocally! This tune is Maiden galloping along down the highway leading the charge and kicking some serious ass! When Bruce chirps the line ” living on a razors edge!” You fuckin believe him!

SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON-epic title track! This has all the metal trimmings! Big introduction with new-found synth! Bursts of artillery sounds from Nicks snare drum with Dave and Adrian powering down some heavy power chords and that’s the first minute only! Bruce leads the charge as he always does and just gives her and when the chorus comes its….”7th Son of a 7th Son!” The song just ramps up and were off and once the song breaks down were back to just down to Steve and Nicko. Bruce gets a breather for a second as he tells us all about the 7th Son in a narrative tone and as per protocol by Maiden here the song shifts Into metal mode and Adrian and Dave lay down some wickedly cool solos and this is pure Maiden epic clocking in at 9 minutes 54 seconds!

THE PROPHECY-as is the theme with this record synth and guitars are on tap at the start and this song has a real cool verse and Bruce carries this tune but when doesn’t he carry the tune right!? I just love how it just moves at a pace of real cool metal decent  nothing to crazy and nothing to light. Just a great song thru and thru! Watch the video need I say more?

THE CLAIRVOYANT-Steve and Nicko lay down the beginning groove and then guitars and  wham slam thank Ya mam into the verses which is another snappy happy Maiden Single! Dare I say it! Yeppers! Bruce throws down in the chrous”there’s a time to live and a time to die,a time to make your maker!” Holy Crow this is getting heavy and not just in the music area of Maiden!

ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG-A firecracker Maiden tune that brings the album to its finish. This song is a great song and well I’m starting to repeat myself about 8 times over as well 7th Son is a Masterpiece! Only The Good Die Young stomps along or as in Maidens case Gallops along and as a send off features a real cool chorus and Dave and Adrian do what they do best! British Metal gets no better than this!

IN CONCLUSION- This album is still perched high in all time ranks! Maiden knows it and I know it! I recall reading Mick Walls bio on Maiden called Run To The Hills and in it Harris says they thought it would outsell Somewhere In Time in America(it didn’t) so Harry said that the Americans didn’t get it! Whatever that meant? But  to me and many we did get it and still do!

Martin Birch brought the production end of it whereas Maiden deliver everything else! End of story……

Now go and crank this Bad Boy!

25 thoughts on “Request Of Vinyl….Iron Maiden/Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son”

  1. I’ve heard other people talk about how the Americans ‘didnt get it’… weird. I wonder if they thought it would be a big hit? It did do really well in the UK but they always did. I always though this is an immense album. Not a dud in sight! In fact I think I probably like it more and more as time goes on! And that Tee is awesome. Definitely superior swag.

    Time for another listen! Bump bump bump bump

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  2. This is by far one of my favourite Iron Maiden albums. There is no filler on this one. I still play this album often and Can I Play with Madness is one of my favourite Iron Maiden songs. If I had one complaint it would be that it could be longer.

    One of my best memories of this album happened a few years later. As a big gamer when Ulitma VII came out I played it non-stop while playing this game. And in this game you actually go see a prophet and get sent to save a medieval world called Brittania.

    Thanks for putting this one up Deke, no Cheap Tricks today!!

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  3. I’d say the Americans didn’t get it…there was a Maiden backlash against two albums in a row with synth. And you saw how the band responded to that!

    I listened to this two weeks ago and it’s still great. The title track was a bit long-ish for the car though.

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    1. Ha a bit longish wait Til the new release with the 18 minute track….funny thing is Robbo at work said that exact same thing about the 7th Son track being a little longish at times!

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      1. Well the 7th Son track kinda goes on and on…I hope the 18 minute track is better.

        Tyler (from Tyler and LeBrain) just heard Loch Ness by Priest for the first time. I told him I thought it was crappy and boring but he loved it! Same problem though, too long and slooow.


  4. Can I Play with Madness is the only song here I really know. It was the song that got me into Iron Maiden for a brief spell back in the early 90s (not quite sure why, given it was a good few years old). I went out and got Powerslave and Fear of the Dark on cassette and wore them out b

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      1. I’m right there with you on that one Deke. I don’t remember it being that great back then. But at the time I was full on into the Seattle bands. But Fear of the Dark is actually a really good album.


      2. Well the musical climate had changd by than as we all know and bands like Maiden suffered by the fact that they released so much material it wasn’t the fact that the product was weak it just that the publics perception was ” Yep here’s another Maiden album!” The Seattle deal def buried Maiden for a while…..Brent Jensen in his book No Sleep Til Sudbury discusses seeing Maiden in Hamilton with Blaze Bayley …I will bring you in the book and you can read it……a great friggin read!


      3. I haven’t heard it in a long time, but I do remember liking it before Nevermind slapped me in the chops and shouted “listen to me!”.


  5. So when 1537 pulls up to a red light he rolls down his window and sings to the guy in the car next to him the line “there’s a time to live and a time to die and time to make your maker! Isn’t it strange that when your born your dying! ”

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