Lets throw down this review for Mr Aaron at the KMA,

Sloan I knew were out there of course (early 90s)but when I first heard Good In Everyone I had to get the whole damn album from where this song originated!(One Chord To Another)

Sloan dudes Jay Ferguson,Andrew Scott,Chris Ferguson and Patrick Pentland nail The Good In Everyone from start to finish in a cool 2 minutes 18 seconds!

You have to love the reckless abandon as the intro sounds like all the Sloan dudes are stuffed all together in there Volkswagon  and off the cliff it goes….

As quick as that happens the song is back on track and it becomes apparent real quick that Pentland is the rock guy in Sloan and he crafts     vocally a real cool lyric that slides into a real cool verse!

Also must be mentioned is Pentlands guitar solo,dude breaks out some wah pedal and slips and slides and shifts right back into the chorus!

Before you know it…Song is over and I got my ass kicked in under 2 and a half minutes!

Two vids of Good In Everyone. Top one(live) is recently and the bottom one is from 1996

Kudos to Sloans  choice of swag in the original video!( Bonus points awarded to Pentland for the cool hat!)

Love the Rock vibe of the live vid as well! Man that drummer Andrew Scott plays like a crazed lunatic behind the kit! Kinda like a Canadian Keith Moon! Props to the extra memeber(snazzy captains hat)dude slicing and dicing the tambourine=Street Cred!

Happy Canada Day Folks!

27 thoughts on “CANADA DAY COOL TUNE…SLOAN/Good In Everyone”

    1. Thanks Geoff and back atcha! Such a cool little number! This thing rocks! This is a perfect example of Don’t Bore Us Get To The Chorus!


  1. “Would you please…welcome to the stage… SLOAN!!” [Didja notice that this intro got left off the A-Sides Win compilation? What a bummer.]

    Aw hells yes. I love this tune. Thanks for the dedication! The video with the planes always cracks me up. Sloan tries acting! haha. Oh man what a great record. This song also rocks live, they really dig into it and let ‘er rip!

    And good on ya for getting up a classic Canadian band on Canada Day! Ha and there’s me putting up friggin’ Johann Sebastian Bach. Go figure I’d miss the boat.

    Thanks for the Sloooooooo-oooaaaaannnn! DEKE!

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    1. Hahahaha I just thought of this the other day as I had a Warrant tune lined up for today! Ha! So no worries bro I knew u would dig it!


  2. Haha I also loved this fine bit of journalistic reportage right here:

    “You have to love the reckless abandon as the intro sounds like all the Sloan dudes are stuffed all together in there Volkswagon and off the cliff it goes….”


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  3. I’ve seen these dudes mentioned a few times, but this is the first time I’ve given them a listen … a perfect Wednesday sized blast of power pop. Nice!

    Oh, and happy Canada Day!!!


    1. Oh no worries, I’m always happy to share the Sloan love, and I’m glad to find it a good home! Looks like I need to add that to the AAAA’s resume, eh? I’m like a CD SPCA now, hahaha!

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  4. I’m going to go out on a limb, without any introspection, and say that “Good in Everyone” is my favourite Sloan song (my second is 500 Up). Patrick is my fave (I thought he was a dreamboat! tee hee!). I love their original video too with Patrick wearing sunglasses way too big for him, and having them slide down his nose through the entire song. LOVE IT!

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