Cool Lil Numbers….Warrant/Indian Giver

Warrant the band were driving down  the streets  of Hollywood And Vine in there Ferrari  around early 1992 when they collided  head on by a Mack Truck driven by Nirvana!

Thats the tale of the early  1990s Warrant but guess what they dug in there high heels and lost some members but sludged on and released the pretty decent Ultraphobic album in 1996.

A few years later I ended up buying there live album Warrant 1986-1997 and since i always dug live releases I was onboard! I was surprised as it featured all there hits and yada yada but one song I had not heard which was a bonafide classic to me anyways was Indian Giver.

Indian Giver was from the  Belly To Belly album(which to this day I have never heard. If anyone has and wants to share a review of that album ,link it in the comments!)

Indian Giver is a slow stomper almost like Jani Lane(RIP) and Crew were dabbling in some Alice In Chains at the time and decided to mix it with there glammy jammy past and hey for this track it cooks! Check out once the song ramps up into the prechorus and Boom the chorus just kicks!

Jani Lane I’m sure wrote this tune solo like he did for the whole Warrant catalog so kudos to him he could write a decent rock track(Uncle Toms Cabin,Mr Rainmaker and the whole Dog Eat Dog album) but of course like so many others he was caught in the corporate suit and tie world so it’s unfortuante that some people remember  him for some of that sappy syrupy power ballad goulash that was bestowed upon us!(Heaven and I Saw Red)

Never the less crank the video posted ….y’all will know what I’m talking about!





4 thoughts on “Cool Lil Numbers….Warrant/Indian Giver”

  1. No respect!

    I hated when Warrant went “fake heavy”. Jani hated it…quit the band briefly in 93 because they wanted to go heavier and he wanted to go softer. He wanted a sound more like Mellencamp. Sorry Jani! Shoulda stuck to your guns instead of faking it.


    1. well all those bands did it even Dokken when they released that real brutal album after Dysfunctional…..whatever the hell it was called…bought it than traded it in at a local record store for credit….first and only time I did that…..


  2. Oh my, AIC-sounding for sure, in the verses. Nice little eastern touches and a hot guitar solo. A couple of adventurous chords thrown in there too. That breakdown where he’s messing with “once… once… I like this groove, it tickles my balls!” Haha oh man. Not a bad tune, and probably the only Warrant track I’ve ever heard other than Cherry Pie.


    1. HAHAHAHA..awesome u listened to it right thru Aaron…..its a great track and well I can take solace in the fact that I can lay claim to the fact that it’s the second Warrant song u ever heard! Awesome!


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