SONIC WAVES….Teenage Head/Frantic City

Gotta love my parents! They were every Sunday church going folk but man they never once in my years living at home ever told me to turn it down or question what I was listening to or what Rock Shirt I Was wearing! In other words they were incredible Folks!

If you have been reading Arena Rock since day 1 you know my very first blog I wrote how my parents took me to see Kiss as a 12-year-old! I mean that was back in 1979 almost 36 years ago and it’s a memory thats still with me today!

Here’s another cool story for ya!

My Dad through his job would occasionally take business trips from Tbay to Toronto and he would always bring myself,my sister and my brother something….

This trip that my dad was taking was around summer of 1982 and when he was In Toronto and knew how much I loved records he wandered into a record shop and asked the clerk what he was playing. The fella behind the counter told him it was Toronto’s next big act(that’s what he told my pop) and that was Teenage Head and they were making some noise with Frantic City especially with the single Something On My Mind….so…..

Dad gets back to Tbay and gives me the album Frantic City by Teenage Head! Hahaha….My dad is cool man…he even told the line that the clerk had told him about Teenage Head being on their way to being a big band! Not quite but they had opportunity……

Frankie Venom(vocals,RIP) Gordon Lewis(guitar)Steve Mahon(bass) and Nick Stipanitz drop down a different sound on my Sonic Senses (New Wave and Lite Punk)and well it must have worked as I bought their  next two albums!(Some Kinda Fun and Endless Party) Speaking of Endless Party ….(keep reading….)

Some Kinda Fun Indeed!

WILD ONE- Yep it’s the cover tune and here’s Teenage Head with there Punky New Wavey sound making space alongside DeKEs Iron Maiden,Kiss,Def Lepp,ACDC,Cheap Trick albums and that’s all right in my world back in 1982! Teenage Head with Frankie’s off the wall vocal delivery offer up a real different sound!

SOMETHIN ON MY MIND- this is the single peeps and because of this song they got on the single charts as well! Gordie plays some neat acoustic and the song is a mid tempo kind of tune!

TOTAL LOVE-Gord Lewis lays down a real cool riff and Total Love is a great song. No rocket science here folks but give these guys credit as they were the leaders of this sound in Canada! Perhaps others were doing this here at the time so I dunno but these guys deserve full props for being trendsetters…

LETS SHAKE- drums begin this tune and we’re off with Gord playing some snazzy clean o guitar fills!  “C’Mon  Lets Shake” yammers Frankie and this is next to Somethin On My Mind and Disgusteen the bigger of the tracks from Frantic City.

INFECTED-I posted the vid for this tune. This is a great song love how Mahon on the bass back in the day would play a walking style on the notes and not just straight ahead take it easy approach of Slacker Hacker Bass playing that i was famous for in the Current River Band Ha!….

THOSE THINGS YOU DO-some jiving piano drives this tune and then come solo time Gord loses his shit and riffs away as this is a real uptempo tune! Shit man these guys can lay it down and not in a Ratt kinda way! Ha! Solid tight musicianship from these guys which I think got totally overlooked….

SOMETHIN ELSE- 1982 and both UFO and The Heads cover this tune! Yep,it’s ok I mean it’s a freakin cover tune Nuthin fancy but there are better tracks on here!

TAKE IT-“Take it well Fake” it sez Frankie and he rolls up a good vocal here. The chorus is where this song is made and won! Gordie plays a simple riff while Nick and Steve hold the fort down with a slid backbeat!

BRAND NEW CADALLIAC- snappy new wavey gravy kinda tune! Frankie lets it loose with this tune and Yep,there’s that driving slammimg happy piano again! Also props to the cover of Frantic City with all the Teenage fellas punking  it up with a live shot on the cover! Good selling point to me as well at the time as I loved action shots!

DISGUSTEEN-Nice Day For A Party Isn’t it? Sez Frankie and I guess of all the Teeange Head tunes thru the years this would be their staple song! I couldn’t imagine not going to see them and not hearing this track! It’s got a creepy rhythm courtesy of Steve and Nick on the sticks and Gordie weaves his guitar in and out of Frankie’s vocals! This is a great track! Dig the end when Frankie comes out of his hokey vocal deal and Gordie lays down some slick guitar! Bravo! Crank the vid posted! People around if they hear this will go “WTF!” If this is their reaction Win Win sez I! Also of note in 1992 Canadian rockers Sven Gali did a cover of this tune and it was a good one at that!

IN CONCLUSION- Thanks Donnie (my dad) for taking a teenager at the time (myself) and showing him that there were other doors of rock!   Since my collection consisted of all things hard rock, Teenage Head was a welcome change! Some day I’m gonna have to track down a copy of their Endless Party live album and review it here! It has one of the all time funniest greatest rock n road songs ever! Don’t wanna say much or perhaps maybe do it as a Cool Lil Numbers segment! Regardless it was my Dad who got me my first New Wavey, kinda Punky album …..

Thanks Ol BOY!


15 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES….Teenage Head/Frantic City”

  1. My parents took me to my first concert at The Grand Ol’ Opry. They weren’t into the rock. I hung out with a few stoner/skateboard dudes that loved Teenage Head. I was into the metal/hard rock. I liked these guys but never bought any of their albums until this year. I got a mint copy on vinyl and now I want to give it a spin. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  2. Thanks man for the compliments especially when someone says there gonna spin something or buy something from one of my babbles! Some Kinda Fun I actually like more than Frantic City but Frantic City for me has the better story attached to it for me personally!
    Ok now I gotta go grab my skateboard and my pipe and get on with it!
    Cheers dude!


  3. Thanks Geoff for reading and commenting! Censor was a word not used in our house even when I bought my younger bro Appetite For,Destruction and Axl was peeling off all those F bombs! They were very cool, I mean we just listened to it we,didn’t live it….hahaha….


  4. Deke, thanks so much for shining a light on this band! I wish I could say I was into them back in the day but, in 1982, I was 8 years old, still on the cusp of discovering music for myself. But I’ve gotten to them since and everything you say here is true. Two thumbs way up from here, man!

    Also, thumbs up to your old man for bringing you back this record. What a guy! Also to your folks for letting you get your rock on. My folks never said I couldn’t play something, but more than once I remember my Mom walking past my room and saying something like “What is that shit you’re listening to?” Haha I know for sure on one instance that was a Kick Axe tape. Anyway.

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    1. Thanks for adding your thoughts on this as I know as well your a big family guy as such! Kick Axe huh! Must have been that opening YAAAAAAAAAAH at the beginning of Heavy Metal Shuffle!
      Yeah I was real lucky to have super chill parents with the rock!


      1. It probably was that opener, though knowing my Mom it could’ve been anywhere in the tape, it wouldn’t have mattered. The Beatles and Elvis they ain’t! Fortunately, my folks didn’t have to worry too much, I mostly listened to jazz, as a kid. A lot of big band, mostly.

        I plan on being super chill with our kids’ music, too. Like, go ahead, listen to what you want. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with on their own (or through their friends).


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