image imageJust pics no  video as everybody and there dog has heard Kiss/ Alive 2 right!? Also since we’re talking about it how about a review of a different sorts so to speak as this was my first ever KISS record in early 1979!

I’m gonna talk about this one just as how I remember it! Let’s head back into the Time Machine!

KISS growing up in the 70s was huge! They were in all kinds of print press like Circus and Creem and even teenybopper magazines like 16 magazine. So of course a pal of mine whose name was John Young had the KISS Originals(first three Kiss studio records packaged as a triple set) and when I seen the cover of the Originals I drooled! Holy hell who are these 4 Kabuki like warriors with the makeup!

So two years after its initial release (1977) boom Kiss Alive 2 enters the hallowed halls of *** Hodder Ave/Tbay  (my home for many a years) and Wowzers here’s Kiss Alive 2 ….I’m skipping a few tracks but hey you will get the just of it!

DETROIT ROCK CITY-Some Kiss guy announces ‘You wanted the best …..” We all know the rest right and we’re off and there’s the crowd roaring and the opening riff of Detroit Rock City and man the crowd is jacked I mean the audio of it. To this day when I listen to it I find the crowd too much if it’s even a Kiss crowd or the supposed sample Super Bowl 77 crowd! Who knows and well I see what Kiss is doing there making it seem bigger and better and were louder than all you other acts out there! For me at age 11 going on 12 …it friggin worked.

KING OF THE NIGHTIME WORLD is launched and the Kiss Live chops (is it live ?) well for me at the time  they sound live and I’m blown away. Holy geez are Ace/Paul pulling down some dual leads at the end of this tune! Yeah they are…..

LADIES ROOM- ok next to Creatures Of The Night I would have to say this is Simmons best sung record and its a live one to boot!(so they say) I mean check out the top left pick of Simmons where he has all that  blood and shit spewing out of his trap! Man he’s a mess! But being 12! Umm. Mom can I sleep tonight with the light on after looking at that pic!

CALLING DR LOVE-Kiss sounds like they know what there doing on this track! Better yet Peter Criss pulls out the cowbell and also by the time I got around to getting the  studio albums its evidently clear that these live versions are played at zip speed compared to the studio offerings! Party stimulants abound I’m sure on that Kiss Alive 2 Tour of 1977!

SHOCK ME- My fav Kiss guy Space Ace Frehley loads up (literally ) and blasts off with his lead vocal and guitar solo on Shock Me ! It’s a great track and a bunch of mish mashing notes make up his guitar solo and of course the guitar is smoking during it !

HARD LUCK WOMAN &  TOMORROW & TONIGHT- were I guess recorded in the studio and than the live crowd was slapped down in the background  so Kiss could fill up the live portion of the album without repeating tracks that were on the first Kiss Alive  from 2 years earlier! I wonder what went thru Simmons and Stanley’s heads at the time when they did this stunt! Yeah I know and you know what went through there heads,the answer was….$$$$$$$$$$$$ and more $$$$$$$$!

I STOLE YOUR LOVE-was this not the tour opener for This tour? Except for Alive 2 it’s the opening song on Side 3 ! Good straight ahead rocker track!

BETH- so Petey the cat man gets his limelight complete with prerecorded symphony and Its his time to shine while Gene And Paul count the $$$$ backstage and Ace well I dunno …….

GOD OF THUNDER-Demon Gene the lord of the wasteland slams foreword on this Sabbathey? sounding track complete with Peter Criss drum solo and I thought this was the greatest drum solo until I heard Neal Peart 2.5 years later(1981) totally mash his drum set on his solo on YYZ! Anyways Criss does his deal and were headed to the finish line with …

SHOUT IT OUT LOUD- Gene and Paul want us to all Shout it Out Loud! You gotta have a party! This song we have all heard and the live portion album ends with Kiss Loves You Goodnight!

So Kiss decides hey we got 15 minutes on side 4 lets get the yaya’s out so to speak and each guy does a tune well except Criss cuz well listen to his solo album from 1978 this will explain to you the listener why there are no studio tracks of his on Alive 2!

AMERICAN MAN- Paulie struts his self and tells us he is the Amerian Man! Ummm is this really Kiss playing on this? You know they should have scrapped the solo records and done it this way …wait a minute they should have done a double album of new studio material with one record (sides 1&2)being material for Stanley/Simmons and gulp Criss! Where as sides 3&4 would have been Aces solo record which to me is one of the best studio Kiss records ever!

LARGER THAN LIFE- it’s Simmons and its not a bad tune! Heard better (Radioactive) heard worse(his whole Asshole solo album) it’s Gene circa 77 ego included!

ROCKET RIDE- yeah man and this is why Ace is my fav Kiss guy until he split in 1982! He just steams out this track I mean does it get any better in the Frehley Hall Of Fame with lyrics like ‘ baby wants it fast baby wants a blast she wants a Rocket Ride!” Plus his solo is so skiderish its cool! Ace in 77 you were the deal!

ANY WAY YOU WANT IT-cover tune and Stanley and crew rock it up but yeah its a cover!

IN CONCLUSION -rewind like i said to early 79 and this is the shit for a kid whose 11! Kiss layed to down the law with a gimmick and it royally paid off till the public got sick of Kiss and there deal in the early 80s! Except for me i still littered Gene and Paul’s pockets with dollars not cents!


8 thoughts on “SONIC WAVES …KISS/ Alive 2”

  1. This is the shit Deke! Good point about Simmons vocals too, never thought about that but he does sing really well on this one. The studio side of this is totally awesome too. I actually think that’s one of the best studio sides they ever did.

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  2. Is it still LeBrain week or something? 5/5 stars from me!

    But — “You wanted the best…” was not introduced by a Kiss guy, it was a roadie. I used to think it was Paul on Alive and Gene on Alive II, but not. It was a roadie.

    Is it live? Partly live, partly studio, partly who gives a fuck!

    I always wished that Kiss had continued on with the sound of the studio side of Alive 2, instead of going Disco. I imagine it sounding like a cross between Alive 2 and Kiss Killers with it eventually getting to Creatures. Five great, underrated tracks. Incidentally Gene got the idea for this from a ZZ Top album. Fandango I think it is? Half studio, half live. They didn’t want to put out another live version of “Rock and Roll All Nite” or “Strutter” after having done so only 2 years prior. So they got the idea from ZZ Top, do a studio side.

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    1. Thanks for the inside info Mikey. Had no idea Simmons nicked the studio side from ZZ’s Fandango! I always thought that was Simmons as well introduciing the band at the beginning. I mean whose ego would introduce there own band to the stage! HAHA!
      Yeah it’s almost like Pickin LeBrains week is continuing on …hahah….Wednesday’s post for sure as well as U kinda spurred me on to finish it from your set of reviews….
      Friday’s post ..kinda outside the box……

      This Kiss Alive 2 I had written just shortly after Xmas …..
      Cleaning out the Rock Vault!


      1. Yep it is and I remember Tbone had a copy of Fandango on cassette tape and I was baffled that ZZ did one side live and one side studio! I was like shouldn’t it be 3 sides live,one side studio! Hahahaha!


  3. Hahaha here we go. I’ll be the guy who hasn’t heard it (true story). I don’t have a dog, either.

    I know, I know. Gaping hole in collection, for me it’s just a massive game of catch-up with all you life-time rawkers, and the only KISS I have is the stuff Mike and Scott gave me, and this isn’t one.

    Still, from your write-up (and others’ comments) it sounds like this one would be pretty essential, if one were in the mood for some live KISS.

    Cool write-up, Deke. I always love your enthusiasm for this stuff!


    1. Thanks Aaron! Well me and the cash cow called Kiss have had almost a 40 year relationship! Haha….financial donation to Kiss from my pocket that is but hey it was my choice!
      Seriously though you gotta check this one out…..I mean it reeks 70s Arena Rock….even if it was tweaked in the studio!
      Thanks for reading …..


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