Sonic Waves…The Who/Live At Shea Stadium

Let’s give this one a shout out to Rich at KamerTunes

Man I love Kenney Jones period in The Who! Many don’t and fair enough. For me though I have no qualms with the guy. He showed up played his gig and recorded some albums that I like more now (2015) than I did  back than. Face Dances (1981)and Its Hard (1982)

Course Kenney was following in Keith Moons(RIP) drum steps and that’s no easy task as Moon like his nickname implied was a Loon!

If you recall back in January of this year i reviewed the mega bootlegged Live In Toronto from the Whos last show (supposed )  ever! Ha! Right?! Refresh your memories I linked it here…

Since 1982 The Who have toured countless times so there’s been actually no Farwell Tour just more Insert your $$$$$ here!

2015 brings the new official release of The Who Live At Shea Stadium and Rich the young lad at the time attended one of these recorded  two shows at Shea!

The Who  back than were filling football stadiums so let’s say 50,000 plus everynight with the Clash opening! Man that’s a show for the ages!

Live At Shea Is a great document of the Roger Daltry/Grumpy Pete Townshend/John Entwistle and Kenney  Jones era of the band!

The audio portion of this is mixed real good with the audience not overpowering the band and the songs come thru real crisp not cleaned up but just a real solid live sound! Its a known fact around these parts that I love live albums and Shea is no exception.

Behind Blue Eyes is the clip I posted from the Shea Dvd. Behind Blue Eyes is what I love about The Who when they start the song chill with just Townshend ( and his hip 1982ish wardrobe) and Daltry and than ooomph the song ramps up with Jonesy and the Ox joining in and for your viewing pleasure complimentary windmills from Pete. Take cover Rich from Daltrys mic spins!

The Who also bash out some tunes that weren’t on the Live From Toronto release such as Man As A Man and a ripping version  of the Beatles I Saw Her Standing There! I should also mention that this is the best live version 5:15 I have ever heard! Love the ending where they just jam it out! Off the rails of the 5:15!

This is the version of The Who I dig most… me silly ….

Check It Out!



11 thoughts on “Sonic Waves…The Who/Live At Shea Stadium”

  1. Thanks for this Deke, I’m going to have to pick up this one. I don’t think they were ever quite the same after Moon the Loon kicked the bucket but I do still like some of the live releases. In fact, it was hearing some of the Shea stadium stuff that got me into the band in the first place! So I’d really like to get this. Especially the Behind Blue Eyes performance, I think it’s one of the best versions of that I’ve heard!

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    1. i think Pete viewed the Clash at the time to take over the mantle but Ummm that didn’t happen as we all know the Clash Imploded a few years later….


  2. I eagerly came by when I saw the subject of this post and was humbled to be included in your write-up. Yep, I was there to witness The Who at Shea in ’82. I was at the show that’s not the main feature of this video although several songs from “my” show were included as bonuses. I haven’t gotten to them yet, but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve watched so far. I agree about the audio. I bought the DVD (didn’t think it was worth spending more for a Blu-ray with the same content) and I’ve watched some of it in surround sound and some in stereo. Both sound excellent. I wish they had included the show on a couple of audio CDs. Missed opportunity by the people at Eagle Rock.

    Yes, The Clash supported them for these shows but don’t forget that former New York Doll David Johansen kicked off the night with an excellent set of swaggering rock & roll. His medley of Animals songs got heavy airplay in the early ’80s so the crowd really responded to his brief performance.

    I hope you don’t mind me pointing out a few errors:
    Face Dances was released in 1981
    You somehow managed to spell each band member’s name incorrectly. It’s Townshend, Entwistle, Daltrey and Jones’ first name is Kenney. I was going to lie & tell you it was Keith Moone but that would’ve been cruel. Haha.

    Great write-up of one of my most pleasant surprise releases of the year.

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  3. Hey Rich thanks for checking in and setting me straight ! I can’t believe I spelled each guys last name wrong! That’s gotta be some kind of WordPress record! Man talk about sleeping at the wheel! Haha…at least I got Moon right! Ha!
    Thanks for the insight into the show U attended as well had no idea Johansen opened the show as well!
    This is a great document of the Who…..
    Thanks as always for reading….


  4. Hey silly! (you said to call you that)… 🙂

    Cool review, Deke! I do love me some Who. I have a CDR I made for the car that slays me every time. This sounds like a cool set, and really neat Rich got to see ’em. And with the Clash! What a night.

    As for Behind Blue Eyes, sorry Deke. That is one of my least-liked songs ever. Not just Who songs, I mean all songs ever. It just sounds whiny to me and I always skip it when it comes on. Haha oh well, to each their own. Give ‘er!

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    1. Ha..Fair enough fella we can’t all agree on everything musically speaking and well ……aaaaaaaah Who The Fuck Are Yooooooou! Had to been saving that cheapo line …..


      1. Yeah I dunno, that song just gets under my skin in a bad way. Ah well. Good thing I like tons (most of) the rest of the Who I’ve heard! 🙂 And yeah, if we all liked the same things all the time, it’d be a pretty boring world.


  5. Grumpy Pete! You’d be Grumpy too if you had to deliver “x” amount of albums in the next 12 months! He signed some over-ambitious contracts.

    As for me, and have Live at Leeds, a live CD of Tommy, a live 3 CD set from the 2000’s and a bunch more…I think I have enough live Who for my collection!

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  6. Grumpy Pete was real Grumpy when selling out football stadiums in 82=$$$$
    Yep. The Who have tons of live output no doubt about that but I really dig this era!
    I am Silly!


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