IRON MAIDEN/Speed Of Light

I’m comimg  out of my vacation blog sabbatical to talk about this new ass kicker Maiden Track Speed Of Light( written by Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith) from the forthcoming  Maiden album Book Of Souls! Just announced a World Tour starting in 2016!

Speed Of Light has been on high rotation on my iPod since the pre order on iTunes dropped Speed Of Light on August 14th 2015! I babbled some comments I believe at the great HMOs site along the lines of ” Yep no ITunes on this one,I’m buying the physical product(cd) ,Blah Blah,Blah!” Umm. Well I caved! Ha! ITunes has done the right thing and that’s include the booklet when the full album drops on Sept 4 2015.

It was off of Robbo’s(Arena Rock Faithful reader) iPhone that I first heard Speed Of Light! The Internet in our  city pooched on Aug 13th and our house didn’t get it back Til supper time Aug 14th. Robbo had downloaded it already so I basically swiped his iPhone from his hands at work held the phone to my blown out earlobes and the first thing I said to Robbo was “Holy Shit!! There’s Cowbell!”

Speed Of Light is a great track in my opinion. A few comments that I have heard  say it sounds like Guns N Roses. Too be honest I don’t hear Gunners in the song I hear Maiden! Since summer of 1981 when I first purchased Killers I have always bought all of Maidens product the day of release! (First day buyer Folks!) so Ya call me Fanboy! Ha! Book Of Souls will be no exception!

Speed of Light starts off with Maiden Boogying out of the gate with the three Guitars of Dave Murray,Adrian Smith and Janick Gers along with Nicko McBrains cowbell, Steve Harris bass and here’s the Air Raid Siren the one and only Bruce Dickinson doing his patent howl and we’re off !

Kevin Shirley the producer of this song and album has given the album a big live bassy feeling. Shirley  on this song anyways toned down Harry’s galloping bass and cranked up everyone else around to make it sound like one big live jam!

The song has a strong verse and the pre chorus into the chorus is the meat and potatoes of this song Bruce at age 55 plus can still belt it and come solo time here’s the 3 Amigos on guitars doing there thingy by each having a slice of the solo!

As the song heads to the finish line with another tip to the the chorus  Maiden with about 25 seconds left goes into there big power ending. Drums a smashing,guitars a crashing….I love Maidens end of songs blowout endings the best ever being Powerslave (studio track) …Wowzers that’s how you wrap up things folks!

Great song Sez I! Do you agree with me?  Feel free to discuss!

25 thoughts on “IRON MAIDEN/Speed Of Light”

  1. GNR?? Really??

    I like the tune. I can’t say much. I’m waiting for my CD. Stone from Metal Odyssey bought an extra for me and as soon as it comes I will post pics and a bug thank you!

    Until then I’m not playing the track anymore. Must wait for full CD quality sound!

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    1. There He Is! Mikey the diehard …hahaha….well 2 people told me it sounds to them the beginning anyways that sounds like Gunners! I’m not saying who they will have to,come out of the Blog closet! Hahahaha…..
      I have absolutley no problem playing this track over an over! Ha….

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  2. Deke out of hiatus! See? IT’S FOR CHUMPS! Hahaha

    I’ll come out of the GnR closet on this one, I found the first 30 seconds of the song to be like Appetite GnR. The guitar, that howl, the cowbell. It’s not a derogatory thing (we all love Appetite, surely), and it very quickly gets into Maiden mode, but it was my first impression of that intro, yeah (though not the whole song).

    And all that said, I’m digging this track, and am very much looking forward to the full album. Up the irons!

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    1. Hahaha….your right Hiatus is for Chumps!
      Ha…..see i wasn’t gonna sell you out ! I’m glad your digging the new track! I can’t wait Til the 4th of Sept!


      1. OK but you do know there’s a new movie coming right?

        HEY GUESS WHAT JUST ARRIVED! My new MAIDEN CD and T-shirt from STONE!!! Looks like my review writing for tonight is set in…Stone? LOL


      2. Ha Deke I read that and I knew you were talking about me! But from the sounds of it I’m not alone in that thought. Ah well, it’s not like it matters. It’s a great tune. REALLY looking forward to a DOUBLE MAIDEN album. Oh my goodness.

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    2. I get what you mean. I’m doing up my review right now…The first 30 seconds is different from the rest. Also digging, also looking forward…and they just announced a 2016 tour, too. Bruce is flying again!

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