NightRanger/ 7 Wishes

Well,Well,Well! It’s that time my friends to toss my good pal Tbone under the bus in what we call here at Arena Rock 3/4’s Filler!

NightRanger came onto our musical radars of course when Brad Gillis played some oh so good guitar on Ozzys Speak Of The Devil album from can all read about my way with words right here…

Mr Gillis got himself off of the Crazy Train and rejoined his own band NightRanger as they were plugging the Dawn Patrol(1982) debut album with that pretty good rock track Don’t Tell Me You Love Me.

So with that momentum built up came Midnight Madness (1983) with that ultimate sap song Sister Yada Ya! For that song man there were some real good rock songs especially Rumours  In The Air! We all bought it I mean no one ever talks about NightRanger but I think they may have been one of the first of the newer 80s bands to dip there sticks into power balladry material and Wowzers it worked! Hey we all bought Midnight Madness but the overplay and the overkill of Sister Christian did me in!

Come 1985 and NightRanger hooks Tbone whose buying a ton of tapes to build up his cassette collection, purchases 7 Wishes but keeps it on the down low but still tells me he had purchased it!

Tbone pretty much let me borrow 7 Wishes right away(that should have been the sign of trouble) and I took it home as I had a dual cassette tape deck and was gonna record it but I thought I would play it first!

Ummm well….lets just say,now I’m gonna on memory here 30 years ago folks(yikes!) I do not have this album on the sacred IPod  but 7 Wishes was a exact duplicate of a running order of the  previous album (Midnight Madness)

Case In Point #1

Midnight Madness- track 5 Sister Christian…7 Wishes- track 5- Sentimental Street…..both bore the snot out of me back than and Sentimental Street was just a copycat of Sister Christian like why fellas why??? One kick at the cheese mo bucket wasn’t enough? Pour Some Syrup On It!

Case In Point #2-

Midnight Madness – track 10-Let Him Run…7 Wishes- track 10- Goodbye…..Yep both are end of the album REO Speedwagonish Wimpy Mid Tempy Peter Pan of Rock Material Leftover Songs…

Basically 7 Wishes is just a cheap followup to Midnight Madness! Just same OL same OL! Same mid tempo songs no change nothin! Sad really as NightRanger went down the road once  again in 1986 with the Big Prize with the big song being Secret Of My Success! Ha!  I think Tbone may have bought that one as well? Will he fess up? Who knows??

The track that I posted is the song 7 Wishes and that was the cover of the album as well,I really think that’s Tbone squished in the cock pit with his homeboys in NightRanger! Really Do!

16 thoughts on “NightRanger/ 7 Wishes”

  1. Lol!! I wouldn’t have guessed that one in a million years. No it wasn’t good but it also wasn’t even bad enough to be memorable. In all honesty I completely forgot about this one. And the only “big Prize” album I ever owned was by Honeymoon Suite.

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    1. Actually yeah it’s not a bad song…but it’s the only real decent song on it! Brent Jensen wrote in No Sleep Til Sudbury that whenever he bought albums he would always skip the first track as its a commercial for the album. The album really starts at track 2! Ha! True enough in this case ….


  2. I knew OF this band, but never actually listened to them. Sister Christian was the only song I heard, and you nailed it by saying REO-sounding. Yeesh. So they became a joke band to me and my sister – to the point where, a couple of years ago, I bought her one of those budget Icon sets or whatever it was, a Hits of Night Ranger at the friggin’ Dollar Store for $1 and wrapped it up for her for Christmas. We howled. I should ask her if she kept it, or pitched it.

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    1. Haha! I say your sister used it as a coaster! I remember back in the cd buying daze of yesteryear that when the wheels totally fell of for NightRanger that the Greatest Hits comp that came out was just aweful! 10 songs from there previous studio, extras…just Blah!
      Come to think of it ..those suits that put that one together are responsible for my distaste in Compilation albums!
      Make that a double double Blah!


      1. It’s highly unlikely she kept that disc at all. Come to think of it, it didn’t even look like a major label release – more like one of those Dollarama budget releases. Doubt the band even knew it existed. Ha.

        Shame they turned you off compilations. And here I would’ve guessed it was KISS, soaking you a couple of times. 😉


      1. And here I let that bit pass because I still have a double cassette deck! And I just bought a Walkman! So, uh, do I win a prize for being a fogey who never gave up on the format?


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