Love /Hate….Blackout In The Red Room

“So Ya woke up blind….Its Parteeee Time!”

That’s Jizzy Pearl lead singer of Love/Hate singing that, not me but I tell Ya you want a solid kick in the ass to get your day going look no further than this two and half minute sonic blitz!

Love/Hate is the band and I’ll tell Ya Martin Popoff who wrote the excellent Hair Metal Book which i reviewed here.. Loves these guys …don’t believe me? You ask Martin!

So Love/ Hate is the name and cool stage names are the game…so Ya got like I already mentioned Jizzy Pearl on Vocal,Jon E Love guitarist,drummer Joey Gold and bass guy Skid(Rose) no shit!

Blackout In The Red Room was the debut album from these dudes and it was a slice of good o fashioned street rock! The production was raw sounding like as if they plugged in and pushed record! The album had some other good songs on it like Why Do you Think The Call It Dope and Rock Queen!

Blackout In The Red Room the song just destroys your senses I mean its like a punch to the face and it’s off and running with complimentary  cymbal smashes and the chorus is gold  while  Jizzys voice sounds like a cross between Stephen Pearcy of Ratt fame and Tom Keifer of Cinderalla after like if both Tom and Stephen swallowed a 6 pack of Gillette Razor Blades and washed it down with some good OL Jack!

Think about it no one sounded like this guy back in 1990 as the main sellers of the time had a slick vocal delivery while Jizzy had that old school whisky drenched voice which wasn’t the mainstream kind of deal. Of course in later years Jizzy would front bands like LA Guns,Ratt and currently Quiet Riot! So There Ya be….

Of course they followed this up with Wasted America which my younger brother Todd dug but I never really heard it to be honest but from what I read its was pretty good….

Blackout,just crank this F*^ker! Crank It loud!



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