DeKEs All Time Top 15 (Kinda,Sorta)

So Aaron at the KMA wanted us all to toss down in print  our Top 15 albums of all time! I will link later today  some other Blogger Gals And Guys Top 15s as well so you can click their name and cruise their site! All worthy reads if you ask me!

There are no rules for doing this. Just list your albums! Myself I had to make rules as in I would have loaded my Top 15 with just Iron Maiden and Van Halen! Ha…..

For myself personally I had to make rules. I dated the album the year was from ….

So it’s only one  album per artist,just studio albums,no live albums or Greatest Hits(Blah) are allowed……. You can Search these artists as I  have reviewed 11 of these albums . Not saying which ones I haven’t!

So here it be Folks….read,comment,ummmmmm Rock!

Top 15 ….

1-Van Halen/Women And Childern First(1980)


3-Iron Maiden/ Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son(1988)

4-AC/DC/Flick Of The Switch(1983)

5-Guns N Roses/Appetite For Destruction(1987)


7-Led Zeppelin/ Physical Graffiti (1975)

8-Def Leppard/High N Dry(1981)

9-The Cult/Electric(1987)

10-Judas Priest/Screaming For Vengeance(1982)

11-Kiss/Rock N Roll Over(1976)( TIE) Motley Crüe/Too Fast For Love (1981)

12-Deep Purple/Perfect Strangers(1984)

13-Hanoi Rocks/Two Steps From The Move(1984)*

14-SoundGarden/Superunknown (1994)

15-Rolling Stones/Some Girls(1978)/ (TIE) Police/Synchronicity(1983)

Some Neanderthal Findings from this list include….

My mind is basically frozen from the 1980s with 10(plus 2 Ties) of my selections from that decade!

4 albums from the 70s….(Zep ,Stones,Kiss And Aero)

1 album from the 90s(Soundgarden)

IN CONCLUSION- No Surprises Really….I’m A One Trick Musical Pony!

Some of you may go for instance is DeKEs high? He’s saying Flick Of The  Switch is better than Back In Black in regards to AC/DC! Yes everyone and their dog loves Back In Black myself included but for some reason the rawness the down n dirty of Flick was right up my alley when Flick was released in 1983 when i was about to turn 16! It’s just where my noggin was pointed in that direction back in time! Next week i could flip any DACCA album into the 4 spot like Powerage,Highway To Hell,Back In Black…..yeah man just Fill Your Head With Rock!

*The music selection is Cutting Corners by Hanoi Rocks! Easy peasy selection in  my book as out of this whole list of bands Hanoi had the least success but as we all know they were about to break huge but….. Cutting Corners is the last song on Two Steps From The Move and it’s such a great friggin track! It goes to show you with it being the last song just how strong the whole album was! Check It Out!

FYI- I came oh so close to having U2’s Achtung Baby on this list its bounced around my top 15 as it’s a fantastic sonically,produced well written record  etc but I bumped it out for the reason that U2 2015 bores the piss Outta me…..sorry Bono! Ha like Ya Care!




34 thoughts on “DeKEs All Time Top 15 (Kinda,Sorta)”

  1. I like it Deke……looks quite like a playlist in ‘casa de Dave’ …..was a wee bit surprised at the Hanoi Rocks but it did make me smile!! Going to see Mike Monroe in two weeks, Saw him a few years back opening for Motorhead and he was fantastic.
    Keep on rockin’ brother

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaaah Tatoo Dave shows up! Awesome! Cool your seeing Monroe live! Man for the dude looking like a pretty boy circa 84 he had a bit of a vocal gruff going! Two Steps just cooks!


      1. HAHA….Nope Tatoo Dave is a dude with Tats that I worked with for years and is now residing in Scotland! His name is Dave and Tattoos are his game! Hahaha..dude loves Metal esp Motorhead!


    1. Yeah man this was a head scratcher I wanted to put Mob Rules in there somewhere….just couldn’t find a spot…..
      Screaming I almost replaced with Point Of Entry…many a time……ha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This looks like a list made by some old rawker…

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Well done, Deke! Gotta say there ain’t a whole lotta surprises here, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I most approve of Appetite being here – that sleazy mofo is a true rock gem!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jings! SoundGarden’s Superunknown! Completely unexpected, but a brilliant choice! Bunch of other swell albums on there, too – and I mulled over Appetite For Destruction for such a long time …


    1. Thanks Unc Meat! Screaming is indeed a clasic like I told Mikey I flipped between Screaming and Point Of Entry…..I just love the melodicness of POE…..BUT Screaming is Metal!


    1. Thanks dude! That drum mix on Electric is my fav drum mix ever! It’s so crisp and clear! Man I miss 1987! HAHAHAHA
      Stones I put in and punted U2 close call and ACCA DACCA ….has to be in there somewhere in the mix!


  4. So I’m getting that you quite like rock and metal, am I right? I freakin’ love FOTS, I’d place it higher than BIB too (but below Powerage). Great to pick ‘Seventh Son’ too – I was having a conversation over a pint yesterday and we reckoned that SS is Maiden’s best LP as a whole album, there may be some better tracks out there but as a coherent whole it was the best one.

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