AC/DC…Blow Up Your Video

Had no real intentions on reviewing this album by ACCA DACCA at this time but last week Mikey over at his site reviewed Blow Up Your Video and gave it a rating of 2.5/5 stars!? Even at one point in the comments  said he coulda sold it at a 2/5 rating…..

Click HERE for Mike’s review.

Wowzers sez I! I mean that’s almost 3/4s Filler here at Arena Rock….

Mike throws down some valid points in his review but in his comments everyone was agreeing with him! Hahaha….except me! Double Hahaha……I just said I should review it and flip my spin on it! Than Jompa from Sweden shows up with comments after Mike Sez he wants Jompa to chainsaw The AC/DC album….Jompa says Blow Up Your Video is crap and there’s only 3 good tracks on it….

I laughed said I  gonna convert all the naysayers in the comments and Mike said  Jompa and myself should do a showdown on this album! I told Mikey ….I ain’t gonna win againest a dude with a chainsaw…..

But hey I will try ….

January 1988,new AC/DC(Blow Up Your Video) , Dave Lee Roth (Skyscraper) and a little later on VH with Ou812 and the mighty Iron Maiden (7th Son Of A 7th Son) are all purchases I made in that early part of the  year on CD! Welcome to the world of technology DeKEs!

AC/DC were bouncing back with the Who Made Who album and a tour that put them back in the public eye and here comes Simon Wright,Cliff Williams,Brian Johnson,Malcolm and Angus Young with there first full studio release in 3 years….(1985s underrated Fly On The Wall was a commercial flop,but not here at Arena Rock)


HEATSEEKER-some cool Angus noodling and drum guy Simon counts in and we’re off this is boogie woogie DC at there best! The song drives quickly towards the chorus and we’re all happy that AC/DC is back into boogie rock! Mal and Ang guitars are cranked and Yep I agree with Mikey that the mix is kinda muddy but muddy fits AC/DC to a T. Too much polish would do this no justice man….I like The DC grimey! Grimey it is! Think about it folks for a second! 1988 everything ,well most hard rock back than was polished except for a few like Gunners(Appetite For Destruction) but bands like  VH (with a bizarre mix job on OU812) quite a bit of mud sonics there  but for a real high tech produce job check out Diamond Dave with Skyscraper! AC/DC sez If You Want Mud Mix……..You Got It!

BLOW UP YOUR VIDEO-love the openings riff of this tune! Malcolm and Angus are the kings off cool basic rock hooks! Jonno lays down the law about picking up his woman in his Chevy and were punching gas and the song rocks start to finish! I like these songs without having to watch the vids! The geetars are smoking here…..

MEANSTREAK-this begins the first of 3 DC tunes that are just straight ahead mid tempo Dc Rawk! Johnson sounds like a greasy sleazeball used car salesman and Frigg would you buy a car from him? Sure you would Ha! I love how he sings this tune in the verses mixing matching lines like ” I’m the perfect culture vulture in the face of poverty an I ain’t met no one  who told me I got class,say never feed the animal the boys got too much class!” Perfecto! The  tempo pushes the song forward with Angus doing some neat little doodles on his guitar….

GO ZONE-mid tempo track features those backing ACDC Gang Vocals…..Gooooo Zone! Indeed this is just another slower boogie woogie Rock out with Angus and Crew! Think of this as the bastard brother of First Blood from Fly On The Wall during the verses!

KISSIN DYNAMITE-so the end of side 1 brings in a another song in typical AC/DC jam fashion! Johnson sings it as he sells it! “feel like Kissin Dynamite!” Sez he! I dig there slick move when they shift gears from the chorus back to the verses! The song is a straight late night barroom shuffle out the door boozed up with a bird on your arm kinda tune! Ok ok I will say it!!!!! TNT Oi! Dynoooooooooomite!

NICK OF TIME-oh yeah man one of my favs from this record Gem Like! Simon Wright counts the boys in and holy friggin Wowzers! AC/DC is jammimg in a different beat as Simon drives his drums along with making Cliff think on his bass and Geezus Murphy …I love this tune! Jonno sounds sinister on the lead vocals and that’s the way we like the vocals delivered ….. Angus peels off some Chuck Berry riffs in the chorus and were off…crank the video posted!

SOME SIN FOR NUTHIN-creepy crawler of a tune is low down dirty DACCA! This tune oooozes sleaze and creeps along at a snails pace! Simon cracks his cymbals during the chorus and the song builds up kinda….another great tune. AC/DC hangs loose on this tune like what’s the rush sucka’s? Play the video posted Don’t Blow Up The Video!

RUFF STUFF-Jonno likes EM big …likes Em small! Ha! So give B.J some Ruff Stuff another late night what sounds like a free for all booze fest and the the guitars barrel along at a pace to keep the party Movin and Grooving!

TWOS UP-whoah! This tune is a end of the album GEM! Angus and Malcolm play some real cool chill guitars kinda like Overdose from Let There Be Rock and Simon drives the band forward and Jonno delivers a great lead vocal! Over 5 minutes of slow stomp DC! Mid paced but what a cooker! Jonno tosses down a ménage a trois like scenario with lyrics like “I love the way you slip and slide, I like the way you girls work out,and make a partnership,make a partnership,I go you go,she go we go,Twos up! Give me heads,give me tails” boom done Great track!

THIS MEANS WAR- I have to agree with Mike..this is a toss in end of the album  thrown in tune! Too be honest this  album for me ends after Twos Up and how the hell you top that bad boy! You don’t …can’t really tell you anymore so….

IN CONCLUSION- am I gonna really convert anyone’s thinking if they already didn’t like this album? Probably not but I had fun anyways yapping about it! Maybe it was the timing of this release that I always dug it! Or maybe for the fact that I dug those AC/DC albums that didn’t sell as much but had great songs! Who knows but I dig and still like this album …..

Now Jompa go easy on that chainsaw on me will Ya!!!!

This Friday more AC/DC coming up……..

10 thoughts on “AC/DC…Blow Up Your Video”

  1. Well now I know what the words to “Two’s Up” mean! Like I said in my review I knew it was something dirty. I don’t wanna be the fool who’s gonna have to sin for nuthin’.

    Great write up Deke. Waiting for Jon to show up, I hope you tagged him and let him know this is up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha…i was gonna mention the Twos Up angle (ahem) on your site….but I knew I was gonna review this quickly ……I’m gonna send it to Jompa now….gonna high jack his face book page…..

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hiiiiiiiii guyz!
    Sorry if I kept you all waiting. Wendesday is hockey night for me. Been out shooting those pucks and I didn’t score once. Dammit! That made think… here’s something I have in common with this record – no goals for Blow Up Your Video. 😉

    Did I really say I liked three songs off this one? Sounds like an awful lot. When I check the tracklist, I can only find one – Heatseeker. Sorry, I’m not convinced, I will still give this album 2/10. Mike? Did Deke win you over with this one?
    That said, killer write-up, really enjoyed reading this.

    My conclusion:
    Deke’s now the Shotgun Messiah.
    I guess I’m Chainsaw Charlie.
    We need to find a metal alter ego for Mike.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HaHa….Geez maybe I jinxed you on the goal drought Jompa! Hope not dude! I really wasn’t out to change anyone’s mind about it as I thought it would be fun to counter if anything ! Opens up conversation which is always good!
      Thanks for reading …

      Quick ? Since your a Nhl fan do you guys do Hockey Fantasy Pools over there as I know your a Bruins fan….just wondering over here pools are huge….


      Shotgun Messiah! Hahahaha …

      Mike? Hmmmmm how about Machine Gun Mike? Or Metal Man Mike….or Mikes Hard Lemonade! Hahaha….a drink named after Mikey!


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