RUSH/Roll The Bones(Live R40 Tour)

Ah…so yesterday Rush dropped there single Roll The Bones from the forthcoming live Rush 40 Live( recorded in Toronto)  which will be released on all forms on November 20 2015 and from the set lists and from the people that I know that attended this tour it’s sure gonna be a ass kicker!

The mix of this track that I purchased thru ITunes is wickedly good! Geddys Bass is cranked man and of course Alex Lifeson flings out riffs of sting and even though this tune is more of a keyboards driven tune Alex still shines through with a real good melodic  rock solo! Neil Peart of course lays down the law on his drums and keeps everything moving along. Of course there’s the middle section with the Rush Rap! …the live audio video is posted……

Arena Rock CEO DeKEs sez ” you can never ever get enough of Rush live so Get out there and Rock,ROLL THE BONES!”


8 thoughts on “RUSH/Roll The Bones(Live R40 Tour)”

    1. Hahahaha…i was laughing when i wrote the CEO line! I’m acting like a Big Shot Hero! Had to open up my mouth! (Cue Billy Joel!)

      Seriously though I’m looking forward to this live album as the last one Clockwork Angels live was a real good album….

      The argument could be made that Rush release a lot of live stuff but who cares I would rather have that than a bunch of Greatest Hits retrospectives put out for the umpteenth time……

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  1. Rush live. ‘Nuff said.

    Also: I have never seen them live. I need to correct this.

    Also: 40 years. Damn. That’s a long time to be so awesome. They really are making it no fair to so many other bands. Like, some band could be thinking “oh yeah, we’re great!” and all you have to say to them is “Rush.” And then they’d be all “aw shit, we suck.”

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