Cheap Trick/ Cheap Trick a.k.a 1997

It’s gotta suck when you put a real almost classic like record and no one knows about it! Well I’m gonna frigging take matters into my own hands here and teach you all a little Rock 101 in what you need for your collection ….

Shall I begin …??!

Cheap Trick the self titled album from the Tricksters came and went without a whimper in 1997 and what was it down to? Was it the fact that people didn’t care..mmmm,maybe I mean this was a full 10 years (1988)after the Tricks rode a payday with the album Lap Of Luxury that featured The Sap…oops I mean The Flame! Along with the Elvis cover of Don’t Be Cruel! I thought Lap Of Luxury was not a good album. I bought it of course but give me Tricks One On One from 1982,Dream Police from 1979 or Heaven Tonight from 1978! Those are Trick records. Perhaps it was the music climate that was snuffed out in 1997 by Creed and others that did this album in. I think why a lot of peeps didn’t hear this was due to the fact that the record label that this was on went belly up shortly after its release! (3 weeks after this album came out!)I’m going with that one( Record Company Tanking) CUZ this album Rocks……

Not to be confused with there debut album they called this one uncredited the 1997 album….

Let me explain it to Ya!

Same cast of characters as was back in 79 for the  Dream Police! That would be Robin Zander,Tom Petersson,Bun E Carlos and Rick Nielsen…..

ANYTIME-as I stated in my Dream Police post! Trick has two cool guys and two nerds! By 1997 this image that was put forth back in the 70s  was finished by 1997! Fair enough! Anytime starts the 97 Trick Party and Bun E opens the album with a real cool beat on the drums. The 70s image of Bun E smoking and playing drums and looking like some washed up real estate agent which was friggin funny as hell but It kinda took away the fact that the cat could drum! Anytime proves that Bun E drives the song forward! Like the little snippets of Nielsens melodic  playing  while Petersson still Bassing those 12 stringer Hamer basses. The money shot though is Zander’s voice! Smooth during the verses and he basically goes real heavy during the chorus! Anytime is Cheap Trick Heavy Rock circa 1997 and I’m glad as there’s not a keyboard in site! Crank the video posted! See I’m not fooling ya’s!

HARD TO TELL- Cheap Trick are the power pop hard rock champs! Hard To Tell is that track! This song is so damn catchy as the song is driven by a real cool opening followed by a killer bass line to keep us all amused ! The Tricks pulled out all the stops on this song and it should have been released as a single but when your label bails what do you do? Still though this is a great well written performed tune executed how we like it at Arena Rock! The Tricks always have real Gems up there sleeves even when they put out 3/4s Filler like the Doctor album from 1986! I reviewed it and basically said it was a complete Diaster except for Its Only Love which is the last tune on the album! It’s Only Love is gold man and the video is classic! Hard To Tell is another in the long line of classic CT tunes except Hard To Tell is on a real good record! I posted the studio track of Hard To Tell and Yep that’s the cover of the album with Bun E’s drums and Nielsens 6 neck guitar.

CARNIVAL GAME- a mid tempo tune with a quirky keyboard and yeppers I’m ok with this as Trick has always done these kinds of tunes on every album.  Carnival keeps the pace going with some nice acoustic woven with some chill electric. Not a bad song at all.

SHELTER-a Synthy driven ballad that is so out of place on here it must have been a leftover from the 80s…eeeck! Me not like! I call this song the Skipper …meaning skip…..

YOU LET A LOTTA PEOPLE DOWN- now we’re cookin! Thank gosh after the musical massacre that was Shelter this song is a throwback to 70s Trick! Big sound from the bass   and drums and guitars and its a heavy tune not in a metal sense but just heavy in the production end of things. Super cool chorus and just a great tune! Wall of sound this one!

BABY NO MORE-is simple Trick! A real quick tune with Bun E smashing the sheeeit out of his hi hat,cymabals and snare drum! The bass and drums are locked in and this picks up the pace! We’ll call it Speed Trick!

YEAH YEAH-this is almost a post grungey mash up of Cheap Trick colliding with a Seattle Grunger  bar band circa 1993! Zander and the boys slam it straight ahead with this tune and a ton of Yeahs prevail throughout the song! This is a great track and it features that wall of quirky sound that we all love from the Trick!

SAY GOODBYE-before the record company went boobs up this was the lead single. A little more on the lighter side but a prety good tune never the less. Trick at times had to play the game and well who didn’t play the game(insert Queen reference here!)

WRONG ALL ALONG-a gem friends! This is simple Trick with drums,bass and one guitar recorded live off the floor! Carlos shuffles the beat along and quirky Rick plays the tune chill while Zander tells us we have Been Wrong All Along! The tune is a quick little number and its over in under 2 minutes 30 seconds! Great solo with Tom driving the bus with his bass with some cool changes and Bun E holds down the fort! Crank the video posted ..its live!

EIGHT MILES LOW-Trick lays it hard n heavy devy style with 8 Miles Low! This song is another late album Gem folks! Nielsen slams the guitar hard on this one along with Carlos on the drums and Zander delivers a keeper vocal! The pre chorus is slick man Trick always had a real good knack for writing simple pop ditties but running them through  a Marshall cranked at 10!

IT ALL COMES BACK TO YOU-Trick totally eases off the pedal here. That’s ok and they end the album with a real slower tune! Not bad and waaaaaaay better than Shelter! Amen to that!

IN CONCLUSION- Cheap Trick deliver a scorcher of a album that’s right up on par with there 70s output! I wasn’t expecting much but Wowzers these dudes delivered a solid  ball of classic rock! Nielsen being the main guy who wrote all the tunes totally stepped up and wrote a bunch of great tracks! Zander as always has never taken a dip vocally the guy sounds the same today as he did back in 76! It’s also real cool that the original lineup was still intact when they did this as well…..

If you come across this (ITunes has it) grab it……

19 thoughts on “Cheap Trick/ Cheap Trick a.k.a 1997”

  1. No Rock 101 needed here Deke! I bought this one on import when it came out. Great album… apart from Shelter – totally agree with you there. I don’t even have a problem with ballads but it’s just not very good. What about Woke Up With a Monster? Ever get that one?

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    1. Great feedback HMO! Woke Up…i buy as well at the time when it came out(94) for a Ted Templemen produced album I was expecting more. Than again when I think of Ted I think of the first 6 Halen albums he produced! The bar is set high….the title track is a great song well written and performed but as a whole it’s missing something ….

      Cheap Trick 97 righted a wrong big time!
      Except for Shelter..hahahaha….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Agreed! Monster is pretty polished and it was good they went kinda OL School in regards to the production on 97…. Not to much polish which was good for Trick!


    1. Thanks! There’s a Budokan box set that is very worthwhile checking out along with Sex, America Cheap Trick which delves Into a lot of there studio output with outakes, different versions etc…..also there studio albums have been added with bonus tracks so there’s alot out there….

      Thanks for,dropping by!

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    1. That’s what I like to hear! Perhaps if anything readers can click the vids to get a feel for the sound on which I’m yammering on about….
      This was fun to do a Cheap Trick Double Double……
      Thanks for reading along….

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  2. Excellent stuff again, Deke. Totally agree with you here – this is a crackin’ album (well, aside from Shelter!). Hurrah for Cheap Trick! Enjoyed this wee double header!

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  3. THANK YOU DEKE FOR THIS LESSON! Here’s my story…always liked Cheap Trick but kinda lost interest in the mid-90’s. I was totally psyched for this album when it came out. However…one of my customers who I really trusted, and was a huge Cheap Trick fan, wouldn’t stop moaning about how bad it was! I hardly could believe it…

    Anyway it was scarce and I didn’t see a copy come in to listen to…and just forgot about it…and assumed that guy who loved Cheap Trick was right all that time…


    Thanks again Deke!

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    1. Quick ? This Trick Fan did he like The Flame?? Hahahaha….fair enough to each there own but I think you can tell between mine and HMOs comments that this one is indeed a solid addition to anyone’s Rock collection!
      Dicalaimer ..skip Shelter!

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      1. Hahahah Deke, I like the Flame! That’s the song that got me into the band. It was a good ballad, I’d never actually heard of the band before, and I saw Rick’s 5-neck guitar and said “WHAT”! I obviously needed to like any band with a 5-neck guitar. STeve Vai only had 3.

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  4. If anyhting I was glad the Tricks were back on track with a hit single even if it wasn’t my deal! Haha…Rick Nielsen dislikes it as well as he had no hand in the writing of it so for all his grumbling it got him and his band back.
    Me I just grumbled and bought Lap Of Luxury anyways!


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