Mötley Crüe/ Generation Swine(1997)


So 1997 rolls around Motley Corabi is no more after they booted John’s ass into never never land and lookie Vince Neil slides back in at the mic position and all is forgiven and being reunited doesn’t it feel so good??

Umm in this case kinda, mostly….this is a hodge pot of Crue wanting to be current and hello Mr Sixx lets all jump on the what’s current and popular at the time and make a Mötley Crüe record that sounds more in common with the Smashing Pumpkins than Too Fast For Love.

Hey man there are some good things about this record( the cover I love with them wearing Pig masks) so it isn’t all that bad but considering 8 years had lapsed between Dr Feelgood ( Vince’s final album at the time) what would the public think and more importantly what would Robbo ( Arena Rocks Official  Crue Head!) think?!

In goes the  knife,out goes his life….Ummm those Crue Daze are gone!

Tommy Lee,Nikki Sixx,Mick Mars and Vince Neil make a late night Techno Metal Album! You buying?

FIND MYSELF-it’s 1997 and the Crue wanna be bad ass 80s in the late 90s so they drop a ton of  F Bombs on the opening number and it’s a mish mash of vocalists on this track  until the prechorus and there’s Vinny’s vocals and the music once it gets to the chorus reminds me of Cheap Trick! Cheap Trick cranked  thru a ton of heavy synths and what nots. Give Sixx credit,if you came here looking for Dr Feelgood,he coded and is DOA. Gone are the daze of Sticky Sweet and She Goes Down. This is Techno Metal Sixx shoving in our faces a new Crue! Not a bad start,different sounding but not bad!

AFRAID-Holy Heck,Sixx second song in delivers a absolute scorcher of a Gem! Who saw that one coming? This has all the trimmings of a great rock song! Love the opening bass line that drives the tune forward and Lee’s Synthy drums smashing forward along with Mars who does not solo on this record to much but this song with  no solo just hooks galore! “It’s only life..blurts Neil ‘Shes so Afraid to…..” I really dig how the Crue mashes up this song and stays current but doesn’t over do it unfortunately some songs do not measure up to Afraid on this album! Ok I’ll say it ..this is the best track on the album.

FLUSH-I dunno the jury is still out on this one Judge Judy! Kinda ok ..kinda lagging at times..kinda decent …kinda don’t wanna talk about it.  Crue is covering some new ground and this one tries to be a rocker but today as I write this (Oct 11 2015) Meh!

GENERATION SWINE-now were back on track. Great driving track especially with Tommys drums leading the charge! Also of note Count Chocula eeer I mean Mick Mars steps up and plays a pretty mean tune on his 6 string! I like the fact that the Crue reached deep into there bag of tricks and knocked one out of the park! Extra bonus points must be awarded for the studio feedback of the guitars in this tune! Sixx actually has a real deadly bass tone on this album it’s friggin heavy sounding and mixed well….Crank the video posted!

CONFESSIONS-big ploddy kinda dragging and holy shit Mars guitar sounds out of tune at the beginning of this song it limps along at a pace of a liquored up turtle trying to cross the road. Dunno about this track. It’s Crue wanting to be U2! Mission fail Sixxer!

BEAUTY-next to Afraid this is another great track! Beauty is unlike the Crue its features a real heavy bass synth mashed with electronic gadgets during the verses with I believe Sixx handling the lead vocals in which he has a good voice for this track! Vinny takes over in the pre chorus and the song dips into a psychedelic territory before the song hits the cool groove of the chorus with Sixx and Neil doing a techno metal duet! The bass during the chorus is drop dead sick!( Actually Mars’ guitar playing on this album is like if The Edge from U2 got concussed and turned his amp to 10 and got rid of that jingle,jangle friggin guitar tone) Love this tune. For all you early am readers that read this blog(Thank Yooooou!) I included the video for Beauty and for a added bonus it includes the lyrics to the tune! So when your sitting at your breakfast table eating your French toast in the morning reading Arena Rock Thunder Bay and your kids are spilling there Cheerios all over the place and your significant other is telling you not to forget to pay the cable  bill just Crank up Beauty and sing along I mean doesn’t get any better with lyrics like “Shes HIV….VIP…!” Nope it doesn’t…….

GLITTER-hmmm this song Shoulda been on a Bryan Adams album as Adams cowrote it with Sixx! It’s different Crue here it’s a ballad(yuck) I mean I always found Crue were lousy at ballads except for Home Sweet Home I guess. This song is a skipper! I mean that ballad  Your All I Need  from the Girls album was brutal as Neil’s voice was so high like he sucked a huge hit of helium out of his Crue bong. Blah next…….

ANYBODY OUT THERE-Iggy And The Stooges with Special Guest Nikki Sixx! This song kicks out the jam and it rips fast and furious and it’s a ass kicker especially after the let down of Glitter! Sixx punches us in the faces with a straight ahead rocker! Thank you sir for this ….

LET US PRAY-I have to say Tommys drums and his playing on this song are soooooo friggin good! He’s locked and the drums sound and are mixed heavy! Techno Metal Sixx hits paydirt with this track! It rocks even in 2015 I’m cool with it! Keep in mind it’s sound is not happy days Crue it’s pissed off grumpy Crue looking for Hook and Blow on Hollywood and Vine and a chick named Beauty…ha!

ROCKET SHIP- Nikki grabs a acoustic and plays a decent tune that is more in line with  David Bowie than Crue and well since there dabbling with different sonics and gadgets  Sixx as well pulls off a decent lead vocal.

A RAT LIKE ME-not a bad tune actually,dark sounding,gadgets and tweaks setting off and I dig the title. This song is good and it rocks in a post Crue Glam kinda way….solid playing from the Fella’s. I’m sure a bunch of you’s read the Crue official biography The Dirt as i recall this album was a mess to make according to Corabi and the record company hated it….

SHOUT AT THE DEVIL 97-i perfer Shout At The Devil 1983 thank you very much! I never understood this move by the Crue. Fill up more space as some of this album is filler oriented? I Recall the hype in the press about the Crue playing the American Music Awards in 97 before Generation Swines release. Of course I tuned in and watched Vince’s much talked about arrival and the Crue saunters out and plays this version and I think at the time it looked like a lip synch job a roo! 2 thoughts popped up in my noggin right away that night watching the reunion on tv…1- why this? Is there new stuff weak? And 2-Corabi was heaved out the door as there was talk he was gonna stick around as a second guitar player…Nope Sixx punted him….

BRANDON-Tommy loves his kid and I get all that but on a Crue album? I listened to this once so I have no recollection of this song…fell free to chirp in with comments…..

IN CONCLUSION- Hoooo Boy! A few weeks back i was talking about this album with Robbo at work and told him I was totally gonna rip this one apart! At times yeah the material is bizarro(Flush) out of place(Glitter) but there are some moments of brillance (Afraid and Let Us Prey).

Sixx and Lee go all techy metal on our asses while Mars I think is along for the ride and Vince is hanging out with mud wrestling Strippers so out of all of this Swine this appears.

Too be honest I thought this album would be tossed Into the Filler pile but to be honest once I plugged in my iPod and powered down a sunny October afternoon walk with Fender The Wonder Dog i was mildly surprised that this wasn’t all bad….

8/13 tracks are good …Motley Sixx should have cut this album off at 10 tracks …..



24 thoughts on “Mötley Crüe/ Generation Swine(1997)”

    1. Easy Big Fella…lets go easy here! Hahaha….New Tattoo more Blah than Generation Swine! Ha! That one I can count maybe 4 tunes I like …..maybe 3 !
      I see your point though in regards to Swine….going into it I was the same as U but once I listened to it ..new old guy perspective on it!


    This album just isn’t there for me. I have no idea what they were trying to do but it isn’t a good Crue sound. And Ill be honest I just don’t play this one. There are a few songs that are ok. But Deke hits the nail on the head when talking about Nikki following trends.

    Here are some of the important tracks on this one:

    “Afraid” is actually a really really good song and probably one of the only ones I still listen to off this album. Even my wife said its ok and she doesn’t like the Crue!

    Generation Swine is also pretty ok. It moves along at a good speed and is fun to play loud as are “Anybody out There” and “Let us Prey” (which sounds like an awesome Corobi song).

    “Glitter”: this is one of the biggest pieces of shit I have ever heard. The first time I heard this I felt so ill that I’m sure millions of Crue fans died that day. Another Adams (not Bryan the crappy song writer) explained it best when describing Vogon poetry… “four of his audience died of internal hemorrhaging and the president survived only by gnawing one of his own legs off” and goes on to describe how someones large intestine saved him by leaping straight up through his neck and throttling his brain. In case you haven’t figured it out I am not a fan (i.e. I hate this piece of shit) of this song and I can’t listen to this album in case this song plays and opens some portal to hell where I have to listen to it over and over again.

    Shout ’97: Now this is where I disagree with most of my friends. Shout ’97 is awesome. I love the fast pace. The into is great, starts a little slow and then vince just yells “Will you Shout at the Devil” just energizes me. Its motley crue on speed. Ok its motley crue on more speed and other drugs probably. I still like the original and always will. But now it sounds more like……. shout………….. shout……………………………. shout…………………….. you get the point. Hey, Shout is one of my favourite albums. But given a choice…. play Shout ’97. Full speed and full volume!

    My conclusion. I have Afraid and Shout 97 in some playlists because they are awesome. The rest I really don’t listen to. Another note of caution, avoid glitter unless you feel lucky enough to take on the devil himself!

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    1. Love the song breakdown in your comments Robbo! No one has ever done that! Better send u a prize!
      Your review of Glitter is hardcore dislike hahaha…..
      Interesting spin on Shout fair enuff Robbo great call on Corabi and Let Em Pray! Shit believe it or not I thought of that when I listened to it myself but I forgot about it! U can hear Corabi singing the chorus very easy Theres gotta be demos but Sixx probably burned them ….


  2. I really this album. Always have. It might not sound like Mötley Crüe, but it have some really good songs. And I think Glitter is a great ballad.
    The songs I don’t like is the title track and Anybody Out There. I’m not really into punk…
    I think it is Sixx who sing the verses on Find Myself as well.
    Brandon is a really embarrasing song as well. Tommy should have saved one for one of his solo records.

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    1. Jon great thoughts I think everyone is in agreement about Brandon…I think u and me are the only two sensible ones that can give Swine a minimal pass! Hahaha!


  3. A friend of mine bought this when it came out and I don’t remember being impressed. But then, I just never much liked this lot at all, so I can’t really comment too much. Enjoyed the review, though. Shining a light on an otherwise not well thought of album … sometimes those albums are just a bit misunderstood. Not for everyone, but if it connects that’s what it’s all about, eh?

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