Big Drill Car/Big Shot(1992)

Cover tunes are a interesting thing in my book! They can be either real good or just real crap! No in between man just like being a Rush fan! Your either dig Rush or move on!

My buddy Moose(M.I.A) loved punk rock with the Ramones being his favourites. One day though back say around 1994 he was playing in his truck this cover version of the Billy Joel tune Big Shot

It immediately got my attention as I hadn’t heard any artist cover Joel at that time(1994). I asked him who these guys were and he said Big Drill Car! I was like ‘whose Car?” Never heard of these guys but shortly after i went and bought the live album it came from called Toured!

Toured is a Live album recorded in 1991 and Big Drill Car Features…Frank Daly(vocals),Mark Arnold(guitars),Bob Thomson(bass) and Danny Marcoff(drums)

Big Shot is a great cover by these guys! They just rock it up!

Marcoff on drums and Arnold on his 6 string set the pace and man Frank hits the vocal to a T on this song! He sings it not screams it and his “Whoah, Whoah Whoah,Whoah” section of the tune is funny as heck but cool never the less!

Big Shot is just a simple straight ahead cover no frills punk n roll….

Big Drill Car never made it huge but give the vid posted a play and get on with your day!

Ha….you had to be a Big Shot did Ya?


8 thoughts on “Big Drill Car/Big Shot(1992)”

  1. Oooooo I LOVE PUNK COVER TUNES. I had a whole pile of this stuff. , at one time, including this track. I don’t know what happened to it all, sadly. Anyway, right on Deke! Long live the peppy cover tune!

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    1. Kinda cool cover as no one was doing them back than with drawings except Maiden! Ha……still don’t know what thise dudes actually look like…


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