Dokken/Beast From The East(1988) Part 2!


Let’s get right to it Folks with sides 3&4 of Beast From The East….

Cast of Characters- Don Dokken(Vocals),George Lynch(Geetar),Jeff Pilson(Bass) and Mick Brown(Drums)

King Of Yammering- Deke

Actually before we get to it everyone knows my deal with Greatest Hits Albums and how I have a issue with them. Ha! Well one of my faithful Arena Rock Readers BMellis said within my review on Wednesday in regards to the first part of Beast From The East  I was bashing Greatest Hits albums that I was taking Cheap(Pot)  Shots at him (BMellis) and his sidekick  Rockin Roberts without naming them! Hahaha,myself and BMellis had a good laugh about this as this wasn’t my intention but from now on…yeah it’s gonna be!

To Be Fair to these two Greatest Hits Guru’s (BMellis&RockinRoberts) they like the best  songs on compilations so be it……

Seriously though where is The Hunter?

HEAVEN SENT-Don leads the Japanese faithfull with some opening “oh oh oh!” And they follow and George plays some real chill cool riffs during the verses and the song like so many Dokken tracks ramps up at the chorus! Great tune! Slow build of a tune but it still has some ommph to it!

ITS NOT LOVE-more Curious George playing some more real chill riffs and this song has single written all over it! Don tells us “Why Baby Why?” Seriously Don you just regroup,pick up the chics hit the next town and party down on the Tour Bus like there’s no tomorrow! Thats how Tbone explained it to me on how Rockstars roll! Ha! Great catchy chorus and more back and forth banter between Don and the Japanese faithful!  You realize if your a fan of Dokken just how many of these tunes on this double live  were singles …..speaking of singles…lookie what’s next!

ALONE AGAIN-oh oh power ballad ….make it mega power ballad time! This song sold the Tooth And Nail album and out of the ten tracks on Tooth And Nail this was the only power ballad! Actually compared to a lot of crap at the time this is pretty good and a lot of bands copied Dokkens format. By that I mean nice soft quiet verses and once the chorus hits….KABOOM big time power riffs, Que big time guitar hero solo than back for one more romp around the chorus and nice little fade out…..back in the mid to late 80s this is how LA Bands made a ton of cash! Myself I made little cash washing dishes in a cafeteria to fund my music addiction! FIRST TIME EVER…A POWER BALLAD VIDEO IS POSTED here at ARENA ROCK….Ummm no I’m not mellowing!

JUST GOT LUCKY-things in Tokyo ramp back up and Just Got Lucky is Don going on  about how the woman is the devil in disguise! Ha…we all have been there done it….George plays some good guitar whereas the song sounds like a big solo but it’s not if that makes sense. Just watch the video!

BREAKING THE CHAINS-when most people think of Dokken they think of this song! Fair enough as its a good song for me though when I think of It I remember the adds Rokken with Dokken! What I wanna know is how much was the record company Yahoo being paid yearly to come up with selling slogans like Rokken With Dokken! This song features a real good lead vocal into the chorus. Lunch peels rubber on the solo while Pilson and Don handle the vocals ….

IN MY DREAMS-Don,Jeff and Mick do some acapella with  the intro and the songs goes from there. This was a pretty good decent rock single and it pushed Dokken in sales and solidified there fan base! Watch the video from Philly 1987 style…these cats can play and sing…

TURN ON THE ACTION-end of the show, time to hot dog some quick rock. George shreds, Don howls, Pilson holds down the bass while Wild Mick smashes his drums and there off! Rokken Dokkens night in Tokyo comes to a end!

WALK AWAY-so here’s  a studio track tacked on the end of the live  album! Walk Away is kinda a ballad. Walk Away Dokken and they all literally did just that! I recall this video and I think Don was sporting some real funky looking dreads in the hair dept. I was fuckin spooked and never revisited Walk Away again….can’t even tell you about the track other than its not a rocker….

IN CONCLUSION – Dokken,too bad they split. I dug these guys and was pleasantly surprised that in 2015 I still dig this live album! It’s a solid ball of live rock well I’m sure there was tweaking in the studio but who cares. What I don’t know what was tweaked  won’t hurt my deal with this record! Lynch is awesome on this and when I thought about reviewing this album I was thinking I hope I can make it through with Curious George going off to shredville. Sure George does during some solos and of course his guitar solo but no worries folks he stays within the lines(ha!) .

These guys if they would have stayed together were  well on there way to Arena Headline  Status but …….


19 thoughts on “Dokken/Beast From The East(1988) Part 2!”

    1. Ladies and Gentlemen may I present to all of yous half of The Greatest Hits Gurus the one and only Rockin Roberts!
      Hahahahaha…..welcome aboard Brother!
      Dokken Greatest Hits are everywhere…take a lookie in ITunes theres about 10 Hits packages calling your name!
      All hail Rockin Roberts!


  1. Awesome second-half write-up, Dekester! Man, good on ya for listening to all of this. Having not heard much (if any) Dokken in my life, I always appreciate reading along and learning new things about rawkers like this.

    Haha King Of Yammering. Oh man.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading along! One way to get caught up in all things 80ish is Brent Jensens No Sleep Til Sudbury!
      It’s basically the best book written about the metal genre and up to that point I thought Klostermans Fargo Rock City was the best!
      Jensen writes of course with a Canadian angle but you could be from Hong Kong and still relate….
      You would love it…..


  2. HAHAHAHAH Deke I can’t believe that Don’s hair scared you away from Walk Away! Yeah I had no idea what was up with that. His didn’t even look Axl-level. They were sub-Axl. Just weird, weird, weird.

    But I will say that I like the song Walk Away and consider it one of their best power ballads! Reason is Jeff Pilson, the man who always hits the unholy notes. Dokken friggin’ needs Pilson to sing the high shit!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That was more a bad hair joke than anything hahaha….the song was ok but dude I just got through side 4 with Alone Again and here’s two power ballads on one side Hahahaha…
      Agreed Pilson like I said carries this band with his singing…..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nope not a standard move for sure must have been the only song left in the vaults….you never see anything extra released at all from a lot of these 80s bands….they wrote there 10 tunes 40 minutes worth of music and hit the Tour trail ….


  3. My story with this album is that I never got it as a young kid, and the CD version was missing like half the album or whatever it is and I wanted only LP. Once I finally had a good system to play ’em then I found it at Dr. Disc downtown in excellent shape. And I didn’t know if I would still even be interested, this was like 1996 now. But Dokken survived the test of time with a pretty decent live album. Thanks Furious George!


    1. Those live discs in regards to live albums were butchered due to the time restraints so i see where your coming from. Maidens Live After Death i recall was the same.Tbone had it on cassette tape and Running Free was chunked down to 4 minutes from 8 minutes and the whole Hammersmith side was left off….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually Dekester that’s not quite so. The Hammersmith side WAS on cassette…but not CD. Running Free WAS edited down on both versions. I know this because Bob had Live after Death, and Phantom of the Opera was on there, and we did not know the song at all.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ahhh good memory! See I had the album so I had everything ! Hahaha….Tbone though he was fine with it…I couldn’t handle the disc version until they put out the double cd! Than I bought Live After Death!


      3. I had the album too, a bit later on, and also the Running Free 12″ single which I got in a trade with a buddy…Record Store Tales part 2 or something! Hahah.

        Now I did see Beast from the East on a 2 CD Japanese edition at HMV in Toronto…it was like $50 or $60 so I didn’t go near it. Couldn’t justify that when I had LP!

        Liked by 1 person

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