Def Leppard/Def Leppard (2015)

Def Leppard 2015 is a different beast than Def Leppard from 1980,1981,1983 and 1987! Those are the years that On Through The Night,High N Dry ,Pyromania and Hysteria were released and for some that’s where it ends.

For myself  when Steve Clark passed away in 1991 the riffs went with him and I only realized after Adrenalize just how much of a impact Clark had in the songs of Leppard!

So there’s a part of me that would understand why people would think that Lep has nose dived  in regards to there studio output.

I agree  X was a pretty mellow record, Euphoria was just a wanna  be 80s record in the late 90s while Slang from 1996 is a  classic! Lep reinvents there sound on Slang and I will review that album someday as for me it’s one of thsese under the radar classics! Kinda surprising to say that about a band that sold millions upon millions in the 80s but that just goes to show you how much the musical tide had changed by 1996.

2015 and I’m still a fan of Leppard. I have no desire whatsoever to see them live as I know they won’t top the In The Round Tour of 1992 but as far as recorded material goes I have bought everything they have put out so time after time I go back to Lep whenever new product hits the street and Kabooooooooom!  October 30th 2015….Here we go…….

Now Lep as many artists/bands do they released a single called Lets Go which was to hype the self titled Def Lep Hype Machine  and I think the Mighty HMO was the first one to talk about it and I think he was iffy with it! Once he said that I didn’t want to hear it just through the iPad i thought I’d wait it out til release day!

Joe Elliot,Rick Savage,Rick Allen,Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell show up in 2015 and will they make the grade?

LETS GO-the intro to Let’s Go is a 80s Hysteria Flashback. Is that the computer voice from Love Bites as well synched  in there? Am I tripping? Yup , Joe and crew want me to think that and at this point in my life I’m a-ok with it! Ha what’s wrong with Flashbacks? If it wasn’t for them we’d have no memory at all! The production of this song is produced well by Lep and the prechorus is pure Gold I wish they woulda went with it a little further! The chorus itself is real good and call me a sucker for Ear Candy and well Let’s Go is just that! Like the middle part where they break out some acoustic action before the sonics of the guitars take over. Special thanks to Phil Collen for not over shredding on the guitar solo! Is HMO cringing? Haha…

DANGEROUS-sure Dangerous could have fit on Adrenalize side 2(would have been a improvement). This is the school of rock that Leppard built! Quicky single like tempo! Big crisp clear backing vocals! Fast neat Collen Pickin! Elliot keeps the party going! Dangerous is a great track. I love me some good Ol hard rock bubble gum!

MAN ENOUGH-Rick Savage(bass) and Rick Allen(drums) lock horns with a snappy bass line mixed with drums and I hear Queens Dragon Attack at the start of this tune and if your gonna swipe,swipe from some of the best! Seriously this has the mix of Dragon Attack and Another One Bites The Dust! Dig the sharp jabs of a piano sting in the middle of the track! It comes out of no where! Such a cool song ! It’s different Leppard but the same Leppard if that makes sense!

WE BELONG-this is your typical mid tempo-ishy Lepp song! Each guy in this tune takes a lead vocal line! Yup the two Ricks,Vivan,Phil and of course Joe all singing there say! Has any band done that before? I’m sure Ladano would know! We Belong is a good track and 4 tracks in its ok to take a little breather! Just a little! Nice guitar work…..

INVINCIBLE-Sav and Allen start off this song while Elliot lays down a real chill lead vocal along with a real good pre chorus! It ramps up the and the guitars are crisp,drums are locked in and it’s one of those songs like all Lepp songs actually that has backing vocals but there not the usual big time Lepp style backing vocals that we all know. Lepp is changing it on the fly!

SEA OF LOVE-This album gets real interesting starting with this track! Love the hard rock strumming of the guitars mixed with some cool drums n such from Allen and this is a new hard Rock n Rolla from the boys in 2015! This is a well put together track,different rocking but just flat out rocks! Love the lyrics “drifting on the Sea Of Love… your mind be careful what you find!”

ENERGIZED- almost drum machine like as its that kinda mellowish tune but the chorus with the “Energized …Whoah oh Whoah !” Will leave Ya humming it long after its done! Big time added bell and whistles  added in regards to the percusion to this song and Lepp even fool the ol buzzard in me thinking I’m gonna skip this track ..Nope I didn’t and Nope I won’t! Wowzers did I just say that?

ALL TIME HIGH-I could see this tune being played  live and why not!  Love the start stop with the music and Elliot laying down the vocal in between sharp blasts of guitars and drums. It’s Lepp on overdrive as Savage lays down a straight ahead bass Line to keep the song rocking! The prechorus is rock solid quick with a good dose of don’t bore us get to the chorus!  This is something that could have fit on sneakey at the end of High N Dry! Yeah it really could have….Crank the vid posted! Damn fine song….

BATTLE OF MY OWN-Zeppelin meet Leppard in this mash up of super cool acoustic jams seriously this is a Zep sounding tune especially when the drums kick in at the half way mark of the tune! You can hear the Zep like influence in the backing track of the song! This is a great song kids! Def Zep it is and  while that may be its still Def Lepp! Listen to the vid ….

BROKE N BROKEN-HEARTED-another fantastic driven rocker with a great  bass line while Allen on the drums plays straight ahead rock! The guitars are almost Rolling Stones like during the verse’s yet cranked to 10 on the Marshalls! Even Elliot throws down some great lines in this song ‘don’t be crass or I’ll kick your Ass!” Haha! Fair enough Joe even he tosses in a “gonna huff and puff and blow your playhouse down!” Kinda silly but it fits and why not have fun….if Bandana Michaels were to say that in song in the year 2015. I would scoff! Elliot though I’m ok with! Ha! Yup I’m playing favourites!….another song posted so you all don’t think I’m talking out of my arse!

FOREVER YOUNG- holy crap another great track! 3 minutes of pure brilliance! Yep! It’s all hear driving drums and guitars during the verses and a ass kicker of a catchy chorus! Seriously I already got 4 vids posted from this album! I could post the whole damn album it’s that good! Ear Candy is great Ear Candy and this is one of them!

LAST DANCE-is a folky acoustic vibe! Not a rocker by any stretch of the imagination but a good song never  the less. Lepp dabble with a lot of acoustic on this album almost weaving in and out of various tracks! It helps when you got the songs to back it up…..this song is acoustic driven with a nice electric solo thrown in at the end…..

WINGS OF AN ANGEL- end of the album Gem! Wings Of A Angel is one of the best written Leppard songs I have heard in years! The song builds in the verse and when it hits the pre chorus its shifts back and upon first listen I was like …crap here we go but Lepp nail to a T a fantastic written chorus with great backing vocals and it must be Campbell who plays the solo as he co wrote this tune and what can you say! Leppard have schooled me bigtime in the do not count us out department! Notice taken! Crank ….no, Jack up the volume on the video!

BLIND FAITH-and so the album comes to a end with some acoustics and a chillness vibe all around the Lep Campfire. This song reminds me of a shot of the Beatles mixed with Wings and just as I hear that scenario! Kaboom comes the drums and some heavy devy guitars courtesy of Campbell and Collen and as quickly as they come they go back to the campfire  for a end of song chill out!

IN CONCLUSION-In my humble Rock opinion this self titled Def Leppard 2015 Lep release is there best since Slang and perhaps even since Hysteria! Yeah it’s that good! Amazing that Joe and the boys had enough gas in the creative tank to crank out 14 tracks that are all pretty damn good in each there own way!

Leppard borrows from there past,borrow from some greats yet keeping a eye on the present and rolling it all into one big ball of Rock!

The thing that’s most surprisng is that  the album for me gets real good from about track 6 on starting with Sea Of Love! The first 5 tracks are all good but man Leppard shift gears into a real mode of  great writing, fantastic arrangements,production and performance and tempo changes on the last 8 tracks!

2015 and I never thought I would be saying that about a Leppard album!

Leppard 2015 is easily making my year end list at Ladanos site……



65 thoughts on “Def Leppard/Def Leppard (2015)”

  1. New product review! Good on ya Dekester!

    I’m so happy for you that it’s that good. A Best Of 2015? Holy crap!

    I also appreciate the brief opinion history of their records. I have the first three, and a later one Mike gave me (Sparkle Lounge) and that’s about it. Guess I wasn’t following along, all these years!

    Right on Deke! DL FTW 2015!

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    1. Glad you dropped by! Yeah it’s that good. Diverse Book Of Rock! Had this post dated for Nov 17… But tonight I finished IT so let’s chuck it out there. …
      I haven’t seen to many reviews on it so I thought I would dump my 2 cents first …..


      1. I always drop by, man! I hope I haven;t missed any posts!

        And here’s our Dekester getting a DL review up before most people do, just like we got our Maiden reviews up on the day of release! Our Community get’s ‘er done!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well you guys knocked those Maiden reviews out in hours after its release whereas I bought Lepp this past Friday…
        Book Of Souls I’m working on but man I haven’t even got through the first song yet! Hahaha…


      3. Ha yeah man, I had that BoS set in my hands at noon on the day of release, and I think I had the review posted by 3:30 or so…

        Still, good on your for beating the crowd in posting this one!


      4. My mind was blown that day As I hadn’t even finished listening to the whole album and boom theres the KMA dropping Maiden!
        Yeah tonight I just pushed to get it finished…and did a evening release something I never do as J,HMO,1537 and Jompa are slobbering all over there pillows right now dreaming of all things Metal! Well except for J he’s another one of those musical melting pots!


      5. I was so taken aback by Book Of Souls. I mean, I expected it to be good, I just didn’t know it was gonna be that f-ing amazing. I knew as soon as it started playing that I had to write as i listene. Then a quick polish and Post it baby! 🙂

        Musical melting pots are awesome! (or so I hear) 🙂


  2. Awesome. I gotta get this. You had me at Zeppelin meets Leppard. Def Leppelin?
    Lef Zeppardin? Ded Leppardin?

    As far as seeing them live, I put this in the same boat as Bon Jovi and Fleetwood Mac. Great concerts to take your wife to, rock out, and you both are in a great mood.

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  3. I listened to all 4. My fave is Wings of an Angel. Broke N Broken Hearted sounds like it coukd have fit in the first 2 albums, Let’s Go is the 2015 version of Let’s Get Rocked, and a few songs would have fit in a number of late 80’s hair metal greatest hits albums.

    Welcome back Def Leppard. We missed you.

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      1. I think I’ll pass. Something about sitting on an old drunk dudes lap, asking for a present, and having him say ‘My, you’re a big boy.’

        Now I know why the kids always cry.


  4. Hey Deke, glad you’re enjoying this one. It’s been getting lots of great reviews. Eva bought me the fan pack last weekend so I’ve already given this a few spins. I might even review this one myself but… I’m still a bit iffy on it, sorry!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HMO! No worries if your iffy on it but i think it rises above a lot of there other work . Of course nothing will come close to the first four especially the first three in my humbled Opinon but compared to the last hiw ever many studio records that came this is the best one I heard ……
      Thanks for dropping by…
      How are the articles in the Fanpack…anything old school?

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      1. The magazine is a decent enough read. Mostly big long interviews with each member but they cover a lot of stuff. Viv gets to talk about Dio, Whitesnake etc… and Phil talks about Girl. So some interesting stuff. And there’s reviews of each studio and live album.

        I think there’s some really great tracks on the new one but, on the whole, it’s Euphoria/X level for me. Preferred the last album to this one. If they’d trimmed it down to maybe 10 songs I’d have probably been more keen but the first half is really patchy. The second half is mostly pretty good though.

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      2. That’s cool they talk about the past esp Viv…..
        I’m just amazed that they could still write some decent rock with different angles of it especially towards the end of it….


  5. I don’t know who to believe. Scott or Deke? I actually was hoping Scott would be right, so I wouldn’t feel obligated to buy this album.

    You and Mitch Lafon both have liked it…but I have not been impressed by the preview tracks. I’ll have to play the videos you posted.

    Problem is…I wanted to skip this album. If I decide not to, I’ll have to buy the Classic Rock fan pack AND the Japanese.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Maybe but somehow I still end up paying the Visa bill.

        No seriously…I don’t think I want to spend the money even if Deke really liked it. This band has let us down way too many times now, and it’s always “Oh this sounds like our old stuff again.”


      2. Also, you might hear about it at home from buying so much music. I’ll tell you what. You buy the album, and keep it at my place. I ( I mean you of course) would prefer the vinyl version.



      3. Well Mikey the thing is I didn’t read really too much advance on it as that’s the line all bands use it sounds like our old stuff..that is not happening in the year 2015
        Neil Schon from Journey always would say in those old interviews ” the guitar is rocking on this album Blah fuckin Blah” and than the end result is its watered down under Cains keys…..
        The only albums I actually could hear Schon was HSAS and the Hardline debut!
        But this is Lep and i am really digging it…..hope you join me and drink the Def Lep Kool Aide! Hahaha….


      1. No worries HMO..It makes for a great conversation in regards to Lepp as they have done a lot of interesting albums since the heyday of the 80s….I took the gamble ,bought it and dug it …….

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      2. I wouldn’t say it was a bad album, just a bit patchy. If I’m being totally honest, I could have lived without it. But, like I say, I seem to be in the minority! What do you think of the songs you’ve heard so far?


      3. Yeah, they said they started off thinking it was going to be an EP but couldn’t stop. Maybe they should have! The 2nd half is pretty good but, even then, it’s not anything special. And there are some songs on the first half that are just terrible.

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      4. In this section of the comments I’m the minority…hahaha…
        Perhaps it’s a retread album I kinda hear it and I don’t on some tracks.
        I wasn’t even gonna bother with getting it myself but than took the plunge and am impressed by it as I have listened to it constantly since it came out last Friday(Oct 30th) ….
        Maybe as I didn’t read too much pre album hype may have something to do with it as well…..who knows hahahaha….maybe I’m tone deaf ..hahaha….
        It’s awesome to have some musical differences going around these livens the place up!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Haha hope we’re not oppressing you Deke!

        I didn’t really get any hype to be honest. I was torn on it like Mike so Eva bought me it to save me stressing over it!

        If I only listen to the second half I quite enjoy it. Forever Young and Wings of an Angel are the best tracks. It’s the first side that really bums me out.


      6. See your point ….the album like I said does shift into another gear half way thru. Kudos to Leppard for actually doing a full album and kudos for you and Mike for taking it out to the trash! Hahaha….
        I guess the thing is for me is I wasn’t expecting much and i really got into it as soon as I listened to it …..


      7. Daughter is working early so…..Lafon and U buy everything in site as I seen he posted it but remixes and Yada yada versions of songs just isn’t my deal but good on Mitch……


      8. Jovi is a joke …a solo artist with a backing band ..Lepp at least is intact with the same lineup for two decades . Don’t know why this album has resonated with me …..having said that Top 5 album this year in my book and I will stand by that! Damn It Gumby! (Eddie Murphy reference)


      9. You said it man! And the reason it does it that I was listening to that New Joisey deluxe again yesterday…realized once again how good they ONCE were.

        DL though, it’s not like they’re selling out Jovi style.

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  6. It’s an unusual listening experience when the 2nd half of a record is stronger than the first – Sloan’s between the bridges was the first one I remember feeling that way. Not that its first half was awful (as you said here, the first half is still good) but what a 2nd half!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I call shenanigans! The first half of BTB is great! I actually like that whole record, and wouldn’t divide it up like that. I mean, look at track 5, Sensory Deprivation. That song is pure killer no filler! I saw them perform that song live and it was incendiary!

        Sorry Geoff, I like that record stem to gudgeon!


  7. Nice one, Deke. Your enthusiasm for this one is tangible! Wasn’t really all thay interested in this one (one of those “2015 really isn’t a time for Def Leppard, is it?”), but you make a good argument and I shall investigate further …

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  8. Stick to your guns man. No need to explain to us why you love an album.
    We as music fans sometimes don’t know what we want from a band we love. If they put out a new album that is is fresh and different than the old stuff, fans complain. If they put out a new album that sounds like the old stuff, other fans complain. The key is, if it feels good do it, even if you shouldn’t. Don’t let people mess you around. (More Sloan)
    In other words if you like it, that’s all that matters.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. It seems that when a new band comes out and sounds just like bands of old, it is cool. They are the fresh, new sound.
        When an old band sounds like they used to it is called stale. It must be hard on bands, not knowing what to do.
        If I were in a band, I would say forget the press and all the negative comments. We are putting out what sounds good to us, and hopefully someone likes it. If not, tough shit. We’re having fun, and if we try and change to suit others, we’ll implode.

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      2. As a reviewer it’s a fine line. I try to ask myself, “If I don’t like this new album, why don’t I?” I try to get to the root of it in my head, and suss out if it had something to do with expectation.


    1. For sure Bop ..but this has been a good debate especially with Mikey and HMO! Kinda funny cuz some dude yesterday commented on my Roll The Bones Rush post that Roll The Bones saying next to Virtuality from Test For Echo ,Roll The Bones was the worst song ever!
      Had to approve the comment….hahaha
      I laughed and thought “what the Hells going on here at Arena Rock!?”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m really not trying to debate, more trying to justify not having to buy two expensive versions of the album to myself 😉

        OCD sucks man…collecting…that’s a joy…but I can’t buy everything 😦 Sometimes I have to make painful decisions. Sometimes I make the wrong decisions. I’m not even sure where to get the fan pack right now…and you know me I can’t just get the standard version. That does not happen here.


      1. Just lyrics to a song. Maybe seemed harsh, but I liked the if it feels good, do it, and thought it was the best song lyrics for the example.

        Broken coffee makers suck. Do you need me to bring you a Timmies?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hah no it’s OK, we’re going out later anyway. New machine next week. Cuisinart goes on sale and that’s what she wants so that’s what she gets.


      3. Pentland though writes the best stuff as far as I’m concerned just by he has that street rock vibe going on in Sloan. Keep Swinging is a great track from last year…


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