Rush/R40(2015) Part 3

So the last 7 songs,6 of which were recorded in Toronto on the first of two nights are the alternate tunes and word on the street is that these songs were the only ones they could use as they had some recording glitch the first night so the second night was the video footage they used. Speaking of Video outside the clips I have shown on the first two parts this would be awesome to watch on video (I bought the audio of R40 off of iTunes)especially since the set changes while they play around them and Rushs stage resembles a high school gym complete with their amps sitting on chairs by the end of the show!

ONE LITTLE VICTORY-Remember when i said Peart hits the drums hard! Well One Little Victory proves that as Neil slams some heavy Tool like drumming and before you know it Geddy nails down some bass God like riffs while Alex delivers some huge power chords and we’re off! This song is heavy! Twists and turns and a hard boot up the listeners ass!

DISTANT EARLY WARNING-D.E.W is from one of my fav sleeper Rush Albums Grace Under Pressure and its a Rush circa 1984 tune complete with snappy happy keyboard ripping during the chorus. I have always liked this tune and will continue to do so my friends of Arena Rock!

RED BARCHETTA- I really dig the beginning of this tune as Geddy riffs on his bass while Peart and Lifeson chill at the Rush bar and just provide a mellow back drop with the drums and guitar. This is another monster Rush track and those old Geezers made me laugh when at the end of Lifesons solo as Peart hits the power rolls they go right chill with almost a little chill out  feel and build it back up to BARCHETTA speed! Just like how the song  starts it ends with Geddy riffing on his bass and Neil and Alex chillaxing!

CLOCKWORK ANGELS-The title track from the fabulous last studio album from 2012. This song cooks and rocks and it’s so crazy good with all the time changes and tempo mood swings and here they are Rush in their glory pushing Into there early 60s banging out heavy musical chops that  just blows me the Frigg Away! Clockwork Angels the song takes you on a musical journey. A Tour De Force if you will…..

THE WRECKERS-Another favourite from Clockwork Angels the beginning of this track reminds me of The Who and during the chorus which is real good-by the way Geddy pulls the song along with his bass line. The Wreckers is just a straight ahead rock track that is another Gem! Love this track!

THE CAMERA EYE-Speaking of loving tracks! Moving Pictures was like many others back in 1981 our introduction to Rush! The Camera Eye for myself was the first time I got progged! What an intro to this track where you can hear the hustle and bustle of city sidewalks and not  before to long Theres Geddy doodling with his keys and Neil doing some real groovy small cymbal smashes and boom a big blast of Drums,Synth,a Guitar and the song shifts into hard rock territory. Camera Eye as a song dips and dives,twists and turns into a wall of Prog Abyss! I’m so glad Rush brought this tune back on their Time Machine Tour and once again on the R40 3 disc Musical Workout!  The Camera Eye = Classic!

LOSING IT-Cool story I read about this track and you’re wondering why is there two versions of Losing It? The story goes that Jonathon Dinklage(whose brother Peter is on Game Of Thrones) is an electric violinist as well and was part of the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble and was talking to the Rush guys back on that tour about how he learned Losing It right after it was released on Signals back in 1982 and would love for Rush to play it…so Rush did and for some of the U.S. shows the boys brought him up on stage and what’s cool is when I watched some YouTube footage of the NYC show Dinklage has his own set of pedal boards for his violin hahaha….now that’s rock! I believe this version was recorded in LA. not sure as in the liner credits (which ITunes included the digital booklet) it doesn’t say….Great version and a cool dream  come true! Watch the  video ……

IN CONCLUSION- I’m thinking after yammering on about a ton of Rush for the last 3 posts(Thanks for reading friends) that this will probably be the last Rush live album as it has come full circle for them. All The Worlds A Stage was recorded live in Toronto back in 1976 and R40 was recorded in Toronto in 2015 almost 40 years later so basically it started in Toronto with the live albums and ends in Toronto with the live album.

Now word on the street is that Neil is hanging up the sticks! If this is the case…

Thanks Rush!

17 thoughts on “Rush/R40(2015) Part 3”

  1. I wasn’t sure if I was going to bother with this but I didn’t realise Losing It was on it. That’s one of my favourite Rush tracks. I think I’d like it just for that! And it does look like Neil is retiring doesn’t it? Ah well, good on him for going out while he was still on top. I can think of a few musicians that should have given up YEARS ago hahaha

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    1. There’s two versions of Losing It! One with Ben Mink from R40 part 1 and this one in part 3! Both are excellent and I’m okie dokie with it! You would like this album HMO!

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    1. Yep kinda a cool Dinklage story….The Wreckers is indeed a classic track! Geddy said today Neil’s words were taken out of context that he hasn’t told them he was retiring……

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      1. Yep you can always remaster the remaster of the remaster from the back catalogue…I remember it like yesterday when Rush remastered there whole catalogue pretty much back in 97


  2. Thanks so much for this series, Deke. I wants this the preciousssss!!!

    Great call on things coming full circle. Taranna To Taranna. I like it!

    It’d be sad if they stopped, but let’s be real – it’s not like they haven’t done enough for us, right? Haha I mean, 40 frickin’ years. I’m with you. Thanks heaps, boys!

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    1. Thanks mucho Geoff for reading along….Yep it was a ton of Rush but it was kinda crazy as I was listening to R40 today and I thought well if there shutting down more power to em !

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    1. Thanks J! I think for a starting point with Rush albums this would be a great starter as it covers there whole career with a selection or 2 from almost each album…
      Of course you can get into the classic Rush live releases like All The Worlds A Stage/Exit Stage Left/ Different Stages and all the other Rush live stuff….but I really this one would do it as a starter!


      1. Your right Theres a ton of Live Rush! As a matter of fact today I was listening to Exit Stage Left (my fav Xmas album by the way) the version of YYZ’s with Pearts drum solo is absolutley I think I can say it that its my all time fav recorded drum solo ….it’s unbelievable…


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