Blog Site Name Change…..

Hey avid readers of Arena Rock…

Just letting you all know that I’m gonna be changing the name of my WordPress site in the next few days.

I’ve got a few ideas floating around for the name change! Like my site it’s gotta be silly,yet cool and of course I gotta mention the genre as well. I basically put this post out there to kinda push me to revamp things and get going….

The reason,well I’m kinda tired of the Arena Rock Thunder Bay moniker. Back in August 2014 when I launched this blog it was just to get going and have some laughs as I didn’t know how much yammer and jabber I could spew forth on these pages.

Now the name change is I’m trying to reflect the silliness that goes on around these parts.(I’m logged on FaceCrack ie Facebook so for those that also follow me on there I will still be Thunder Bay Arena Rock)

The content won’t change! Fear not! My writing and spelling will continue to be a mess but I will hopefully give you all something to laugh about. I must also mention I will still continue to toss  occasionally  Tbone under the bus in case any one was wondering!

Over time I developed some great friendships thru WordPress from other well written and entertaining sites also many of my friends from Tbay have followed me along!

I thank each and every one of you who  take the time to read my goofiness and the music daily that has impacted me growing up as well as commenting along.

You Folks Are The Best!




11 thoughts on “Blog Site Name Change…..”

    1. Ha! DeKEs Shatz! Tomorrows post I look forward to your 2 cents as I’m starting a new category and my first blog is about something that I know we have discussed at your site a few times!
      I’m sure you will get a kick out of it….
      Thanks for checking it out ….


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