Joey Tempest Vs Heinz Ketchup

Yup Theres The Proof! Joey Clenches Ketchup Bottle! DeKEs says Talk To You Later Joey!
Yup Theres The Proof! Joey Clenches Ketchup Bottle! DeKEs Says “Talk To You In 29 Years Time  Joey!

Merry Christmas and all that jazz folks! Thanks for checking back in here at 80s Metal Shatz N Giggles. First order of agenda is a new category here  that I’m calling DeKEs N Rambles. Basically it’s me spouting off on all things music not a normal review but just my observing of course all things music from my 80s Haze Daze!

Thanks for joining along……

Hard rock fans can be fickle and back in 1986 I was one of them in regards to Europe. When Europe hit with the Final Countdown(album and opening number) I didn’t mind the track especially John Norums flashy type guitar solo but for some reason I didn’t take the bait laid by Joey Tempest and crew. The Final Countdown was played a zillion times on MuchMusic and well 1986 Van Halen had 5150,David Lee Roth with Eat Em And Smile,Iron Maiden with Somewhere In Time,Ratt with Dancing Undercover,Aerosmith with Done With Mirrors and many others. Hey my $$$$ could only be stretched so far.

Rock The Night though was the second single and it was more up my alley! It had that big opening riff and even the keys were mixed kinda reminding me of Deep Purple Perfect Strangers style. I had heard Rock The Night on a friends cassette tape at high school and I dug it. It was only a matter of time before it was to become a single and  in no time MuchMusic began playing the video. When I actually seen it  the power of video that ruled with cool Van Halen videos(Hot For Teacher) and Iron Maiden videos (Aces High) fell apart with Europe!

Rock The Night video begins with Europe pulling up to a Hard Rock Hotel Bar and taking a booth over as the song is played in the background Tv. Kee Marcello (guitarist,John Norum plays on the album but than quit before this video was made)makes the first dibs at the Heinz Ketchup Bottle and plays the bottle like its a guitar complete with a attached wang bar! Ah yeah? The good thing is it lasts about 4 seconds.

Joey Tempest than grabs the Ketchup Bottle and basically uses it as a mic for a good half a verse and than in the clip you can see someone’s arm hand Joey a mic and he dumps the bottle! Hahaha….oh man!


Course the next video was the syrup ballad Carrie which dripped ick so I just moved on….

I did get a taped copy of The Final Countdown and it had some decent tunes like Cherokee and Danger On The Track so I kinda dumped on these guys pretty hard back in 1986 as the video just irritated me.

1988 Europe released Out Of This World and my brother(Todd) bought this and I listened to it a bit and it was decent. More Than Meets the Eye was a good track as was Superstitious.

Forward to 2015 and like I have posted before(when I reviewed War Of The Worlds) it was fellow  blogger Jon At Cd Festival And Music Guide who slammed down a 10/10 rating on Europe’s latest War Of The Worlds. Jon doesn’t hand out those easy. He’s a reviewer and if you put out Dog Doo he will call it just that.

I gambled and bought War Of The Worlds and Jon was right! Europe 2015 I dig more than Europe 1986 and its the same band as Marcello split and Norum rejoined speaking of Norum his solos just will rip your brain apart! He’s that Good!

It only took me 29 years to come around on Europe…

Better Late Than Never….

Want any Ketchup with those fries?




10 thoughts on “Joey Tempest Vs Heinz Ketchup”

  1. Other than the Final Countdown (song) I’m not familiar with anything they done at all. Only listened to wee snippets of Europe … anyhoo, I reckon Heinz missed a marketing opportunity here!

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  2. Ha…Yep Heinz missed the boat! I laugh at that move now but back in 1986 at the age of 19 it bothered me as you could tell ..hahaha….
    They are a way better band now (my opinon ) than before….


    1. Yup! Never would thought in a million years that I would think that Europe is the better of two bands compared to Bon Jovi and Jovi’s latest piles of poop!


  3. Dude,
    Europe were PIONEERS in the art of using household and kitchen items as musical instruments. John Norum played the first-ever Mustard solo on a rare Europe B-side called Corned Beef Sammiches.

    Europe have done some amazing stuff since their 2000 reunion. Gonna get that Japanese double War of Kings with the live disc!

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  4. Corned Beef…ha….
    For sure Europe is a way better beast….
    That Live At Wacken live portion of War Of Kings is soooooo good! Norum just blows my mind with his playing. Good mix they have the keys on the left side and guitar on the right with everything else in the middle! Also it has some rawness bit of a bite to it sonically!


  5. Thanx for the kind words, dude.

    But I really must point out that no matter how good Europe are today – not only War Of Kings, but Bag Of Bones and Last Look At Eden are equal killers – I prefer Marcello over Norum any day. Norum is a good player, but Marcello is a beast!

    I wonder what genius wrote the script for the Rock The Night video. It sure is fun to watch today.

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    1. I know your a Marcello booster. Fair enough Jon. You run his fan club? Haha…
      Yeah that Rock The Night video is so goofy hahaha…I did laugh when I watched it the other day.
      Guess I’m mellowing with age…..haha


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