For your viewing pleasure I have posted the Van Halen Lead Singer changes that someone took the time to piece together on YouTube (great job)! The first part with Roth is classic as he refers to Ed and Alex as Mr Fingers and Mr Sticks! Haha!

Sorry folks,not the drug but what guitar player’s/bass player’s and drummer’s call there lead vocalist when they leave under dicey circumstances and that’s indeed L.S.D (Lead Singer Disease)

I first heard of this term back in 1985 when Eddie Van Halen blasted David Lee Roth for quitting Van Halen to make movies which for Roth never happened. Eddie said Dave had Lead Singers Disease,not wanting to be a team player yada yada yada.

Over the  years in Rock there have been many but I’m gonna focus on a couple of Lead Singer Diseases that affected some bands (who continued on with great success ) while others who lost all momentum…..

You be the judge….

Van Halen-Was the most notable. Dave bolts,Sammy Hagar joins and it’s business as usual for Halen from 1985 to 1996 until Yep you got it Sam Hagar quits/fired for not wanting to be a team player and some other bull shit causes a shit storm in the  press. After a botched attempt at a reunion with Roth fails, Van Halen hires Gary Cherone. Records  a album calling it Van Halen 3! Not the third album by Van Halen but the third singer! After Van Halen 3 tanks quicker than Tbone downing shots Cherone is shown the door. Ed battled cancer and everything is tight lipped around Camp Halen and than Bam! Sams back and they tour in 2004 and by the end of the tour Sam quits and a few years later Roths back in 2007 and Halen in 2012 release the blitzing A Different Kind Of Truth(awesome album) with Roth. At the end of 2015 Roths contract is up and he’s done again(supposedly) with Ed and Alex. What’s next a return with Sam or go for a unknown(blah). Who know’s these guys wrote the book for me musically growing up so Get it the F*#k together Halen!

Skid Row-Dude drama rules this dust up! Aaron from The KMA thought for a while as a few others out there  that I was a Skid Row Stalker around 1989-1992 as I has seen them opening(4 Times) and headlining (Once) . Hey they must have had some decent heavyweights in the biz(hello Doc McGhee). Of course by 1995 Skid Row puts out the decent record Subhuman a Race and no one cares(but I will tell you the tune Beat Yourself Blind is a great track!). Shortly after Sebastian Bach(singer) gets the boot and Grunge gives Skid Row the boot the remaining Skids try calling themselves Ozone Monday  with a different singer and no one cares. Skid Row rises with a new singer Johnny Solinger and he stays with them for a ton of years recording some records that I really didn’t care about and Johnny himself got the heave ho earlier last  year (2015)only to be repalced by Tony Harnell he the ex singer of TNT. Tony lasted about 9 months and I laugh at that bass player Rachel  Bolan who said Harnell was the greatest Blah blah Blah and now Skid Bolan has no singer! Oh in case your wondering Skid Row has already stated (End of Dec 2015) that Sebastian Bach will not be returning! UPDATE- Word is they already have yet another guy lined up whom fellow reader HMO says he can’t hear it working out vocal wise! Haha Bolan,enjoy playing the bowling alleys with your new singer…Blah!

Motley Crue-This one I have blogged about before! Crue is huge in the 80s. By 1992 Vince Neil(kinda singer) gets heaved out! Hello new singer guy(John Corabi) and hello to the masterpiece of Crue albums 1994s selftitled Motley Crüe or as I call this era, Motley Corabi! Corabi and Crue tanks on the charts and the Crue plays clubs and Nikki Sixx loses his shit and they fire Corabi and rehire Vince Neil by 1997! The original 4 piece along with Tommy Lee and Mick Mars have called it quits.(as of Dec 31. 2015) Corabi though is releasing the 94 Crue album played front to back by his backing band. Motley Crüe will undoubtedly release a live album from this so called Farewell Tour. Too be honest I’m looking forward to Crabbys live album than Sixx’s Crue live album that will be re recorded in the studio anyways.

Autograph-This one is wierd! So Steve Plunkett(lead singer)the dude who wrote all the Autograph songs 30 years ago is no longer part of Autograph but some of the old cronies from the original band (Steve Lynch and Randy Rand) have resurrected Autograph with some singer guy named Danny and are playing the circuit! Seriously……haha…Turn It Up!

The Four Horsemen-These guys are kick ass! Unfortunately there lead singer Frank C Starr was involved in a motorcycle accident (1995)that left him on life support and he passed away back in 1999. The Horsemen though soldiered on for a tour hiring Ron Young(Little Caesar) and touring Canada including a stop here in Tbay in 1996! I reviewed this show as well and it was killer! Young filled the bill decently as frontman but sadly the Horsemen closed up shop years ago

Aerosmith-If  there’s a Rock N Roll Definition of Rock Drama. Aerosmith may be at the top! These guys are all bitches! Hahaha…. A few years back Steve Tyler skidded of the rails personally and professionally for whatever reasons and bailed on Aerosmith! So Joe Perry and crew did not want to wait around so they were thinking about guys like Lenny Kravitz,Sammy Hagar and others!( Steve limped off to England to jam with Page/Bonham and Jones and from what I read it was a diaster) Of course Steve came back and they toured the same old frigging  set list and now word is out that Tyler is recording a country album(??) and Aero is limbo again. I love Aero but shut Aero down for good! Or get all slopped up on party treats and drinks and bash out another Done With Mirrors album! Yeah!

Ratt-I always dug Ratt and still do! Solid run of 80s albums but like others they imploded in the early 90s when lead throat Stephen Pearcy quit. Ratt returned in the back half of the 90s with Pearcy and a few years later Pearcy quit agian and they sued each other over rights and bull shit and well in the end  Nobody Rides For Free! Hahaha… So Ratt get Jizzy Pearl (Love Hate) and hit the trail with at one point with John Corabi on rhythm guitar vocals. Paycheque is a paycheque. So Ratt dissolves and yet again Ratt come back with Pearcy and they put out a decent album a few years back called Infestation. Once again Pearcy bolted and now in 2015 drummer Bobby Blotzer is touring with a whole different lineup only with him as the original member left! Guitarist Warren DiMartini tried to stop the Blotz but he keeps rolling Ratt! What a joke….

Iron Maiden- So it’s the summer of 1981 and I discover Iron Maiden’s Killers album and I’m hooked as a 14 year old! A few months later the 5 song Live E.P Maiden Japan drops and by now I’m totally hooked! So it was a shock when I bought Number Of The Beast in March of 1982 that Lead Singer Paul Dianno was gone and here was this new guy Bruce Dickinson who quite frankly took Maiden to new levels not only as lead singer but as front man as well. Bruce remained with Maiden until 1993 when he quit and Maiden hired Blaze Bayley and Maiden released two albums with Blaze and too be honest Maiden got roasted by the press and fans alike.  It was only a matter of time before Maiden founder (bassist) Steve Harris realized they needed Bruce back. In late 1999 Bruce came back and it’s been a real slick comeback ever since! With  Dianno being shit canned ,Dickinson  quitting, Bayley being shitcanned as well and Dickinson returning  there was no press hey day with Maiden. The only thing I ever read was when Bruce left Harris quipped that “Bruce would do country album if he knew it would sell” Maiden was smart they kept all there bitchin pretty much in house. Gotta respect that….

There are many more bands that this has happened too and I could go on forever but thats enough….


Feel free to add to this list in the comments……

28 thoughts on “L.S.D”

      1. Great comment 1537 in regards to Dianno’s voice attacking. Don’t mind if I steal that line from Ya some day would Ya ?


      2. Dianno hahaha…yeah I bought this album of his called in the mid 80s titled simply Dianno and he went almost Journey like…tons of keys,utter sap …..I actually tossed the thing it was that bad….
        Would have made a real good 3/4s Filler though….ha!


  1. “Bruce would do country album if he knew it would sell”

    Yeah when we heard that, I figured no way would they ever get back together! The Maiden book is interesting when it comes to the split. Bruce wanted to tell Steve personally that he was leaving. Rod Smallwood said “Nooooo! Don’t call Steve, don’t call anybody. I’ll tell Steve.” Sometimes I wonder if Bruce had been able to speak to him man to man, if that split would have happened more smoothly. In the end, it ended with little but anger and resentment from everybody in Maiden (except Janick Gers who stayed neutral).

    Ratt are fucked.
    Skid Row — also fucked.

    This may not be the popular opinion here, but some times a band has to do what the fans want them to do. Not always mind you, but even Zeppelin put out a reunion live album and that was all the fans wanted. People aren’t crying for the reunion anymore, we got it. Same will happen with Guns. Whatever happens, they can release a live album and fans can stop bitching. Skid Row are going to have to realize this. Nobody cares enough about Ratt to give a shit though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well put Mikey! I just wanted to Yammer on about the different levels of bands when they made singer moves.
    Skid Row and Ratt 2016 versions are like U said are fucked! Drive what’s left of your career into the shitter ….Bravo Blotz N Bolan!
    Maiden was a late addition but I thought it would make a great conversation piece and viola it worked!


      1. Actually I watched that QR Documentary “Well Now Your Here…” It was good,worth watching….
        Ratt though man love those 5 albums they put out in the 80s ….now it’s a bad joke!


      2. I’m avoiding the QR doc for personal reasons 🙂

        You know on a related note…you mentioned preferring Crabby’s live album to Crue’s…well in many ways I am hoping and praying for a Eat Em and Smile reunion live album. More than I care about a possible Van Hagar reunion.


  3. Personal Reasons fair enough!
    Yeah I’m totally up for a Eat Em Reunion Period!
    It’s gonna happen….watch!
    This whole Replacement N Roses is aweful….3 guitarists meh!
    Slash, never thought he would take the bait! Shouldn’t be surprised ….


    1. This doesn’t bother me for two reasons.

      1. I imagine they will play some Chinese Democracy material live. 1 or 2 songs. Kinda like when Maiden did the Bruce reunion. So from that point of view, Axl will want the three guitars.

      2. Axl needs new members anyway. Tommy Stinson appears to have bailed and he’s down two guitar players. So I would rather see the new members be Duff, Slash and Kushner. That’s preferable to a new lineup featuring Joe P. Somebody, Alex Whatshisname, and Fucky McFuckstick in the band!


  4. You know, I loved this post. It was a fantastic read! I learned things! And then the comments have been great too…

    I’m just gonna sit back and let you guys take this one over and enjoy the read! Thanks Deke!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ha! Lead Singer Disease! That’s pretty brilliant … good premise for a post, too. I don’t know much about the bands you mention here (other than Van Halen, Maiden and Aerosmith, but I’m not familiar with the histories of each band’s line up changes).

    I dare say the worst case of L.S.D. is that Axl Rose guy. Oooft. He’s mad with it …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True J Axl is a freak of nature. I was just going with bands that have changed out singers …that’s like a thousand bands….hahaha..I just threw down a few bands I knew some stuff about…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Too be honest Geoff in regards to VH it doesn’t really bother me too much. If they do something great, if not life goes on…
      Years ago I would have been bummed and was in regard to Halen as they would just go silent with no information than they would,come back with a album and I’d be pumped, they would tour than silent…frustrating as a fan etc …..
      I caught them Live in 2012 and with the double live album they plunked out last March I’m good…..
      But in Camp Halen there will be some kind of drama….

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I thinkthe only band I listen to who done that was Stone Temple Pilots. I think. And Sabbath, though I’m not that familiar with the changes and only tend to really love the first four albums.

    Would Rage Against The Machine count? Y’know, when they drafted in Cornell and changed their name to Audioslave? 🙂


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