Black Sabbath/Master Of Reality(1971)

1971 and Sabbath by now have recorded three albums in the span of under 2 years. Master Of Reality keeps the Metal rolling full of everything you would love from Sabbath! More heavy riffs,lot’s of drums,rocking bass and Ozzy! What more do you want?

Keep On Smoking It….

SWEET LEAF- My buddy BMellis does a bang up impersonation in regards to the beginning of this tune (Ozzy Coughing ) Sweet Leaf lumbers out the gate with all of Sabbath trucking along. Ozzy sings the tale of rock n roll “When I First Met You…Didn’t Realize ” oh oh all aboard the Crazy Train! Want another round of Great Iommi Doom Riffs! The solo as well is mindblowing with Iommi plowing  away on his six string Gibson SG with Ward And Butler swerving all over the musical map. The  song before you know it delves right back into the verse! Pure brilliance! I love you Sweet Leeeeeeeeeeaf! That’s Ozzy saying it not me! Also full props for Bill Ward doing Gong smashes at a couple of points in the tune.

AFTER FOREVER-Wowzers this is a deadly kick ass track! Geezer and Tony lock up bass and guitars and are in serious musical metal mode here! This song is bonafide Sab Classic! It reeks utter coolness. Real cool bombastic riffs and Bill drives the bus with his drums and Ozzy kicks Religion in the pants with the lyrics. Speaking of the lyrics one half of the Greatest Hits Duo BMellis came strolling into our Staff Lounge at work recently and quoted the line from this song.” Would You Like To See The Pope On The End Of A Rope? Do You Think He’s A Fool?” Now for the record I bust his chops about Greatest Hits albums but I tell Ya I give him total Street  Cred on quoting a line from this tune! So BMellis the video posted is for you pal! Now BMellis, you can go back to Smashes Thrashes And Hits(Kiss) now! Ha!

EMBRYO-Short  little guitar interlude by Tony Iommi. Snazzy picking!

CHILDERN OF THE GRAVE-Sabbath digs deep and  kicks off Childern firing on all 4 Cylinders! Cool heavy groove a quick tempo (for Sabbath) and Ozzy delivers a great vocal! When it comes to Sabbath they can play any style albeit with a smattering of doom spread through out. Bill adds some extra percussion to enhance the Song! Bravo Billy!

ORCHID-Nice little Iommi picking on the six string! It’s cool that Tony could lay down huge bombastic bursts of Metal Riffs song after song but on the Sabbath albums he could take a minute or two and give everyones ear drums a rest. Orchid is that.

LORD OF THIS WORLD-Well so much for Chill! Sabbath ramp it back up and kick out the jams! Geezer plays licks galore while Bill and Tony lock up and Ozzy rips a pretty decent vocal and this being album 3 every album he’s improvng as a vocalist. It’s too bad that his zaniness in the 80s took away his deal as a lead vocalist as he has some serious vocal chops!

SOLITUDE-Is that! This is quiet Sabbath! We’re not gonna pound your senses all the time just most of the time! Kinda funny that they would actually name the tune Solitude and it be just that. Bill gets the night off in the  studio during the recording of this track. More time  for Bill to board the NightTrain and plow through a calvacade of Snow on the tracks! (If Ya Get My Drift!) Nice different picking styles by Tony.

INTO THE VOID-What a way to end the album. This is Slippery Sabbath the one that grooves the best! Into The Void builds up to the solo section where Geezer is flinging bass lines like Ozzy sniffing lines and Iommi just wails a absolute monster of a guitar solo! Into The Void! End of the album Gem! It grabs you,chokes you and pummels your senses into a wall of Sabbath Sonics! Just plain huge….


More Sabbath coming ….Vol 4….



19 thoughts on “Black Sabbath/Master Of Reality(1971)”

  1. The final Ozzy-era deluxe. It’s worth buying in deluxe for one song — Weevil Woman. It’s so rare to find a complete vintage Sabbath track with vocals that nobody’s got, so I highly recommend the deluxe for this great tune!

    MOR is one of the most accomplished Sabbath albums for all the reasons you talk about here. I dig solitude, the night Bill had off LOL

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      1. YOu reminded me of an old story! Fucked if I can remember who said this, but it was probably Sebastian Bach or somebody from that era.

        The dude said in an interview, he’d always trick his parents into listening to Sabbath by putting on something like Solitude and saying, “What do you think, mom? Isn’t this nice?” And the mom would respond, “Oh yes, this is very nice music.” Then SLAM — Into the Void! HAHAHAH!

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  2. True story: My Mom has this friend who was clearing out some stuff and had found a small pile of old vinyls. A lot of them were throw-aways, some were wanted by others, but she passed my Mom this black-covered LP and said to give it to me. Mom does so, saying “I can’t even read what this is, do you want it?” Haha HELLS YES, MA!

    Another stone classic. And an excellent write-up from you, Deke! You really captured it. “Pummels your senses into a wall of Sabbath Sonics” is bloody well right!


    1. Sweet Leaf is a all time great hook Rich! I was talking about Sabbath at work with my buddy DaHeff and we agreed that it was amazing how high there creativity level was while they were polluted on things….


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