Black Sabbath/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath(1973)

This was the real first Sabbath album I heard courtesy of John Young (M.I.A) front to back back around the early 1980s or so. When I told you all about my first encounter with Sabbath was with Dave Cunis. He had all the Sabbath vinyl etc but my first actual listening expierence was Sabbath Bloody Sabbath so for that thanks John!

Tony,Ozzy,Geezer and Bill keep the Party Rollin with another classic Slab Of Metal along with a good dose of Party Treats!

You Bastards…..

SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH-What a opening riff! Bonafide classic! Tony nails this riff   right off the hop! Ozzy,Geezer and Bill join in a slam away at a awesome song that just builds and Ozzys vocals are real high here. Not that kinda high but high pitched as his singing just keeps getting better and better! Love the chill breakdown of the song and the buildup back of Tony’s guitar! Bill as he always does keeps everyone in check.” Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” sings Ozz followed by “Nothing More To Do. Living Just For Dying. Dying Just For You” Yup that’s to the point followed any another Iommi Classic burn on the fret board and Bill And Geezer roll out at real good end of the album jam….

A NATIONAL ACROBAT-Second song in and Sabbath is off into jam ville! This song shifts into a different gear. Less menacing than the opening title track. Still it’s Sabbath creeping along with a shot of sinister thrown in.

FLUFF- Time for Fluff! Keeping the traditon of chill-axing at Sabbath HQ’s Fluff is a Ozzy less (no vocal)piano and Iommi guitar driven mid tempo kind of tune! Fluff the title Sez it all …Light Devil Rock! Ha! Just like Solitude. The title says it all!

SABBRA  CADABRA-Awesome title. Sabbath Crank it back up to 10 and Bill does his Jazz Satan Like Swing Drum Fest and we’re off. Bill as you gathered by the other four previous albums is the Battery of the band leading the charge! Ozzy sounds good in this tune as he’s singing about some Voodoo Hoodoo Woman that’s on his mind. Tony Iommi is riffing at the end of each verse. Sabbath is rocking,make no mistake!

KILLING YOURSELF TO LIVE-I think next to the title track this is the second best tune on this album(my opinon). The song has a bunch of crazy demonic temple shifts and during the chorus I hear Soundgarden loud and clear! Why not right?! Sabbath Mach 1973 roll out a kinda deep down sludge(I’m not saying Grunge) creepy sleepy riff n roll and gives the world what we wanna hear! Killing Yourself To Live! Crank the video posted ! Listen to the song and tell me if I’m off  my rocker about the Soundgarden deal!

WHO ARE YOU-Wowzers this track is Sabbath jammimg around with a synth and man they are beyond Betty Crocker Baked! They are kinda messing around and who’s idea was this? Geezer was that you? Ha! These guys I give them credit as they were shaping different sonics  but man how high can you go? The song is just a spaced out tweaked out synth experience.

LOOKING FOR TODAY-After the Sabs unplug the synth they ramp back into Sabbath Single Land! Kinda,this has a almost dare I say it a poppy feel with some cool percussion but a kick in the pants by Satan to give it a boost into respectability. The tempo dictates a rapid speed rate for Sabbath.

SPIRAL ARCHITECT-End of the album Moody piece! It sweeps into a horizon of  full Sab landscape! Slow Cranky beginning…build’s up with the music with  Ozzy being Ozzy and Sabbath forging new Sonic Highways musically with themselves! Innovators and Originators Sabbath are!

Sabotage…..Coming up….

23 thoughts on “Black Sabbath/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath(1973)”

  1. This is another stone classic. Deke I’m really digging your run through all these albums. The thought briefly passed through my mind that maybe I should have done a series in tandem with yours, but that thought was truly brief. Why would I bother? You’re nailing it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for pointing that out Geoff! Haha….taking it too a new level of goofiness but seriously Who Are You is Sabbath higher than high …….if only kites could fly that high!


  2. Nice write-up again. Really enjoying this series, Deke … and looking forward to reading your thoughts on some of the Sabbath albums I’m less familiar with.


    1. Thanks J for reading along. Its been real good digging into this Sabbath albums as opposed to just listening to the tracks that we all know like Iron Man,Paranoid and War Pigs.
      That’s why it’s been interesting getting into the last two Sabbath Studio records ….
      Coming Soon..
      Cheap Hype…ha!


      1. I have them all here (I think), but tend to listen to the first four more than anything. There’s a few I haven’t listened to in years and some I haven’t listened to at all!

        This series will be a reminder and a bit of a light the further along it goes! Cheers!

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  3. I might be wrong but I always thought Ozzy came up with Who Are You. On the Osbournes TV show, he and Jack find the old synthesizer in the basement that it was recorded on, and Ozzy pulled it out and started playing WHo Are You. But that’s the only reason I assume them.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I wouldn’t lie to you bud. There he was with Jack having pulled out that old synth, and Ozzy played this riff. Wish I knew what episode it was but I haven’t watched that show in 10 years at least.

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