Black Sabbath/Sabotage(1975)

Geez man that’s a Creepy Cover! Than again I shouldn’t say much myself as I’m a walking fashion diaster but Sabbath is not gonna make any Teeny Bopper Magazines circa  1975 like 16 or any of those print media publications with those crazy looking threads. What does matter though is that inside the sleeve is a Hard Rock continuation of classics put forth by Black Sabbath!

HOLE IN THE SKY-Sabbath on album number 6 kick out the jams with the Sabotage opener! Ozzy sounds like he’s about to bite the head of a bat here as his voice right off the hop is full of piss n vinegar mixed with a shot of Evil. Bill Ward drives the drums with cymbals a smashing almost Keith Moon like in approach. Iommi and Butler crank riff over riff.

DON’T START(TOO LATE)-Once the sonic opener of Hole In The Sky is finished here’s Tony and his acoustic are relaxing with a nice little piece of music to make everyone let there guard down than……BOOM INTO…..

SYMPTOM OF THE UNIVERSE-Bam!!! You want a menacing opening  kick you in the ass opening Riff? Symptom delivers just that! Iommi is on fire with his Gibson SG and what a set of chords to lead the charge. Geezer and Bill are locked n loaded and they just rock it real hard! Ozzys back and he’s taking us through the centuries. What a crazy good song as Bill goes all apeshit on his drums. Dig the quick start stop of the drums right before the solo. Sabbath is not losing steam at all if anything there gaining traction so what’s next?

MEGALOMANIA-Whoah! Megalomania is one big epic piece of Sabbath Prog Gone To Hell Rocka Rolla! Seriously this tune starts like your sitting in a castle with  Ozzy and your about to get your noggin cut off and in strolls Bill with some cowbell. Atmospheric is this song! Some real huge riffs and you can hear where Zakk Wylde(Ozzys solo guitarist) learnt from Iommi on this song! The band wails all over the musical map! This is a lesson taught by Four Professors(Iommi,Ward,Butler and Osbourne) who are polluted to the max but when Hells Bells rings at 12 Noon they open there Musical Lunchbox and school everyone on how Devil Prog is done! Gem I  Say!

THE THRILL OF IT ALL-Big time Riff driven song with Iommi in the drivers seat! The song stomps and I love the crunch of Tony’s guitar. Thrill Of It All at some points (middle point of the song) I hear some Who Like Synth creeping in to enhance the sonics.

SUPERTZAR-Do you really think we were gonna sneak out of a Sabbath album without a creepy sinister sounding song? Not on Sabotage folks! This is a piece of music that sounds like Hell has hit Disneyland! Tony’s guitar is huge but behind him is a wall of strings and a Choir that’s gonna give  you nightmares into next week. Sabbath Haunting Sabbath! This is a Ozzy less track of your wondering….

AM I GOING INSANE-The wheels are coming off the Sabs! Ozzy sings this song like he coming unglued at the seams and he probably was as all of Sabbath were. Geezer pounds a decent throbbing bass line that leads the tune into the looney bin! Kind of a psychadelic sounding Sabbath. Wirly Twirly vibes are on tap here.

THE WRIT-Cue Ozzy laughing at the beginning and laughing and laughing! The Writ is another huge chug of epicness! Over 8 minutes of Sabbath over the musical horizon. The Writ is a slow menacing track that weaves its way around different time changes and cue up some mandolin at one point and hop aboard with Geez,Bill,Tony and The Ozz as the good ship SS Sabbath leaves the port. The Writ Is where it’s at.

See you all back here next week for some (Technical) Ecstasy!



20 thoughts on “Black Sabbath/Sabotage(1975)”

  1. This is the last of the Sabbath albums that I know really well. Always figured the first six are their best. Inspired to revisit the others as you post about ’em!

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    1. The general school of thought is that the first six are the “essential six”. HOwever as Deke will show us next time, Technical Ecstasy has plenty of merit! And I have grown very fond of Never Say Die. They are not on the same level as the “essential six”, but they are very good.

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      1. Look forward to your thoughts on these Mike as well…..don’t want too say to much as I need to do do some Shatz Hyping …haha…
        But yeah good comment Ol chap!

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    2. Thanks J…. It was a interesting spin through them(haven’t quite finished Yammerimg about Never Say Die yet) …look forward to your thoughts on them….


  2. Sorry bit late to the party here but I really enjoyed your review. This was the first Sabbath LP for me that wasn’t a total classic from start to finish, the first sign that they might actually have been mortals.

    I find the production a bit odd-sounding on this one.


    1. Your never late dude! No worries! It must have been crazy for Sabbath to keep at the lifestyle choices yet write and record albums…I couldn’t even imagine! Haha…
      The production end sounds ok to me it’s the next album that the production was having issues well to my ears anyways! Hahaha….
      Megalomania though is so off the grid cool….man that tune blows me away!
      As always thanks for dropping by Mr 1537!


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