Achtung Bono

When it comes to U2 I’m kinda a Fuddy Duddy with them. My pal Muc was the guy back in 1984 who first told me about them as he was raving about U2’s Live Under The Blood Red Sky E.P that was recorded at Red Rocks.

Muc played me Sunday Bloody Sunday and I agree it was good but for me at the time it was about  Heaven’s On Fire by Kiss! Ha! Seriously though there was so much music floating around so some stuff would pass by me. U2 1984 kinda did. Muc though kept raving about them…

1985 U2 releases The Unforgettable Fire album and with all the hype floating around on it and a pretty good leadoff single(Pride In The Name Of Love) I was onboard(purchased the cassette).

1987 and everyone has Joshua Tree and I can admit it was pretty good. Man those songs were slammed down our ear drums. With Or Without  You to be honest I can’t handle that one anymore but In Gods Country,Where The Streets Have No Name,Bullet The Blue Sky are deadly tracks. U2 1987 = Everywhere!

1988 and U2 release Rattle And Hum and it’s awesome! I’m not gonna say much as I plan on spinning some words on this one along with the next studio album that followed in 1991. That album was Achtung Baby! These two U2 albums are classics! Achtung just falls outside my all time Top 15 so right there you all know I hold it in high regard.

The followup releases Zooropa (1993)and Pop (1997)especially lost me. Alright I get it bands tend too well keep pushing forward with different sounds and all to often they fall into a trap of basically which I would call plain and simple…. Garbage!

Now just  for the record I bought those two albums and to this day those tunes like  Numb (yikes!) and Lemon (seriously?) I just lost interest! Bono wanted to be President of Whatever and it’s good to pledge a cause but seriously do you need to ram your spiel down my throat?

U2 came unglued and there next few releases I found myself buying again and I was  aboard the U2 hype machine like it was 1985 again!

The later day U2 albums(All That You Can’t Leave Behind and Vertigo) had some decent stuff(Elevation is a Friggin good song) but it’s been years since I dusted them off and spun em!

New Line On The Horizon(studio album) I totally passed and of course…..

Songs Of Innocence(album) when Bono,U2 and the Apple marketing machine took it upon themselves to dump their new album on all apple devices worldwide!

That morning when I seen Songs Of Innocence on my iPad it  intrigued me. My first thought was “Wowzers! Deadly …Free Music!” Like any music freak I was totally  into free legit music!

Once I guzzled back my 6 am coffee and the early morning cob webs were dusted off the inside of my noggin I first thought how the hell did Apple get this through everything that I use personally(iPad  and iPod) right onto my two devices? Breach ? Myself I was like wow that’s crazy!

The classic line came from my oldest daughter Kylee whose first words to me  that morning was “What’s this U2 thingy doing on my phone and how do I get it off!!” Hahaha…..

Not just Kylee, my two twin daughters Lexie and Lauren as well wanted it off their devices! Even my wife Sue(The Boss) was like “where did and how could they do it too everyone’s devices and  get away with it”

Houston To Bono…. We Got A Problem Here!…….

Bono, take my house for instance. We have 5 people living here. 4 people wanted your album gone.. asap! Man do the math, that’s not good! Myself, the album is still sitting in the  cloud floating around Apple space waiting for me to push Download! Maybe some day I will….

How could U2 think that there ego is so big that they would think everyone would want a freebie album?

I would like to know the numbers that used the uninstaller to rub U2s Album off there Apple devices?

Of course Millions still love U2  and buy their albums and flock to there live show! More power to Ya….

Myself ….Nope …out of my missed Live shows category The Achtung Baby tour  I regret missing (1991-1992). That show looked huge….since than…no interest…

Bono. It’s not all bad,come back Friday for some Rattle & Hum!



23 thoughts on “Achtung Bono”

  1. How can one man be so wrong?!!! Zooropa is a Top 20 LP for me any day, whereas R&H bores my tits off.

    Good job we’re all mature enough to discuss this in a grown up way – Mr Deke Fart Pants!!

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  2. Hahaha…I can totally see you digging Zooropa! To each there own I suppose. It should come as no surprise to you though that I’m a straight ahead Rock guy. Don’t mind bands change it up a bit but to take a left turn and drive the U2 music bus off of a cliff and call it Zooropa was too much of a shift for me..
    Fair enough though man….hahaha…..


    Mr Deke Fart Pants!

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  3. I am with you there….preferred the early U2 stuff, skipped Zoo and Pop, started liking then again in subsequent albums. I gave the last album a 6.8 out of 10. Looking forward to R & H!

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    1. Wow that’s interesting about the last album. Not a bad rating….no one talks about it. Kinda weird. I will give them there due though it’s a interesting catalogue of work.


  4. Fuck Apple!

    I’m always willing to listen to a new U2 album before I judge, but these guys haven’t done anything I even remotely cared about since Beautiful Day. And that was mostly because “Thank god it’s a rock song and not a song about a discoteque”.

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    1. hahaha…..actually another decent tune was Vertigo i like the fuzzed up guitar on that track and as i recall it was the first song on that record and the only one i remember from the Dismantle album.

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  5. Nice post Deke – I’m always curious to hear the moment when people lost interest in a group.
    I thought all you can’t leave behind was a return to form but I haven’t heard much (nor been terribly interested in hearing much) since.
    I think with U2 I felt, they’ve said what I think they needed to say, and so I just lost interest. How is Achtung celebrating anniversary #25 already?!

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    1. Achtung 25! That is indeed crazy Geoff. I wondered what people’s thoughts would be on this rant by me but its been real interesting how U2 has lost some people along the way except for 1537 who is thrashing out to Zooropa as i type this..


  6. Cool post, Deke! I’ve actually had my own, er, rant on this subject in the hopper for quite a while. You beat me to it!

    I’m like you, I’m a fuddy duddy when it comes to these guys. I liked most of it up to and including Rattle And Hum. And that’s where we differ. I didn’t love Achtung. I didn’t hate it either. I played it lots, at the time but that was the one where I got off the bus. I haven’t played it in years. I didn’t think Ieven owned it anymore but a quick check just now shows it in my iTunes so apparently I still do!

    But everything after that one? Here, take all of my Nopes. I haven’t liked anything they’ve done in so long, I can’t even really call myself a fan anymore. Just a nostalgic old was-a-fan-ages-ago.

    I owned an iPod (but not iPhone or iPad) at the time, and I never got that freebie album. Weird. I’d have deleted it anyway. I also remember they had a U2 edition iPod, came preloaded with all their albums. It was red. For a charity, I think?

    Anyway, I have a rant about Bono, too. Get me drunk, it’s a doozy!

    Cool post Deke, I’m glad there’s stuff you dig in the heaps of their output.

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    1. Ha release it…..for some reason Achtung was so good i have no idea why it stuck with me all these years later a lot of was the Lanois/Eno production as everything back than(1991) was slick and glossy and heres u2 of all bands making racket with the production and hooking me along like a junkie looking for tinfoil!
      Look forward to your Bono Blast!


  7. Achtung Baby was the last worthwhile U2 album, I reckon. Aside from the Johnny Cash appearance, Zooropa was junk. Dare say it all went downhill when Bono developed that messiah complex he has going on.

    I actually grabbed that U2 album when they touted it around everyone’s iTunes. Horrible. A waste of zero pennies!

    Bring back The Fly!

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