Sonrisa Salvaje

This pic was taken at a show a few weeks back where the DLR 1986 band was gonna have a reunion but the Fire Marshall cancelled due to overcrowding.

Ok so this pic was taken above with Steve Vai/Gregg Bisonette/David Lee Roth and Billy Sheehan back in early December (2015)where Dave was gonna reunite the Eat Em Band(first time since 1986) for a night but due to overcrowding at a club(2,000 waiting to get in)the Fire Marshall axed the show. So no go …what a total piss off Sez I!

This band kicked serious ass back in 1986 on record and on stage so it would be real cool if they did another go round in 2016! Vai is still a monster on guitar! Sheehan is still a freak of nature  on bass while Bisonette still mashes the drums! In other words the musical portion of this band would still have the A game! Dave is Dave man…take it or leave it! With this band I’m taking it! I would love to hear that Eat Em stuff played live again and not the Yankee Roses or Goin Crazys but more of the Bump N Grind,Big Trouble,Shyboy tunes from the debut! F’in rights! Bring it boys!

Word on the street is Dave’s contract is done with VH and once again so are they with Dave! In other words no more albums or tours with Roth….Adios I guess is in order!

Now take a look at that pic above! Dave rejoined VH in 2007 and I don’t think I ever seen a VH band Roth included  backstage shot where they looked happy with each other and here’s Dave rolling in backstage with Vai and crew and he looks like he wants to be there …

Food for thought….

24 thoughts on “Sonrisa Salvaje”

  1. The trio should probably just jam some sick music and have DLR do some guest vocals on some of the bluesier material. That would be the only way such a reunion would work. Dave can’t sing live anymore, thats been proven.

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    1. Mmmm.yeah somewhat….songs like Big Trouble, Dave is just mush mouthing along so some would work others wouldn’t but I would like to hear this band shred it up at some point!


  2. I personally don’t think Van Hagar will happen. I think Sammy:
    A) doing well enough in his own
    B) does not need the drama
    C) is loyal to Michael Anthony

    A few one off shows may work. It might be nice to see a Van Halen world tour with one or both of Sammy’s bands opening. Waboritas first opener, Chickenfoot second, Van Halen headliner. Sammy can hang with his crew and.only see the Van Halens while on stage. Win/win and talk about having your cake and eat it too. And imagine the money.

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    1. I think the VH bros know that Sam is there only option. Whether he’s willing to do it remains to be seen.
      It could happen as Wolf is doing his album and Tremonti …so Anthony could slide back in and Ed could use that as the reason ….
      As well as Sam is the only way for the Bros to stay in the arenas and sheds! A fourth singer can’t even be considered with dudes in there early 60s…
      I could be totally wrong as the bros may even call on Sass Jordan again….haha


      1. The one thing that VH should NOT do, which is probably the thing they want to do, is get a brand new singer. As Deke says back in the VHIII days there was talk of Sass Jordan and Mitch Malloy. But I 100% agree with Deke — NO FOURTH SINGER. Unless it’s me. In that case, OK. I reluctantly can accept a VH4 with me singing. But no fucking red M&Ms.

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      2. No one would buy a ticket! They had a hard time selling tickets on the Cherone tour and Vh were playing a ton of old stuff…the public weren’t buying into it….


  3. Damn, too bad they shut that down. Talk about a supergroup.

    I’m not really up on the whole Van Halen/Van Hagar whatever thing, I just want them to be happy making music. That’s where it counts (and the end product would tell the tale).

    Cool pic Deke!


      1. I can see the headlines.

        Sammy Hagar has been attacked by the same tiger that attacked Roy.

        When asked for a comment David Lee Roth said “Humala bebuhla zeebuhla boobahla humala bebuhla zeebahla bop.”


  4. What a great snap, huh? I’m obviously new to Eat ‘Em And Smile, but I’d like to see this lot get on board with some sort of reunion.

    Without knowing all the VH dramas, I can’t see how Roth isn’t their only option. Ultimately too much has been said by Ed and Hagar to even suggest that would work out, eh?


    1. True J ….but I could not see Halen scaling back everything and starting from scratch with a 4th lead singer…..time isn’t on there side anymore and they were lazy to begin with…..


      1. Surely that would make doing what they’re doing with DLR the best option? I don’t care what anyone says, he sounds great on the last album and he clearly was all for putting on a show during the tours.

        … but then, like you say, those guys there are clearly enjoying being around each other.


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