Vancouver ShakeDown

Back in early February I was lucky enough to visit the great city of Vancouver British Columbia and hangout with my good friends Metal Todd and his wife Nicole. On one rainy Friday afternoon Nicole asked me if I wanted to check out Stanley Park. “Hell’s Yes!” said I and after having lunch along with Metal Todd’s brother Jordan(Metal Todd unfortunately was working) Myself and Nic started the drive towards Stanley Park. Traffic though was backed up quite a bit(downtown) so in between our conversations in the background Nic had her radio dial set  on Jack Fm 96.6.

Jack Fm is not a metal Station. They do play rock so I thought it would be fun and different to write about some of the songs that to be honest a lot of these tunes I don’t own but due to their success years ago between radio and video airplay there etched in my  brain somewhere.

These songs are ones I do remember and are not in any particular order.

One Week-Barenaked Ladies,and when we were having lunch we talked about Quirkiness and of course I spun the angle of music Quirkiness and for myself that would be Cheap Trick(old school quirky) The Cars (new wave quirky ) and Weezer (alternative quirky). When we were stuck in traffic on came One Week and Nic stated “Speaking Of Quirkiness!” BNL are just that this  song is goofball-itis with its goofy half rap,bit of talk ,bit of rock. But I tell Ya the part when BNL goes into  the pre chorus is the hook! Frigg  man a catchy hook is a catchy hook.

Jesse’s Girl-Rick Springfield man I remember when this song hit huge pay dirt when I was  in Highschool. It was a staple on Casey Kasem’s Top 10 weekly countdown Saturday afternoons at 12 pm on TV. I think it crossed over into my buddy Mucs house as he had a copy of Working Class Dog! Rick being the troublemaker wants his buddy’s chick. Ahh shit this ain’t gonna end very well Rick! Walk away dude ….walk away!

This Time-More Canadian Rock via Mr Adams. This Time is a great catchy tune. The verses are the money shot here with that eery creepy keyboard lurking in the background (with blasts of huge percussion like gun shots)and this is (pre sappy Robin Hood ballad )Adams  before he made a huge dent in the music scene but after this and many other singles from Cuts Like A Knife everyone knew Adams deal! When you think of Canadian AOR Rock. This track has to be in the mix.

Holiday-Green Day kick some ass on this track! The drums courtesy of Tre Cool drive the Day Train to the Station while Billy Joe Armstromg lays down a good vocal and the pre chorus and chorus are real good! Great song!

The Joker-Who doesn’t have Steve Millers Greatest Hits hold your hands up. Yup I got this and it’s the only Steve Miller Band album I own. Props to this guy as he can tour every year just playing the Hits! The Joker is a laid back no make that a real laid back tune. Space Cowboy indeed! Now I know what your gonna say. Deke likes a Greatest Hits set? Yup this one is a all time great! Think I may have to review it at some point!

Mrs Robinson- Out of all the tracks here this one caught my ear right away as I hadn’t heard it about 20 years! The Lemonheads were their name and  cashing out a one hit wonder cover was the game. They do it justice and the bass on this is fantastic as it pushes the tune along and of course for good measure toss in some catchy ‘ do do do’s ” etc  and it’s a sure-fire winner! Whatever happened to that Evan Dando guy anyways! This song  was a great flashback…

Now. Metal Todd drove me out to the airport a day later and it was God Flesh that was playing in his car and what better way to start your day with some Real  Metal at 6:30 am! Aaaaaaaarghhhhh M-E-T-A-L!!

Great story Metal Todd told me as these guys especially the singer/guitarist( Justin Broadwick) crashed and burned literally personally  and professionally and a few years later  bounced back with the bass player(G.C Green) and with a drum machine metalled their way back to the public even into a Vancouver a show at which Metal Todd tossed the horns live at them  in salute!

FYI- Vancouver Shakedown by Nazareth(video posted) was not played on the radio that day! I needed a cool title for this little tale of visiting the Big City! Cool old school Naz tune! Enjoy!



13 thoughts on “Vancouver ShakeDown”

  1. Barenaked Ladies are quirky, but One Week was the end to me. That was them trying to get on American radio, and it worked. Too bad! Straw Hat & Old Dirty Hank was way better and a direction they could have stuck to!

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      1. I’ll share a story I probably have shared on Aaron’s site before. I saw them in 1996 on the Born on a Pirate Ship tour. It was their final tour with pianist/percussionist Andy Creegan. My sister will insist he was the most talented member and she’s actually planning a collaboration project with him.

        Anyway, Born on a Pirate Ship was the most “serious” sounding album they had done yet. There was one tune on it called “Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank” that was about this dude who was stalking Anne Murray. It was a cool sound. I dug it. So I saw them live on that tour.

        Whatever was wrong with Steven Page that night, I don’t know, but he was intense. He seemed angry. He didn’t talk much or joke around. His performance was really intense. He let Ed do most of the talking and joking. It was quite a good show. Goofy yes, there’s a singalongs and whatnot, but it’s hard not to get sucked into the vibe.


      2. I’m not too familiar enough with them to even appreciate fully what this all means to the band other than their most talented chap left. Seems about the time they started ‘making waves’ ovef here? And one of the fellas was pretty annoyed about it? … but yeah, never really my thing. Bits I’ve heard since haven’t changed my opinion of ’em.

        Still, hurrah for your sister looking to do a collaboration with the one that got away! Fingers crossed that pans out!

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      3. I would say the takeaway from this story is, “the most talented chap left right before they turned even more commercial and hit it big in the US.”


  2. This time might be my favourite BA track!
    The Lemonheads had a really good album ‘it’s a shame about Ray’ in 1992 as well – I think the 12 songs run for about 29 minutes, so it’s an excellent, and efficient, listen!

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  3. The Lemonheads were a favourite of mine back in the 90s. Actually chatting about them over at Bruce’s place a few weeks back, as he visited 96’s Car Button Cloth. Great album. Dando also has a great solo album called Baby, I’m Bored. Teriffic album.

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  4. Wow man, if you add up the times on all those songs, you were stuck in traffic quite a while! haha I’ve heard that about Vancouver. That was quite a mix, too. And how many commercials and station plugs did you hear between all of that? I remember doing a week of different radio stations and the number of interruptions to the music sent me straight back to my CDs and iPod!


    1. Yeah it was a while, their were other songs but I can’t recall. I don’t think there was that many commercials to be honest but than again I was geeking out like a tourist! Haha…


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