Rock 101/Zakk Wylde-Bringing Metal To The Childern

imagePicked up this book on my trip out to Vancouver at a real cool shop called The Book Warehouse. It’s a real homey chill store as they have hundred of recently new book titles discounted so if you want to pay full price for books  you can go a few more blocks up West Broadway to the Indigo Book Store!

I’ve been meaning to pick up this book for a few years now but never got around to it but when I seen it for $8.99 it was a no brainer!

Zakk Wlyde as we all know was Ozzy’s former guitarist/ sidekick for many a year and when Zakk left and formed his own band Black Label Society (which he continues to this day) I guess a book was in order as well since many musicians it seems nowadays write their own bio’s!

Except Zakk went a different route with his book as it’s not so much a biography but a book of touring and seriously this guy should have been a comedian! Frigg the dude is funny as hell and in this day and age of everything seriousness Zakk goes a different route and writes about his tales of touring and recording life and a ton of war stories about his days in Ozzy’s band and now  that Zakk is sober it’s still a hilarious read.

Basically Zakk is a Viking well those around him call that by his look and he just says it takes the piss out of everything so he just lets it roll to keep everyone amused. Berzerker’s is what Zakk calls himself and his fans.

The book is co written by Eric Hendrix who is basically Zakk’s point counterpoint kinda fella and they verbally spar each other chapter after chapter! ( don’t let the kids read this book ..just saying!)

The book is broken into 6 Chapters. Even the Chapter Titles are classic. Case in point Chapter 4 titled “No Shitting On The Bus” and Chapter 6 “Psssst Don’t Tell The Warden” hahaha….

Zakk spins a great life philosophy on all aspects of his career. From growing up in New Jersey, how he went about auditioning and getting the Ozzy Osbourne guitar gig. Going solo,family life and just general life stories all spun in a hilarious way on how it’s written.

One of the great stories is we all know he got the Ozzy gig so when Ozzy told him he got the job the first thing Ozzy told him was to make The Ozz a ham sandwich and to go light on the mustard!

Zakk,should do a speaking only tour! Man that would be something to see…

This book if you come across pick it up! It’s a great read!

11 thoughts on “Rock 101/Zakk Wylde-Bringing Metal To The Childern”

  1. Sounds like Neil Young could have benefited from taking this approach!

    I don’t know much about this chap other than he was Ozzy’s guitarist though I was actually listening to Book of Shadows the other day. I only have that and Pride & Glory. They come before the Black Label Society, huh?


    1. I found the Young and Keef book long and winded J! This one is just filled with life stories..funny as hell……pick it up if u come across it. You don’t even have to be a hardcore fan of Zakk’s to dig this…..

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      1. Will do, Deke. Maybe a good way to start finding out more about the chap – less of the facts and more ‘he seems like a hoot’.

        (I actually quite liked Keef’s book, but I didn’t even make it halfway through Young’s!)


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