Ratt/Ratt (1983)


This is my fourth Ratt album review! Mötley Crüe I have reviewed 7 of their albums (5 of them are 1980s releases). What I’m getting at is after all these years when I compare the 80s output and compare the two bands (Motley and Ratt) it’s Ratt that in my opinion had the better recorded output. With Ratt’s stuff,Reach For The Sky was a dicey one at best. Where as the Crue had some real patchy albums with Theatre Of Pain and Girls Girls Girls leading the way. But back in the 80s I never picked up on this as Nikki sold me on the image,the live shows the cool threads,the motorcycles,the chicks where Ratt it was just the same look same everything image wise about them except the Ratt albums were pretty consistent with some real cool good material.

Ha! Who woulda thunk it!

Ratt released this Ep back in 1983 on their Time Coast Label and this 6 song firecracker is a full-out rock attack.

Stephen Pearcy(vocals) Warren DeMartini (guitar) Juan Croucier(bass) Robbin Crosby (guitar,RIP) and Bobby Blotzer(drums) let the world know that there gonna be Infested! Hahaha….that was brutal….

SWEET CHEATER-Blotzer rolls out the double bass to get the proceeding underway and this is a solid kick in the ass to set things in motion! The sound is on the raw side with the guitars being a little trebly but who cares! What a way to enter the hard rock sweepstakes back in 1983! This song punches gas and DeMartini lays down the solo of which many more good ones were to follow.

YOU THINK YOUR TOUGH-Dig the opening riff! The lyrics as well are slick as its’s a well built mid tempo Rock track that features bassist Juan singing a line right before Ratt sleazes into the chorus. Great simple yet effective solo.

U GOT IT-Pearcy punches  the RATT Rocket forward and U Got It If You Want It is a great quick Ratt N Roller track that  takes no prisoners. Quick little ditty of a track as it sleazes just over the 3 minute mark. Believe it was there opener on the Out Of The Cellar Tour(1984)

TELL THE WORLD-Blotzer and the boys launch right into this song off the get go! Tell The World is another good song. Blotzer smashes the cymbals during the choruses and like so many Ratt tracks that were to follow DiMartini takes over!

BACK FOR MORE-Ahhh so this track did appear when the suits signed RATT to Atlantic Records but they chopped out the middle part of this tune where it breaks down in the middle and then builds back up and Warren takes over with the solo! Actually on this version Blotzer does a nice job drumming I mean let’s call it right here. Ratt could play their instuments and write a decent hook n melody! Back For More here proves it! If you recall the video for this tune Ratt enlisted Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx to play cops in the clip!

WALKIN THE DOG-Ratt wants to do this cover tune some justice just like Aerosmith did and does! Too be honest this cover kinda falls short as I would have preferred another original still though it’s all right! Now just go…..Walking The Dog!

FINAL YAMMER- Ratt 1983 did this album their own way and I’m sure let everyone know they were gonna be players in the Wham Bam Thank Ya Mam L.A Sleazestakes! The rawness and enthusiasm here shows as Ratt just go for the throat!






14 thoughts on “Ratt/Ratt (1983)”

  1. I bought a few Ratt LPs a while back but still haven’t listened to them. I remember browsing and looking at this one and another customer leaned in next to me and whispered “buy it” haha. So I did!

    (Although I think mine is a later version than yours. It got remixed or something didn’t it?)

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    1. What are the other albums you bought in regards to Ratt?
      This album was reissued by Atlantic and it has a color pic of the band on the back. The Time Coast version (this one ) has a black n white shot of the band….

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      1. Out Of The Cellar is the biggie seller one in which I need to review at some point along with Detonator! Cellar you will enjoy it’s got all those 80s trimmings which we love! Ha!

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  2. YOU THINK YOU’RE TOUGH! Harder than stone. YOU THINK YOU’RE THOUGH! Your talk’s getting old.

    I bought this EP for one song — it’s all pretty good but that’s the one I wanted. I was confused when I got Cellar! “Where’s You Think You’re Tough”? Ozzy and Motley in the video…how the mighty have fallen.

    Thanks Deke!


  3. Still need to do some real Ratt listening. I tend to tgink of them as one of those shambolic sleeze bands that have attitude but nothing else. Sounds like I might be wrong, though!

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    1. Ha! Shambolic Sleazestakes I should have added! Some good stuff on those albums nothing to cringeworthy actually unlike a lot of others at the time!


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