Metallica/March 10/1985…. Los Angeles CA

Metallica recently released Deluxe Editions of there first two albums Kill Em All and Ride The Lightening. On both of these reissues they seem to have done it right with a slew of demo tracks and unreleased live shows from that era (1983 and 1985).

The live dynamic of a bands output has always intrigued me  forever. Though a band’s music would no matter how good it sounded in the studio always would  have a little more edge live( as long as the band didn’t  mess with fixing up the performance in the studio)

iTunes has both of these deluxe editions for sale. They run about $75 each without any packaging which if you’re gonna drop that kinda dough you need the physical product as a book is included with each and to see the credits etc. This is my knock on iTunes for that kind of cash  at least toss in the digital books along with the albums if one is dropping $75!

The good thing about iTunes  though is you can just pay for individual tracks and in this case there was no way I was dropping $75 on these albums but I wanted to at least nab a live show from this era of the band.

I did a bit of homework read some reviews and decided to go with the March 1985 Ride The Lightening show from Los Angeles. Basically it cost about $15 which is pretty good actually so  I delved in and pushed click!

This period of Metallica has always intrigued as they were fast man! These dudes as in James Hetfield(vocals),Lars Ulrich(drums) Kirk Hammett(guitar) and the late Cliff Burton( bass) basically ramped everything up and for me this was all the speed metal I needed. Of course there are heavier faster bands out there at the time but Tallica was heavy enough for me…

Things that come to my mind about this show is the  “Go For The Throat ” mentality  Metallica adapts here! Fight Fire With Fire sets the pace for that nights show! Lars and Guitars just blitz at a rapid rate. It’s funny how you forget how young  James sounds singing!( than again I was 17 when this show was recorded) Full of Piss N Vinegar is in his voice and he does sing good on this album. Thats perhaps the main reason I can handle old school Tallica as the dude does sing and it’s not a continuous ” Aaaaaaaargh” all the time. I can live with this.

Of course one of the drawing features as well is Cliff Burtons bass playing as the guy is a beast on that  4 String Rickenbacker! (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth ( great title) is Burtons bass solo and man what a heavy supped up sound and listen to his fingers wail all over that Bass! Holy Shit comes to mind! Its real cool when towards the end of Cliffs solo Lars joins in and then do a rapid fire one two bass and drum punch that leads right into one of my favourite Metallica tracks For Whom The Bell Tolls as Cliff and Lars control the tempo  while Kirk plays a super cool lead in on guitar. Click the vid below and watch Burton man….phenomenal!

I recall when reading all the Metal Magazines back than (especially Kerrang) that Metallica liked the booze and the party that went with it even so much as there were Alcoholica  t-shirts floating around at the time so it amazes me with all the shenanigans going on they could compose a tune like Fade To Black. This tune is Metal done right it builds from the chillness up. Great all round performance by the band and YUP 31 years later it still freaks me out how good this tune  was and is! Of note the video I  posted is from the show that night but its not the  deluxe edition song as Metallica cleaned up the sound a bit but this version gives you a idea how it was back than and how it was sounding  bootlegged….

The Kill Em All material you can hear Kirk play Dave Mustaines solos. Well you can hear Mustaines vibe on these tracks like Phantom Lord and No Remorse. Interesting to hear it now as back than I would have never picked out Dave’s style at all on Kill Em ALL.

James when he talks to the crowd calls them ‘FREAKS” ha ha…but in a complimentary kinda metal way circa 85!

The band sonically that night is heavy and its a good representation of an era of the band starting to slowly take over the universe!

Metallica Setlist
at Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA, USA

The Ecstasy of Gold
(Ennio Morricone song)

Fight Fire With Fire

Ride the Lightning

Phantom Lord

(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth

For Whom the Bell Tolls

No Remorse

Fade to Black

Seek & Destroy



Creeping Death

Guitar Solo

Am I Evil?




50 thoughts on “Metallica/March 10/1985…. Los Angeles CA”

  1. Yeah, that is totally a knock on iTunes – $75 and no digital book? But, tell me, does iTunes often include digital sleevenotes with their e-music? The only album I ever got from iTunes was U2’s freebie, and I don’t think digital sleevenotes came with that one.

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    1. Some new releases do like Maidens Book Of Souls came with the digital book while others that I bought recently like Bad Company didn’t. It’s hit or miss why some do and others don’t. Bloody U2 high jack everyones Apple account and they can’t even toss in the booklet …hahahaha….mine is still waiting to be downloaded as well….
      Thanks for stopping by Sarca!

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      1. A U2 sing-along would be excellent. They should seriously consider that as a deluxe set. Album and DVD with Bono’s head bouncing over the words …


  2. Thanks for posting this. Mr Books will probably freak out when he reads what I have to say but I am skipping these. I’m not made of money and this reissue project is way too expensive for me to collect. There are other things in the world and I’m not the fan I once was.

    Great review though!

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      1. It is too bad eh? And don’t forget, to get ALL the songs, you had to buy from Metallica’s site directly.

        If Tallica was my fault band of all time, I’d make budget for this. But they’re not. They are one of many bands I love!

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    1. But your made of Steel Mikey! Yeah very expensive! U can buy bothe reissues for $340 or something like that….hahaha…U want Creeping Death….we will give u 6 versions of Creeping Death!


    2. Is it all or nothing with these sets or can one just purchase the remasters with all the bonus stuff? Really though I am going to wait to hear what they do with Justice before I take the plunge on any of these.

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      1. You can pay for each individual track…it’s steep(to pay for the whole deluxe edition) but at least iTunes has that option…


      1. Yeah,
        I still buy the physical that are essentials and on top of that I pay $120 a year to access the history of music. I wouldn’t buy the deluxe remastered editions of Kill and Ride but I will listen to them.

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      2. $10 a month that’s a slick deal! I’m old school by that I went from the Walkman to the Discman to the MP3 to the IPod ….basically 3 Decades right there hahahaha…..

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  3. I’ve heard this one (I wonder where?) and it’s awesone. Thanks for posting, Deke.

    “it’s not a continuous ” Aaaaaaaargh” all the time” made me LOL.

    Shame they didn’t have the booklet. It must’ve at least had the album art.

    These reissues are too damn expensive. Shame, it cuts out a lot of fans.

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  4. Nice post, Deke. Can’t believe there’s no additional digi files with the iTunes download. Fairly poor show (from the label / band really). The music sounds great, though!

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      1. Yeah – that’s a bit steep. Different if it was a physical product with bobbles and ribbons and suchlike, though!


  5. Well, time for the Apple fanboy to speak. So I spend the $15 per month on Apple Music and I know you can get fre music from a lot of different places. But for me and my family this is an easy music solution. Anyway, Deke showed me this album on iTunes during coffe a few weeks back and man am I ever glad he did. There is NO way I would pay $75 for it though. But I’ve forgoten how good this album is. Stereo is all the way up.

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    1. Noice! Glad your digging it ironically enough ITunes didn’t really push these that much. I read about them and seen them posted on there and that’s where the homework began….pick a show! One Show!


  6. A few years ago I would have given this review just a cursory glance because I wasn’t more than a casual Metallica fan. Then I wrote my series on their discography, immersing myself in their catalog for more than a month, and I grew to like them a lot more than I ever did. Of course, my brain also hurt for about a month afterwards…I’m not a full-time metalhead, after all. Thanks for reminding me about these reissues. I’m still not a big enough fan to splurge for the box sets, but now that I’ve been using Spotify to supplement my music listening while saving money on certain releases in the process, I will give them a listen there as soon as I have time. I think I’ll jump straight to this particular live performance first.

    Ironic that the original anti-Napster band can now be played for free and they’ll get a micro-fraction of a penny each time I listen.

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    1. For sure Rich I wonder what Lars is thinking with his music out there on stuff like Spotify….
      That’s pretty impressive that you went on a Metallic Monthly Binge! Aaron listened to Motley Crue for a straight week and said after he felt dirty and needed to take a shower…HAHA…I love that …
      For myself I’m still just on my iPod(music only) that’s how I justify paying ITunes as they keep the price down….
      Thanks for dropping by….
      Good to hear from you around these parts….

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      1. Although, now I’ve had a look back, I can’t see where I got that from! It does look like, as soon as they got ownership of their catalogue, that they were able to strike special deals with Spotify and iTunes to make it more worthwhile for them to have their music on those platforms. So maybe it’s not shares… but they get special terms anyway!


      2. Yeah, at least with the Zep boxes if you couldn’t afford the super boxes you still were getting all the music on the double disc editions. If they bring out a box of the early demos I’d be really tempted to spring for that but these, I can pass on. And, according to Ron McGovney, the demos project has been “shelved”


      3. Basically. That was just one of the demos. Then I imagine there would have been live stuff with the various Mustaine lineups and the Metal Massacre songs etc… Hopefully it’s just been pushed back rather than totally abandoned.

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    1. Thanks Geoff for reading. Fade To Black is pure genius in my book at the time of composition with Metallica being so young and loaded..hahaha…its a great track and scary it’s already a 31 year old track…
      For Whom The Bell Tolls is so flipping good! Man Burton just levels that tune into another orbit….
      Here’s a missed opportunity …
      Back in 86 Ozzy/ Metallica were playing Minneapolis and some guys from Highschool were going to see it ..I passed and than Burton passes ..crap man….that would have been intense …

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That would have been something else – I think that’s the lesson with all the great musicians we’ve lost so far in 2016, if we get a chance to see them, we’ve got to go when we can!

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  7. Nice one. The box sets are priced way too high, charging money for a good item is one thing but there’s a fine line between that and milking your fans. Kill ’em All is still my fave Metallica, by far though and part of me really, really wants that one ….

    Great live stuff too.

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    1. This is the same band that put out their first “live album” as a 3 CD/2 VHS box set that is still probably the largest box by volume that I own. In other words they still don’t know how to do things small. (OR CHEAP!)

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    2. Thanks…i will say when i seen the packaging on iTunes it did look impressive…i’m sure Master and Justice will be in time for Xmas in regards to milking….

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  8. Like everyone else I’m a bit peeved at the box set prices. I’ve bought the lion’s share of the tracks as Amazon downloads which wasn’t too pricey so at least I’m getting to hear most of the tracks. Would have liked the physical copies though so that’s a shame… just not enough of a fan and, even if I was, I’d balk at spending that much on pretty much anything!

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